Thursday, October 4, 2007

A few stories

007 The Transformation of RobertAs you all know I was away out of the country on business for some time. In my position I am in a position over others, training them in the workplace. However, I never miss an opportunity to help train them or their spouses when off work. So when I noticed that Anna, one of my trainees and married to Robert, was being secretly kissed and fondled by Max, I took notice.I said to Anna, "Are you going to see Max tonight for a little fun?”Anna did not appear shocked at all and responded, "No, I'm not in the mood for more sex."Surprised, I said, "More sex?"Anna replied, "Robert wants to have sex three or four times a day and, frankly, I'm getting tired of it with him: I want some variety, but I'm just too worn out.""I see," I said. "So Robert is a little too frisky and you have better or, at least, more fun opportunities that you're turning down? That's a shame, but there is a cure for it, you know.""What do you mean? How can I cure it?" Anna asked."Well, if you can join me for dinner at my place tonight I can explain it to you and turn your life into something you are only dreaming of now.""Okay; sure, I'll call Robert and tell him I have a meeting."So it was that Anna went home with me and we had a wonderful dinner prepared by my maid, Sissie. Anna was unaware who Sissie was and I left it that way for the time being.After dinner, I said, "Anna, if Robert is that horny, you must take charge and use it to totally control him.""How do I do that?" Anna asked, intrigued."Sex is like a drug to men and if you withhold it you can totally control them. You can turn them into a willing, obedient slave who will encourage you to take and enjoy other lovers. I know it sounds far-fetched but here is how you start. Next time Robert is all excited, stop him and say, ‘Robert I can't take it any more. I love you but the hair on your body totally turns me off. I just can't stand it. I will no longer have sex with you until you do something about your hairy body.’ He'll ask what to do and you tell him to shave it off; all of it; legs, underarms, chest, belly and backside. Then turn over and go to sleep. Stick to your guns until he does it. And then inspect him. Make him do it all. He will most likely not do his pubic area so you tell him to tuck his cock between his legs and put on a pair of panties and shave the bikini line: that that is the only hair you will allow. Be firm and insist and don't have sex with him until he does it. Then really give him great sex; the best he has ever had. This will teach him that if he does as you say he will be rewarded but that if he does not do what you want then he suffers.""It sounds pretty easy. Is it really that easy?" Anna asked incredulously."Yes, as long as you don't give in. Now buy him some hair remover and get him used to keeping his body clean every day or he gets no sex. But now if he delays for a day, you delay for two days; if he delays for a week, you delay for two weeks. You must show him who is in charge. If he persists, tell him you may have to find a lover as you need sex but cannot stand it with a hairy guy. Once you have him keeping himself smooth, tell him he needs to check the bikini line daily and so, as a reminder, you've replaced his underwear with bikini cut panties. Always tell him how sexy he looks and how hot it makes you when you see or think of him in panties."Next begin playing with his nipples. Rub them; suck on them; keep stimulating them. Tell him you think they're not sensitive enough and you really love to play with them so you’re going to help make them more sensitive. He'll ask how. Get a bra and put it on him. Then go wild with desire and reward him well for obeying you. Tell him he's a good boy for trying to please you. Tell him this every time he does what you want."Anna wasn't convinced. "That sounds like I'll be turning him into a sissy. I don't think he'll like that.""I assure you he will love it and thank you for it once you're done. Males truly love to please women but they have no training or guidance on how to do it, so it's up to you to do it. They're so much happier and healthier once they're trained and we girls have so much more fun. For example, you know that I'm married, right?""Yes, but your husband isn't around to stop you.""You're right in a way: he's not around to stop me; he's here to support my efforts and serve me as a proper sissy maid cuckold husband should.""What are you talking about?” Anna asked. “The only person here is your maid and she's here to wait on you hand and foot. I should be so lucky."I laughed and called Sissie to the dining area. "Sissie, turn and lift your uniform and lower your panties for Ms Anna here."Sissie did as he was told and Anna kept looking at her bottom and at me, back and forth with her mouth open. She was obviously a little shocked and seemed to be unable to speak. I began to explain to her, "Anna, this is my husband, Sissie. As you can see, I've transformed him into my personal maid. He is completely sissified and very subservient and exactly what I propose for your Robert. Sissie was much like Robert when we first got married; wanting sex all the time, but I was used to a variety of men."I'd dated a lot of men before I married Sissie. And, once you get used to a variety of good lovers, you miss it. I also loved being in charge and in control and never liked the housewife routine so, in talking to friends and doing a little research, I found out I could have my cake and eat it."Sissie, tell Mistress Anna about my lovers and keep it brief, please."Sissie said, "Madam has a lot of lovers in the States, Ma'am, and she has already found three here. They’re all good lovers and can make love to her at least three times before needing a rest. She tried several others but they weren't good enough for Madam."Anna said, "Well, you seem to be okay with her having lovers. Doesn't it ever bother you, I mean being her… ah… husband?""Yes, Ma'am, it does bother me sometimes; mostly when Madam is looking for a new lover and has to go through several losers to find a good one,” replied Sissie. “I know how much better she feels when she has the attention and skill she needs and deserves and it's sad to see her have to go days without that kind of service.""You mean it doesn’t bother you that she goes to bed with other men?""Why would it?” Sissie asked. “My purpose in life is to make Madam happy and please her in any way I can. She would be really bored with me and would most likely divorce me if I were her only source of sex and I'm sure she'd be extremely bored. No, Ma'am, I much prefer that she is happy and that happens when she has good lovers. I'm sure you can see that I don't consider myself to be the head of the house nor do I think women fall over themselves for me. My position is to look as pretty as I can for her and serve her as best I can by doing what she despises, namely housework. I love my position and am happy she trained me for it. I love being with her and, as her maid, I'm with her more than any of her lovers so it's good for both of us.""I see," mused Anna. "So you're truly happy she dresses you like this, makes you do the housework and screws other men?"Sissie didn't hesitate. "Yes, Madam, I couldn't be happier. Although I must beg your forgiveness because she does not make me dress like this or make me do housework. At first she did to me what she's telling you to do to Robert and I must confess that soon I was loving to be "made" to dress in feminine attire. It feels so good! I also found that when I was dressed like a maid I thought and acted like a maid and actually loved to do housework. Madam has explained to me that the proper uniform puts you in the correct frame of mind for the task. And that certainly does apply to me. When I am to study my female studies I change into a schoolgirl's outfit and when I exercise I put on my cheerleader uniform. When I go to sleep I dress in a nightie so my mind is correctly aligned for the task and it helps me to do it so much better - and it's really fun, too.""Okay, Sissie, you're babbling now," I interjected. "Turn back around and let's show Mistress Anna the details of your bottom." Sissie did as I told her. "Anna, do you see how his penis head is back near his hole? Do you see the little ring going though the penis head and the skin on his bottom? That keeps his little toy back there where it belongs. He must sit to pee and has no bulge at the front. It rubs between his legs which keeps him slightly stimulated and enjoying his situation. His ring is soldered shut so it can not be removed and he can't use his penis as a real man would - ever. You can use a lock if you wish to control Robert and still use him but eventually I think you'll see that doing as I have done here is the best way to handle sissy boys.""So he never gets any sexual relief?" Anna asked.I smiled. "Oh, sure he does, but he gets it like a girl. He gets screwed and the friction against the bed will allow him to cum but it's often indirect and he must mentally cum like a female to get a climax. This serves several purposes. I retain better control and the reward he gets when he gets it is much better. He must work very diligently at being as female as possible to maintain his ability to cum in this manner. He must assume a submissive female sex position and take a dildo, strap on or real cock to get relief. Each time he does this it reinforces the fact that he is not a real man and is a sissy and my property. They find it frustrating at first but become very submissive and agreeable soon enough and after that I think it's the best sex they ever had.""So you think I could really do this with Robert?" Anna asked thoughtfully. "You think it would really work?""Sure, it works on any male if you follow the program," I reassured her. "Men are really weak when it comes to things like this. I don't recommend a head to head match, but use your feminine powers and you'll have him inpanties and a bra in no time and soon, if you keep after it, you can have him waiting on you and your lover in his cute little French maid’s uniform and, best of all, he'll love doing it! Now, are you ready to begin? Do you have any questions?""I have a million questions," Anna laughed. "How long have you been doing this to Sissie? Has Sissie ever been made to suck a cock? You may think I'm weird but I fantasise about making Robert suck a cock.""First it is just as natural for a woman to want to see men suck each other off as it is for men to want to see women making love to each other," I reassured her again. "And yes, Sissie has learned to be a good cock sucker. Some of my lovers make him suck their cocks and some don't want anything to do with it. I've also put him with other sissy husbands and made them suck each other off. They love it, they really do. I've kept Sissie in panties and petticoats for 21 years.""So if I get Robert trained do you think we can make him and Sissie suck each other off?""Most certainly. Now keep me posted each day with what happens and DON'T GIVE IN."Anna went home and began to train Robert as I had suggested. When I saw her the next day she said he'd refused to shave his body so she didn’t give him any sex. The following night he was shaved except for his pubic hair: guys always try to avoid this area. So she gave him a pair of panties and told him that, until further notice, he had to wear panties all of the time and if no hair showed from under them he could have his way; if not he was shut off. He did as he was told and she was delighted.In my experience, many women know they want a perfectly trained husband but don't believe they are strong enough or capable enough to accomplish it when, in reality, women usually far out-class males in this area and it simply takes not giving in to hubby out of guilt. Believe me when I say you will be much happier and he will be a much better person and love you for it once he is trained.Anna kept me posted on the progress Robert was making. It didn't take long for him to learn that he had to wear panties, he had to keep his body shaved and he had to be tucked to get the sex he craved so strongly. Anna was doing well and we discussed his progress, or lack of, every day.She started dating her lover and was really starting to enjoy life. As time moved on she became more and more interested in training Robert to be just like Sissie and was impatient to see him move ahead. I cautioned her that it needed to be a steady forward progress and not to rush into things.She began working on Robert to wear bras and nylons as well as nighties to bed at night. It went well and she had Robert down to sex three times a week, down from at least 21 times. She was ready to take some permanent steps and I was anxious to help her take them.One morning Anna said, "I need to get Robert under complete control: my lover wants to start staying over at night and I am afraid that if he does now Robert may revolt.”"Well...yes, he probably would since you have not even worked on letting him know you are seeing another man," I agreed. "You need to do some ground work before you start having men to the house. This is all still pretty new to Robert and you need him in a situation he feels he can't get out of before you drop that bombshell on him. So here's what you need to do. Draw up a contract that says if he cheats on you then you get everything he has and all of the money he might make in the future and any possessions he might acquire in the future. Then, after you list several pages of items and details and possibilities, put in a paragraph that says this also applies if he fails to keep you sexually satisfied or is unable to immediately and naturally satisfy you. Keep this brief and amongst other details and as plain as you can so as not to draw attention. When you give it to him, tell him you're afraid he's cheating on you and make a big deal out of it. You know he isn't and he'll be highly offended and assure you he is not and will not. At that time you say, 'Then if that is true you won't mind signing this, will you?' Tell him it's about cheating and if he signs it you'll take him to bed. Toy with him and he'll most likely read the first few lines and sign it. If not, you'll have your work cut out, but get him to sign it."Anna hesitated then said, "Okay, I'll do it tonight, but what then, Rebecca?""Then you start talking about how you saw a pierced penis and how sexy it was. Tell him you climaxed just looking at it. Tell him you want to see a real one and tell him that he shouldn’t mind if you look at a real one if you don't use it. He'll argue but tell him that you don't think he's man enough to have his penis pierced and tugged on and other games played with it. He'll assure you that he's man enough but may find some other excuse. Go on about it over the next week until he gives in. Find someone who's good atsuch things and invite them to your house. But time it so you'll have complete control over Robert. I'd suggest that every third night, when you let him have release, you tie him over something with his penis back between his legs in his panties and rub and tease him. Then lick and suck him so he really has a great time getting off. Do this twice and have your piercer there the third time."Get Robert hot and then time it so the piercer comes to the door. When they come in tell them that Robert wants his penis pierced and fastened by a permanent ring back near his anus. Be sure it's a permanent job so he can't remove it. Before he's released, have him sign a paper that says, 'I Robert, beg my wife, Anna, to allow me to pierce my penis and fasten it permanently back between my legs to help control my sexual urges, which I have been incapable of controlling, and beg her help. I agree to cooperate in every way possible and agree that she shall have power of attorney over me. I understand that it will now be up to her to decide when I shall or shall not have sexual release and I agree to wear what she tells me and do what she tells me. I can no longer operate as a man and wish my wife to treat me completely as a female domestic from this day forward.' Make Robert sign this and then have the piercer witness it after he has been pierced but before you release him. Leave the house after he signs it but before you release him and have me sign it and then make copies. Give me a few and take two home, one for you and one for Robert. Read it to him then ask him if he is now able to satisfy you. He'll realise he can't and you need to read the important part of the first letter to him so he understands you will now have the right to take lovers."He'll soon be pretty upset and beside himself and probably crying. Tell him that you have really wanted lovers and tell him there's a guy who you've been seeing and you'd love to bring him home and introduce him to Robert. He'll panic and beg you not to. Tell him that if he'll put on some additional feminine items, you'll consider his feelings. Then get him in a slip, dress, heels, make-up and wig and tell him to bend back over the chair or table over which you had him before and you'll play with him. Re-tie him securely. I think you'll find him pretty pliable at this point. Once he's tied up, start to play with him. Then pause and go and get your phone. Come back to Robert and play with him and pause to dial the phone. Then play with him as you talk to your lover."Tell your lover that Robert has decided to cooperate and has signed a document to that effect. Explain that you had several witnesses and made multiple copies and gave them to a friend; that your friend had the address of all Robert’s friends, co-workers and relatives and was ready to mail a copy to each if Robert didn't cooperate."Invite your lover to come right over and your lover will ask what you plan to do with Robert. Tell him that you plan to train Robert to be your domestic; a sissy maid cuckold, trained to do housework and wait on guests. Tell him how Robert is already dressed and tell him to hurry."When your lover gets there, introduce him to Robert as, 'Darling, this is Robert, my new maid. HE will soon be a well trained sissy maid cuckold and completely obedient and dedicated to serving us both.' Robert will be embarrassed to death and your lover will laugh at the wimp. Then kiss him in front of Robert and then have him make love to you where Robert can see or at least hear: be vociferous and show Robert that he was never the lover you have now."When you're done and your lover has left, play with Robert and tell him how much fun you had and how great it was to have Robert there while you were so satisfied. Explain that this is just the start and that he'll soon learn to love it. Explain about my Sissie and how I'm helping you. Get him excited while telling him how you're going to turn him into a complete sissy wimp and let him cum. As he relaxes, kiss him and tell him how you love him and how, as long as he does what you say, he will always have a place in your home. Do not let him call you by your name unless he uses a title. He is now YOUR domestic and MUST show respect when addressing you. Do you think you can do this?"Anna grinned. “Oh, yes, I think so. I think I am sooo ready to have a real man in my bed while Robert prances around in high heels and make up, wearing a French Maid's uniform like your Sissie. Yes, I am sooo ready, Rebecca."When Monday arrived Anna was so excited she asked me if we could go outside at break time. I agreed and she was bursting with happiness. She had invited Max over on Friday night and he ended up staying the entire weekend. She said when she got home on Friday, Robert was ready and waiting for her in his Maid's uniform. He was quite humble and told her how much he loved her and how much he loved it when she touched him. She took him in her arms and reached under his skirt and played with him until he was quite excited. She then explained to him that she had bought something new for him to wear and asked him if he liked what she had been buying him so far. He said he did and she kept working him up. She told him that if he were a very good girl tonight that he would get the greatest reward of his life; that the sex that night would be better than he could have ever imagined, but he had to wear what she had bought for him. He quickly agreed and Anna took out a harness and started to put it on.Robert wanted to know why he needed to have his elbows and ankles restrained and Anna told him, "Because the sex tonight may be more than you can stand if you're not restrained where I can control you."Robert, of course, had a different idea of who was going to be the direct beneficiary of that sex so he did as he was told.Anna placed a collar on his neck with a chain that went to his ankles. The chain forced him to bend and be about six inches shorter. His ankles were locked into cuffs that allowed him about a three inch step. His elbows were attached tightly to his waist so he could still do his domestic duties, such as serving, but not have free use of his arms.Anna said that about 45 minutes after he was locked up Max rang the bell. She told Robert to answer the door. Robert was scared but she told him if he did not answer the door she would push him outside and call the police and tell them there was a peeping tom outside her window. Robert was mortified and so scared to go to the door he could hardly stop shaking and crying, but he did and, when he opened it, Max was there. Anna brushed past Robert and gave Max a huge kiss which lasted several minutes and ended with Max fondling her. Robert had escaped to the kitchen and when Anna went looking for him he was cowering on the floor.She introduced Max to Robert as her lover and then said to Max, "This used to be my husband but he decided he would rather be my sissy maid, didn't you, dear?" Robert nodded his head yes, his tears making his mascara run.Max laughed and said, “I can see why. He isn't much of a man, is he? What a pansy."Anna agreed. "No, dear, he's not and that’s why you're here. And… Pansy... I think that’s the perfect name for you, dear. Thank you, Max: I've been wondering what to call him and Pansy is just perfect. And Pansy will be at our beck and call from now on; serving us our meals and cleaning up. You see, Pansy, Max and I have been having an affair for some time, but we've always ended up being interrupted, snatching just a minute here and there, and now we want to expand it by having it here, in our bed. And since you are now doing all of the domestic work and since I don't have to sneak off with Max I will be able to enjoy my lover much more and still be able to supervise your training. Isn't that wonderful?"Anna waited a second then said, sternly, "I asked you a question, Pansy.""Why are you doing this to me?" Robert whined."Oh, Pansy, you have it so wrong! You've done it to yourself. You signed the papers and made the agreements and my boss, Ms Rebecca, and others know all about your desires and have copies of the paperwork so there is no going back on your word. Besides, Ms Rebecca has trained her husband in the same fashion and says that soon you will learn to love your new life. She says her sissy husband, Sissie, does very much and that we should get the two of you together, since you have so much in common. I think you would like to have a sissy friend to share cleaning and makeup secrets with, wouldn't you?""I don't understand," Robert whinged."You will, Pansy, you will. Max and I plan to train you to be a perfect sissy maid waiting on us and our guests, serving in a domestic capacity like a proper sissy maid. And Max has agreed to discipline you for minor infractions which will most likely consist of over the knee spankings, right, honey?""Yes, my love," confirmed Max, "and so Pansy knows how serious I am he should know that when I do spank him I plan to have an audience of at least three or four people and that it will be over my knee with hands tied behind his back and his dress up. Should I give him a sample?""Pansy, do you want Max to give you a sample?" Anna offered."No, please, no," Pansy begged."Well then, Pansy, I want you to stand up and welcome Master Max to my home and pledge your obedience to him as you have to me.”Pansy stood up and, trembling, said, "Welcome to my wife’s home Master Max. I am so happy you are here and I will be very happy to serve you, Sir."Anna wasn't impressed. "Not bad for a first try, but don't refer to me as your wife: it denotes ownership and you don't own me: I own you. Also, I think you need to try much harder to show your new Master how much you really love his being here; how willing you are to serve him and how glad you are he will be taking care of me in bed. This is your last chance and if you don't please me with this welcome I will ask Max to demonstrate how you will be spanked.""Master Max, Sir, I am so happy you are here, Sir. Nothing could make me happier. My life was empty without you here, Sir. I will love serving you, cooking and serving your meals, washing and ironing your clothes, cleaning your shoes, washing your car and being your humble servant. And, Sir, it is my greatest pleasure that you will satisfy Ms Anna in bed and pleasure her beyond what I could ever dream of doing. I am so happy that she has you, Sir, and that she will be able to enjoy you at any time, most honoured Sir.""Not bad for a Pansy, but keep thinking about it as I will ask you over and over and each time your commitment must be better. Now get dinner on the table for us. We want to finish dinner so we can get to bed early."Pansy did as he was told. He had cooked dinner for two as he had been instructed and so he went without dinner. Anna wanted him to lose weight and so missing a few meals was in her plans for him. Anna said his serving was okay but she could see he had a long way to go before she would want him serving at a tea. She said the whole thing was making her so hot she wanted to rip Max's clothes off right there and screw him on the table but she knew she must restrain herself for Pansy's benefit and training. When they were done with dinner, Anna ordered Pansy to get the bed ready for her and Max and to bring one of the straight-backed chairs to the bedroom. Pansy did so and Anna asked Max to fasten Pansy to the chair so he could learn a thing or two.Anna's eyes really lit up at this point and I thought she would climax right there, telling me how great it was to be made love to for hours by a hunk like Max while her sissified husband was under her complete control, confined to the chair. She said she never knew sex could be that good. I explained to her I knew what she meant as sex was never as good if Sissie was not present in his sissy maid cuckold capacity. She said they turned Pansy loose in the morning and gave him a few minutes to freshen up and then prepare breakfast, but after breakfast it was back to bed.Over the weekend she had Pansy in the chair, sleeping on the floor with a leash tied to the bed and standing in the corner. She said next weekend she planned to have him start performing clean-up duties. She also said she wanted Pansy and Sissie to meet and spend some time together. I told her I thought that was an excellent idea and if she wanted she could drop Pansy by on Tuesday and Thursdays and they could spend time together.Anna wanted to know if I was concerned about leaving them alone. I told her that Sissie was completely trustworthy and knew very well his lifestyle was the envy of millions of men and he could be replaced in a heart beat. I told her that Sissie fully understood his place and the need to convert more males into sissydom and he would be an asset and not to worry at all.On Tuesday morning, Anna brought Pansy around to my home. He was quite embarrassed and uneasy about being out in public and being taken to my home. I met them at the door and had Sissie standing in the corner for Pansy to see when he came in. Sissie was dressed in a little pink fully ruffled party dress, pink turndown socks and black Mary Janes. He had a big pink bow in his hair, which was in pig tails. As he stood there he was holding up the back of his dress, exposing his panties; a pair of panties that said, "Steve and Rebecca July 7 2003.”Anna was pleased and excited but a bit nervous as well. She wanted assurance that it would be alright and that her work would not get set back by leaving Pansy and Sissie alone all day without supervision. I assured her she would be well satisfied with the results, which calmed her down."Sissie, tell Madam Anna what your panties say and what it means," I ordered."Madam Anna, my panties say, 'Steve and Rebecca July 7 2003' and they were a gift from Madam Rebecca to me. She wore them that night when she was with Steve and when she got home gave them to me to sew the date of her affair and the name of her lover so I would always be reminded what fun she had that night. I have many, many more pairs of panties with other names and dates on them." "Do you like to wear them Sissie?" Anna asked, her curiosity piqued."Yes Madam, I love to wear them," Sissie said unhesitatingly."Sissie, come over here and meet Pansy," I said.Sissie left the corner, dropping the rear hem of his dress as he walked to the area where Pansy was standing. Sissie gave a curtsey and said, “I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Pansy. You are very sissyish."Pansy blushed and Anna smacked him behind the head and told him to copy Sissie. He did as he was told but was quite awkward. Sissie took his hand and told him she would her practice her curtseys; that she loved to practice curtseys."Okay, Sissie," I agreed, "you help Pansy learn some things and understand some things. Do not miss your routine and I want you both to take a sissy nap at one o'clock for an hour in the crib, do you understand?""Yes, Madam. We will be good, Madam," Sissie responded immediately.Anna and I left for work and returned at six o'clock that night. Sissie will describe what went on during the day.As soon as we'd bid good-bye to our Mistresses, I turned to Pansy and said, "Well, Pansy, you look very cute as a sissy. How do you like being treated as a pansy?"Pansy gave me a look of contempt. "Well, frankly, I hate it. Can we dispense with the pretend stuff now that they're gone and figure out how to get out of this mess?"Although I'd hoped otherwise, I was expecting this reaction. "Oh, MY, you're really confused. We cannot get out of this mess, as you put it, and, honestly, I wouldn't want to get out of it for all of the money in the world. I can see you're a very selfish and foolish girl. Do you have any idea how lucky you are? Do you understand what this really is and means? You'd better wise up fast, is all I can say. You sound like a person who would cut off their nose to spite their face. could you be so awful?"Pansy gave me a look of incredulity. "What are you talking about? Are you really telling me you like being dressed like some little play dolly? You really like -"I quickly interrupted his rant. "Oh, Pansy, you are so much like a stupid boy. Don't you get it? Your wife has taken the time to save you; to make you into a better person; to open your eyes and show you the universe. You're so wrapped up in being a stupid boy that you can't see past your big nose. It's no wonder women are so tired of men and get so disgusted with men. Here your wife is trying to help you and you act like it's an effort on your part; that you're at a loss. You're a jerk.""What do you mean, helping me? Helping me to lose my manhood maybe; helping me to be a slave; helping me to be humiliated!""Oh, really?" I snorted. "Are you telling me that if you really didn't want her to do this to you that you couldn't have stopped her? She is so much stronger than you that she just twisted your arm and put the panties on you with her other hand? Wow! She doesn't look that strong to me."I had Pansy on the defensive now. "Well, no," he stammered. "I mean she tricked me: she got me all hot and had me sign papers and she tricked me and now I can't -""You can't what?" I interjected. "You wanted to blow this place now that they were gone: that's what you said. Look, don't lie to me and I won't lie to you. You're a Pansy and so am I. I've been a Pansy for more than twenty years and I have accepted it. I like it and I want to stay that way. I feel good about serving my wife, obeying her and pleasing her and if you had one ounce of brains you would do the same.""You're wrong, Sissie," Pansy said with despair in his voice. "You don't know what you're talking about.""Oh really?" I said disbelievingly. "Well, okay then; walk out the front door and leave if you want, but I have things to do, nice things and I am going to do them so leave if you want and I won't tell anybody." I knew that Pansy was going nowhere dressed in a mini skirt, heels and make-up."Well I just might," Pansy blustered.I went into the bedroom and begun to suck on a large Black dildo, then lifted my dress and lowered my panties and impaled myself slowly and purposefully onto the dildo with my lower legs on the floor to the rear so she could pump my sissy pussy up and down on the hard Black cock. I then placed my lips on a second Black cock in front of me and stared at a collection of twelve photos all showing Madam with her various lovers before turning on the vibrator switch for the cock in my bottom and beginning to pump. I noticed that Pansy had entered the room and was watching me. She stood transfixed and watched in fascination rather than horror. I spent about 20 minuets on the altar and came to a wonderfully slow climax. I calmed down and removed myself and fixed my appearance. I just smiled at Pansy and said, "You're such a fool: this is the life."I then changed into one of my maid's uniforms and walked to the kitchen and started to scrub the floor.Pansy followed and soon was down on her knees helping me but I stopped her and said, "Sorry, Pansy, you must dress properly to do this type of work."Pansy looked at me with sad eyes and said, "But this is all I brought.”"I can lend you one of mine if you wish," I offered kindly."Would you?" Pansy asked gratefully."Yes. Let's go and pick one out and try it on."We two sissies went back to my bedroom and looked at six different uniforms that I had in my closet. Pansy chose a frilly French maid's uniform that was more suited for dress maid's work than dirty housework, but I knew it was best to allow her to be as pretty as possible. I helped Pansy put on a full slip and then the dress. Next I put a maid's cap on Pansy and got her a pair of three inch heels. The outfit was completed with a pretty white lacy maid's apron. Back in the kitchen we two panty waists begin to talk about housework and every chance I got I put in a positive word about being a sissy maid cuckold.When we had finished cleaning the kitchen we moved to the bathrooms and then the living room. At noon I said I'd fix us lunch. I split a hot dog between us, explaining to Pansy that losing weight would give her a nicer figure and make her look sexier in her outfits.I then suggested we fix each other's make-up and Pansy said she knew very little about applying make-up; that Madam Anna always put it on her. I gave her some tips and Pansy was soon enjoying her new-found skills.Then I announced that it was time for their sissy nap as Madam Rebecca had ordered."What is a sissy nap Sissie?" Pansy asked."Well, Pansy, it's where two sissies like us get in a crib, the one in my room, and to fit we need to be in the 69 position. Come on, I'll show you."We went to my bedroom and got in the crib. I arranged my head between Pansy's legs and Pansy her head between my legs.I said, "Oh, Pansy, you have such pretty panties! May I feel them?""Thank you, Sissie. Yes, you may."I started to feel her panties around Pansy's weenie and rubbed his little head so it would feel good. Pansy reacted right away in a positive manner but he said, "Oh, Sissie, do you think this is right to do?'"This is one of the many benefits of being a sissy," I explained. "We're not men: we don't look like men; we don't act like men; so it's okay for me to rub your panties and it's okay if you want to feel mine."Pansy had long been without sex and was in bad need of it, so he succumbed really quickly, not to mention that having an excited weenie rubbed through a pair of silk panties is past being in Heaven. Soon I started to tug Pansy's panty leg aside to expose the tiny weenie head. I then licked it and kissed it. Pansy was near exploding and I knew it so I told Pansy to do the same for me or I'd need to stop. Pansy did as she was told and then I took the tiny head between my lips and sucked slowly and deliberately. I paused and told Pansy to copy me or I would have to stop and go to sleep. Pansy did so without hesitation and soon we two sissy husbands were sucking each other's chastised penis heads. Pansy's chastisement was exactly like mine and so neither of us could get more than the little weenie heads in our mouths. I sucked away slowly, making Pansy love the action but not increasing the tempo to cause Pansy to spurt. I knew that Pansy would be far better off to have this go on for a half hour, if possible, so that she would then be addicted to having it done; that she would then accept herself as the pansy she was.Every once in a while I would stop and say, "Don't you just love wearing a bra?" and Pansy would say, "Yes.”I'd then say, "Yes what, Pansy?”Pansy would say, “Oh, yes, I do just love wearing a bra.”Soon Pansy understood that yes was not adequate and when I asked, "Oh, Pansy, don't you just love serving your wife's lover as a sissy maid?" Pansy replied, "Oh, Sissie, I love serving my wife and her lover as her sissy maid."I began to smile as I knew this male was fully hooked and would learn to be a good and useful feminised sissy maid cuckold. I knew Madam would be proud of me once again and I would be rewarded, perhaps with a new and tighter corset.I kept up the teasing for as long as possible but suddenly Pansy began to stiffen and jerk. I sucked hard and fingered Pansy's weenie until Pansy shot her load into my mouth. I carefully sucked him dry and swallowed all of the cum Pansy had to offer. Pansy tried to return the favour but I knew that cum doesn't always taste great to the first time sucker so I let Pansy suck a while before telling him it was okay: I had cum earlier on my altar and that, as a sissy, I had enjoyed the kissing and sucking enough to be content.When we got out of bed, I kissed Pansy on the cheek and told her, "Pansy, I hope we can become very good sissy friends and spend a lot more time together cleaning, dressing, doing make-up and, of course, taking sissy naps."Pansy smiled shyly. "I do, too, Sissie, but is this okay with your Madam?""If you're a bad sissy and don't obey, don't do your work properly and don't make your owner proud you won't get to do these things," I warned her, "but I love being a sissy maid cuckold and Madam is very pleased with my work so I get rewards such as these.""You mean you get a lot of sex," Pansy said jealously.Sensing that this was a really important thing to Pansy, I said. "Yes, Pansy, as much as I want and sex like you could never imagine as a man; sex that really goes deep in your mind; submissive sex that is like sex taking total control of your mind and body and your entire body and mind orgasming at one time; actually total satisfaction. Have you ever experienced that, Pansy?”Pansy was intrigued. "No, but I want to learn how. Will you teach me? Was that what you did this morning with the black cocks?""That thing this morning, well, that was just a training exercise to get me in shape to be able to enjoy the real thing. But before you can enjoy that you need to fully accept your place as a sissy maid cuckold. You need to take some initiative on your own and show Madam Anna that you love what she is doing to you and show an interest in talking about your training; thanking her for her part in it and telling her how much you enjoy spending time with and learning from me.""Do you really think it will work?" Pansy asked breathlessly."I know it will, but you must try very hard and NEVER give her a hard time and always support her decision even if it is to whip your bum or humiliate you completely in front of your friends or in public.""Well, I like you Sissie and I think I can learn from you so I will do as you say,” Pansy said uncertainly."I just love that maid's uniform on you; you're so sexy and sissy in it. I just love being a sissy, don't you, Pansy?" I asked, changing tack slightly."Yes, I do, Sissie, I really do and I guess I have but I was afraid to admit it and then when I met you and you are a guy I thought I had to pretend I hated it to save my ego," she confessed."Oh, Pansy, you silly girl! I am not a guy. Do I look like a guy? Do I act like a guy? Do I suck like a guy?" and we hugged and laughed. "Okay. Now we need to go outside and wash the front windows." I needed to test her new-found resolve."You're kidding! I can't go out there! I'd die if someone saw me!" Pansy said close to panic."You are so silly, Pansy! Let me tell you, the first time a guy wolf whistles at you your heart will race and you'll want to run and hide and then you'll wish it happened more. Come on; we're going to be silly girls and go outside and draw some attention and have some real fun teasing the boys."So we did and we had a few horns honk at us as we stood on chairs, bent over slightly, washing windows. It was a lot of fun for both of us and we felt even more girlish after having done this.Eventually I said, "It's time for me to get dinner ready. Why don't you go to my room and try on some of my dresses? I'll take photos of you so you can show Madam Anna."Pansy did and I took photos of her. When the Madams got home dinner was ready for Madam Rebecca. I gave a quick report and Pansy told Madam Anna she had learned a lot and was ready to accept her position. She then showed her Owner the photos. Madam Anna thanked me and was quite pleased with the results. Madam Anna and Pansy left and Madam Rebecca ate her dinner while I excitedly relived the day's events. Madam Rebecca told me I had earned the corset I wanted!
1144 The ForemanThe ForemanMy mother had been put in the hospital and I went to visit her. I could only spend a few hours a day with her and the rest of the time was free. It did not take long for me to become bored. I went shopping and bought a couple of western dance outfits and went out to a honky tonk. I had not been there long when guys started to ask me to dance and I quickly accepted. As the night wore on a Black Cowboy came in. He sat at the bar for awhile and then he spied me. He looked at me and smiled a big smile and came over. He was very polite and quite handsome. His jeans were really tight and there was a very nice bulge in the front.His name was Wil and he asked me if I wanted to dance. I was attracted but somewhat hesitant at dancing with a Black Man. He got me on the floor and he was by far the best dancer there. I found out he was a real cowboy and did some rodeo. He had been one of the few Blacks in the circuit and had to really prove and sometimes fight his way. From his size, build and muscular condition I expect he had little trouble.As the night wore on and I got a few more drinks in me, we got closer and friendlier. Soon I felt his hands on my ass and being pulled tight against him. I resisted a bit at first but when he pulled me tight and his bulge pressed against my snatch, I was in trouble. Soon my body rubbed against his. He knew exactly what he was doing and kept me tight.Near midnight he suggested we go some where quieter. I agreed and we went to his pickup truck and he lifted me in. I was impressed as he did it with no effort. I am not a small woman. I am 5'8" and weigh 125 lbs. Wil quickly went around the other side and got in. He reached over and placed his hand on my thigh. He said he lived nearby and why not go to his place and listen to some quiet music for awhile. So we did, and soon we were sitting on the couch and I was lying against his strong body.We talked for awhile and I told him I had inherited a ranch from my folks and my husband ran it. He asked if it bothered my husband that I had inherited the ranch. I said it did but more from the stand point that the will said I or my children were the only ones allowed to own it. He wanted to know how many children I had and I told him none that we had tried but no success. He then told me that the ranch he had been working on did so well that the owner sold it for a large profit and he was out a job in two weeks. I told him my husband was a poor manager and we had a hard time keeping one hand on the place.It was not long before his hands and lips had me totally seduced. My clothes came off and our bodies were as one. The contrast of his Black Skin against my white skin fascinated me. But when I reached down to feel his cock it nearly frightened me. I stopped kissing him and moved to see the humongous Black rod attached to his two huge balls. He told me he was 10 inches long and 2 ½ inches thick. If that was true, I thought, my husband must be only five inches long and 1 inch thick. Wil was experienced with the surprise white girls showed at his size. He reassured me that I could handle it and he would go slow and be very gentle. Then he said, "But first I will let you examine it better. Go on, get close to its and kiss it." He did not have to tell me twice and soon I was licking, squeezing, rubbing, feeling, kissing and then sucking on it. Wil rubbed my ass and then began to finger me as I treated his Black love pole as an all day sucker. When he thought I was ready he told me it was time for him to soak his cock in my married white pussy. I noted he said married but I did not care at all about being married. Soon he had me on my back and took complete charge. I felt his Black cock head probing at my clit making me wild with desire. Soon I heard my self begging him to fuck me, something I had never done before. He waited until he was ready, then he entered me slowly and in small steps until he was completely buried and I could feel his Black balls pressing against my ass. He let me adjust then he moved ever so slowly in and out. Never had I felt so filled. God it felt good. But it was frustrating as well as he moved at his pace and I wanted it faster.Before long I was begging him to fuck me faster. Then I told him that he had to remember to pull out so he did not get me pregnant. That's when he started to talk to me while he fucked me. He said, "Id be glad to pull out. I wouldn't want you to get pregnant. After all you don’t care about that ranch or your property going to the state cause you all don’t haves no children. Just cuss your worthless husband can't do what he’s supposed to and get you with child. Sound likes you need me at your place to take care of lots of things. Buts if you want I will stop right now." And with that he stopped moving. It drove me crazy, I begged him to fuck me. The faster he went the harder he pounded his big Black balls against me. I was about to cum when he said he was ready to cum and was going to pull out. I screamed, "NO, NO, don't pull out, fuck me, fuck me, keep it in me, don't pull out I don't care if you cum in me just keep fucking me, please, please."The pounding got even faster and harder until I felt him explode in a torrent of hot cum. Never in my seven years of marriage had I ever experienced a feeling like that. I came a dozen times and wanted more. Will screwed me for over two hours and never let up once. I was a satisfied woman when he was done.I stayed with him the rest of the time. He had to only work a few hours a day as they were just changing things over to the new outfit. I visited my mother when he had to work and we either danced, ate or fucked the rest of the time. And not necessarily in that order. It was soon time to leave to go back home but I did not want to leave the best lover and most decent man I had ever met. I began to formulate a plan. We talked a lot and he told me he loved to fuck married white pussy. He said it was a lot of fun pleasuring women who had gone without good sex and really appreciated it. I knew it was the truth as I was one of those women. We had no Blacks at home and I knew I would not go without the kind of sex that only a Black cock could provide. I had to find a way to get Wil on the ranch. Then it hit me. My husband, Tom had said he was ready to fire the current hand. What if Wil showed up at just the right time?I told Wil about my plan but he was not sure. He asked about Tom and I told him Tom was half his size. He said that may be true but Tom would still be the boss. I said, "Maybe not, maybe you can switch places with Tom in bed and as ranch foreman." Wil's eyes got big and asked me if I was serious. I told him I had never been more serious. He told me he did not want to break up our marriage. I said not to worry I knew some things about Tom that could put him in jail if I talked. Then Wil told me that he had to warn me. He said he disliked white men as much as he liked to fuck married white pussy and that was also part of the fun of it, putting those stuck-up white boys in their place by fucking their pretty white wives. He said he had a bad habit of getting even with white boys that treated him badly. I just smiled and said that I could assure him that Tom would treat him badly because he treated everybody badly and he hated Blacks. "But", I said, "it's time Tom changed his ways and if you will agree to let Tom be boss for 30 days I will promise you that if you will submit to his bad treatment that after 30 days I will make you ranch foreman and he will be your hired hand and you will be unchecked in how you treat him. And I said, the Foreman sleeps in the main bedroom while the hand sleeps in the shack. And one more thing Wil, if your half the man I think you are as owner I will be submitting to you as well, your word will be law! Wil liked the idea and said he could put up with Tom for a month if he could have his revenge. We got naked and got it on and God did it feel great.I went back home and Tom was complaining about Roy, the hired hand. So I taunted Tom and said well guess he doesn't think your man enough to be boss of this place. And maybe your not if you take that crap from him. Tom stormed out and Roy was gone. The next day Tom was bitching about no help and I told him we could not afford to pay anybody what he had been paying. I toldhim$200.00 a month was it. He said he could not get anybody for that. I told him he could if he tried. Then a few days latter Wil showed up looking for a job. At first Tom told him to get lost but Wil put on a good act and told Tom he would work real cheep, he had a run in with the law and needed place. Tom asked him if he would work for room and board only. Wil said he would. Tom came and told me he had just hired a dumb Niger that would work for$200.00 a month. Tom planned to pocket the money. Wil walked into the place leaving his new $50,000.00 pickup in storage so he could put on the act. It was hard for Wil to do I could tell because he knew he was ten times the man Tom was but Wil saw the need to go along and then he would have his day.Tom treated him like garbage. He called him, his boy and treated him like a slave. Toms chest stuck out as he finally had somebody to call him Sir and to push around. I truly don't know how Wil took it. He cowered and acted like the dumb boy Tom thought he was, well at least when Tom was around. When Tom went to town, Wil came to the house and was treated like a king, my king, with the best white pussy I could give him. Towards the end of the month Tom got even bolder and when Wil had not completed his work while Tom was in town, Tom got furious. Tom took Wil to the wood shed and tied his hands over his head and whipped him with his belt. I could not stand this when I found out, but Will said, not to worry, he was looking forward to the pay back and he gave me a big smile. I accused him of enjoying it and egging Tom on he told me I was right on.Well the ranch was not making money and something had to be done. Tom and I got in an argument and I told him we needed a new manager. He told me there was nobody who could do it as good as he could. I bet him that, that stupid ranch hand he hired could do it better and he said how much do you want to bet. I told him anything. Well since being with Wil I had cut Tom off of all sex, he had not got much prior to that for a long time but now he had none. So he said if he was the best man I would provide sex whenever he wanted for as long as he wanted. I said ya sure but what if Wil wins does he get the same? Tom just laughed and said, "I am going to write the test and it will be a fair one but he can't win, he's a stupid Niger" I said, "you just make it a real managers test and we'll see." He looked at me and said, "you have lost your mind woman, that boy don't know shit about ranching and you better get both sets of lips warmed up cause your going to be using them a lot."Tom spent the rest of the week getting the test ready. He had practical vet questions, roping, bronco riding, fence building, feed requirements and where to sell. He had it set for Saturday and I said that all was fine except we should have three impartial judges. I suggested the vet, the feed store manager and the sale barn auctioneer. Tom agreed and was very confident. When the competition was to begin Tom explained to Wil so that he could understand what was expected of him. The first was the roping. Wil roped and tied the calf in half the time Tom did so Tom ordered a rematch. Wil won in 1/3thetime this round. When it came to breaking the horses, Tom got the easy one and Wil got the Killer. Wil stayed on and showed the judges a real ride and they gave the points to Wil. Will won every part of the competition even though Tom had the answers from a book. The problem was, the book was old and new ideas were being used and Wil was up on it. Wil won every contest. He still acted dumb to Tom until after everybody left. I stormed to the house with Tom behind me. I hollered back for Wil to pack his stuff and bring it to the house. When we got in the house, I scolded Tom and told him he was stupid, he made the contest and still lost it so to get his stuff and move to the hired hands house cause that was what he now was, the hired hand and Wil was his boss.Tom refused, saying he would not go. I reminded him I knew he had changed some brands and I would both divorce him and put him in jail if he refused to live up to his bargain. He wanted to know where the boy was going to sleep, I told him he had better not call him that any more and He would probably sleep where ever he wanted now that I had to provide sex to him any time he wanted it and for as long as he wanted it. Tom just glared at me and I reminded him that it was he who made the rules and the bet.About that time Wil came in the house and heard the argument. Tom still had not accepted his new position and made a smart remark to Wil. Wil just reached out and grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the ground and told him how it was. He also told him that to remind him of who was boss he thought Tom needed to feel the belt. Just like he had felt it when Tom was boss. That's when Wil set my husband down and folded him over his lap like a doll. Wil began to spank Tom and Tom tried to cover his back side. Wil grabbed his hands and told me to get something to tie him with. I was happy to do so and brought him a long boot lace. Wil tied Tom's hands behind his back then took his pants and underwear off. Then he bent him back over his lap and paddled his behind with his hand, then I got him a brush and then he finished off with a belt. Tom was actually crying now and begging Wil to stop. But Wil would not stop. Wil asked Tom what he was going to call him from now on. Tom said whatever Wil wanted. Wil told Tom to come up with ideas. Tom started out with Wil but Wil said that was too informal. Then Tom said Mr., but Wil did not like that either. Tom tried Foreman, sir and boss but to no avail. Wil just kept spanking the tied white boy. Finally Tom cried out how about Master. Wil thought about it and told Tom to repeat it several times. I almost had to laugh out load as I watched my big shot husband bent over this Black man's lap calling him master while he submitted to a bare bottom spanking with tears rolling down his cheeks.Finally Wil asked Tom if he wanted to call him Master and Tom said, "Yes master I want to call you master". Wil said, "I don't care for that either, I think I like Black Master better try that, let me hear you say Black Master twenty times." There was poor Tom crying, being spanked and calling Wil, Black Master. It was making me hot. I was already very respectful of Wil but my respect and admiration increased with every swat Wil laid on that dopy husband of mine. I thought to my self that I was finally in the presence of a real man.Wil wanted it real plain to Tom that he was now in charge. Wil was still spanking Tom's ass which had been lily white and was now beet red. He asked Tom to explain what my part of the bet was. Tom hesitated and Wil laid into him with the belt. He made Tom address him as Black Master and tell him I was to provide as much sex as I wanted when ever I wanted. Wil told him he wanted him to watch and make sure I did it right. As Wil's belt came down harder and harder Tom agreed to watch his wife suck and fuck the big Black cock he was bent over and being spanked on.Wil dumped Tom on the floor and drug him by the hair into our bedroom. He propped Tom up in a chair by the bed and told me to live up to my part. Wil stood there while I removed the clothes from his muscular Black body. Stopping to kiss and lick as I went. When I got to his cock I showed it to Tom pretending it was the first I had seen it and asked Tom if he could see how big it was and that it was at least twice as long as his. Tom could only squirm as he knew what was about to happen. Wil took my clothes off and kissed and sucked each of my nipples as he cupped my ass and fingered my pussy. He lay on his back and I lowered myself on his humongous Black cock in front of my husband. Within seconds I was ridding up and down that Black shaft like a cock hungry slut. Until Wil shot his load in me. I was very vocal through the whole thing for my subdued husbands benefit. Telling Wil how great it felt and how he was the best.Wil told Tom he was to do the ranch hand work as well as house work so I had more time for sex. He ordered Tom to wear a bra and panties and nylons al lthe tiem so he remembered his place. Wil moved into my bed and Tom stayed in the shack. Tom got spanked quite often and went to bed tied many nights. Wil often made Tom work just wearing his feminine underthings in the house and often remarked that he would have made a better girl than a man because of his tiny white penis. I happened to pick up some magazines on she males shortly after that and showed them to Wil. We talked about it and decided to turn Tom into a part time female. So after that when Tom came to the house to work he dressed as a female maid. When he worked on the ranch he wore feminine underthings and male outer clothes.Wil got me pregnant and in my ninth month I got to where I could not give him all the sex he needed. So we enlisted the services of Tammy (tom) as we now called her in the house. Tammy had to undergo some pretty hard spankings and did some gagging at first but I am happy to report that she now services her Black Master as a proper slave girl should.Wil has had a lot of fun getting even with Tom for the way he treated him that first month. Tom can now take Wil's Black cock in his mouth or ass without choking or screaming. Wil allowed Tom to compete again for the ranch foeman's job. Wil uped the stakes a bit more though. This time the winner gots me again but the looser got branded like a calf. We had a bit more observation thistiem as well about 30 people came out to see it. Word had spread tha tWil was running the place now and sleeping in the big house while Tom had moved to the hands shack. The cattle buyer had told everybody that Wil was the best ranch manager he had ever seen and could teach the rest of the folks some things about ranching. Wils big truck was the fanciest around so there were many reasons for people to turn their heads when Wil was near. This was the perfect excuse for the neighbours to find out what was going on in the big house, about a real ranch manager and to see a jerk, Tom, who had been put in his place. The rules were read as was the prise before the contest. People looked around when I was the first prise and branded was the losers fate. A lot of murmurs went up. A few of the ladies winked at me as their suspicions had been confirmed about me and Wil.The contest began and of course, Tom lost big time. I went out in front of the crowd and wrapped my arms around Wil and gave him a huge kiss and told him congratulations and how happy I was for him (not to mention for me). He then announced it was time for the branding. Tom started to run but Will threw loop and lassoed him and drug him back just like a steer calf. He quickly tied his wrists and ankles together just as if he were about to brand a calf. Then Wil jerked down Tom’s pants and reviled his pink lacy panties and garter belt for all to see. The crowd roared and Wil just smiled. He then went over to the fire and picked up the cherry red hot branding iron and laid it hard on Tom’s left buttock. Tom wailed a scream as the hot iron marked him but he was now branded. One of the women standing next to me began to climax right there in public as she witnessed this tremendous exhibit of power by a real man. I almost did to. It was so intoxicating seeing a real man take charge and follow through. Wil had made the promise that he would get even with any white bois who screwed with him and he had just proven it. As Wil left the corral, he left Wil tied up laying there in the dirt as if he were no more than a piece of property he owned and would deal with in his time, the crowed all rushed him and wanted to shake his hand. Up until this point Wil had been treated with distant caution. No one had really warmed up to him. He was not admired but this had hanged all that. They knew he was smart and capable now. And they knew he was a hell of a man to take his white lovers husband and dress him in panties and brand him in public. Some thought it was harsh but they all respected him now and wanted to be his friend.Wil is holding ranching classes once a week, one class for men and one for the ladies. Several of the other ranches have asked Wil to consult or even help manage their ranches. Tom serves refreshments to the ladies group dressed as a maid. This lesson session is geared to the ladies and is moving them to bringing in more Blacks to run the ranches. While none of these ladies have a husband that was as bad as mine most of them would like a lot more sexual attention than their husbands are getting them. The ones who are most serious have been treated to a special after meeting session with Wil. Just like me one time with a real man like Wil and as a woman having experience with a white husband they know what they want and it is NOT white. They use their influence and Wil’s example to encourage their husbands to hire a Black man as a manager. Tom is required at each of the meetings to tell the group why bringing Wil on was the best decision he ever made and why Wil is so good for the ranch, me and him. Tom spends all week writing and rewriting his speech to get it perfect or Wil puts him over his lap and spanks him good. At the meeting for the men, Tom serve as well but wears a pair of ladies pants and shirt instead of a maids uniform. Wil says it would intimidate the men to see Tom totally decked out like a sissy maid. Wil sticks to management issues, most of which are over the heads of these white country boys. He refers to hired professional management as the best way and explains that since they are the owners they can go off and enjoy themselves fishing or golfing or what ever. When the guys comment that their wives would throw a fit if they did that Wil explains that a ranch wife is in a different position. She needs to remain at the ranch to support the ranch manager and that in his experience they love working and feeling important like that so are all for their husbands going on trips. It all makes sense and several of the ranch owners are seeking professional services.Wil began Tom’s training in earnest after the contest was over. He called Tom to him from scrubbing the kitchen floor and told him to kneel in front of him. He explained that it was a white male’s position to always kneel in front of his Black Master to show respect. He then asked Tom if he recognised his superiority and Tom told him he did. Will then told him to take out his Big Black cock that I loved so much and to suck him off as proof of his commitment to serving him faithfully. Tom hesitated and I suggested that Wil make him do it. But Wil said, “no dear, Tom understands that he must do it on his own. He must do it to show proof of his acceptance of my superior position and his totally inferior place at my feet. When a white male kneels in front of a Black man and sucks his cock there is no going back for the white. He has committed to black supremacy and servitude to Blacks. He can not undo the sucking of the Black cock, he can not undue the swallowing of the fertile Black seed. He has admitted that he is a servant to blacks and will obey them at all times. Give him a few seconds to adjust to what he knows he must do. He knows he is not a man and he knows you know he is not a man in fact he knows that the whole community knows he is not a man.”Tom slowly moved his head into position and began to lick and suck on Wil’s cock. He did it with passion and expertise as if he had done it all his life. I could see how natural it was for a white male to kneel and submit to a real man a Black man like Wil who was talented and confident. My loins swelled with heat as I watched this picture. I lusted for Wil because of his power and control of my sissy white husband. Wil was everything Tom was not. It was obvious that Tom was now the property of Wil not just because Wil had branded Tom but his mind also belonged to Wil. Tom did an excellent job of suck on Wil’s cock and sucked him to completion with no hurry or remorse. When Tom was done he smiled up at Wil and thanked him for allowing him to worship him in this manner and thanking him for correcting his evil ways. As Tom licked away at Wil’s long Black shaft Wil informed Tom that there was one more step Tom had to take btu that Wil would give him two weeks to prepare himself of it and that was a solid sissy fucking and deposit of Wil’s cum deep inside. Tom’s eyes grew big but he just said, “yes Black Master, I will be ready Sir.” Then Wil turned to me and told me to get some butt plugs and dildoes and get little Tommy ready. I hope Tom learns to enjoy Black Cock as much as I do cause with the way Wil has been running the ranch we are going to have to add another hand. Wil has already told me he has a Black friend that is a good hand. And from what I know about Black cocks they need a lot of attention and on a real regular basis. Since my hands, mouth and pussy are already kept full with Wil's Black love tool, Tammy (we changed his name from Tom) is going to have to spend even more time as a girl servicing yet another Black Master! Wil is keeping Tammy seeded both orally and analy. He says there is nothing a white male respects more than a Master who uses him like this and regularly deposits his seed in him. Wil feels this once exclusively all white community is going to be seeing a big change in the colour of management and ownership. Two other ranches have already put in black men as managers and the white husbands have turned over the ranch business to these men who are already showing increased profits by over 30%. Both wives are a bigger part of the ranch operation now and partake in the regular benefits that only Black Master can provide to a married white wife. They are actively and aggressively promoting Black management at our weekly training seminars.
732 SandyBy Madam RebeccaSandy’s mother had always watched over him. She had been left a single mother by a boyfriend who did not care about or respect women. Mother was going to make sure Sandy did not grow up to be the same way. When Sandy turned 18 his mother announced that he could start dating. When he announced he had his first date, his mother handed him a bag and told him to put the contents on. Sandy opened the bag and found a pair of girl’s panties. He looked at his mother and said he did not want to wear them: he was a boy.His mother said, “That’s right and boys get girls pregnant and then leave them to raise the child on their own and you are not going to do that. With these on under your trousers you will be less likely to get in trouble, now go put them on.”Sandy knew how hard raising him on her own had been on his mother so he obeyed. He was very embarrassed but soon forgot about wearing the panties. When he came home from his date his mother found lipstick on his neck. She asked him about it and found out he had felt up the girl and she had kissed his neck.The next day his mother called him to her when he arrived home from work. She said, “I have made a grave misjudgement in making you wear panties. I can see that they will not be a proper deterrent to you destroying some young girl’s life. So I have decided that from now on you will also wear a bra, stockings and suspender belt or tights under your clothes at all times. There is just no telling when you might do something foolish. Then, when you find the right girl and get married, I won’t worry any more.”Sandy was really uncomfortable with this new twist. Panties were one thing, but a bra and stockings...? But there was no convincing his mother of anything different. When he went to get dressed in the morning he found his male underwear had all been replace with panties, bras, stockings, tights and suspender belts. Sandy was ever-conscious of his feminine underthings and was very careful not to get in a position where any girls would be touching him. When he complained that some of the bras seemed to show through his shirt his mother purchased him some light coloured camisoles to wear over them.But there was another problem that Sandy had not contemplated. He was getting snags and runners in his stockings and his mother did not appreciate it. She said that it was caused by a combination of things. First were his hairy legs: the hair had to go. Second were the rough edges on his nails: they would have to be filed and shaped - starting now. Sandy tried to argue but to no avail.Dating had become a problem for Sandy. He had always attracted women even though he was not athletic or macho. They all seemed attracted to his longish blond hair. The girls would come up to him and run their fingers through his hair and then place a hand on his back. That had been fun before but now a hand on his back would quickly reveal a bra strap and this scared Sandy so he avoided women as much as he could.That is, until he got a new boss at the bank where he worked as a clerk. Her name was Rebecca and she was very confident and bold and she took an interest in Sandy. Sandy noticed she watched him a lot.Rebecca was a great looking woman about five years older than he but he felt like she could see through him. He felt a power in her.Sandy was still spoiling too many pairs of stockings so his mother decided he needed to polish his nails. Sandy freaked out at this but she calmed him down, telling him that they would use a very light pink that would match his skin. She showed Sandy how to apply it and let it dry before applying a second and third coat. Then she had him finish his other hand and both feet.The very first time back at the office that Rebecca instructed him to bring her some papers; she grabbed his wrist as he handed them to her. She looked at his hand and asked for the other one. Then she told him that he had beautiful hands for a man and that she admired that. She stood up and played with his hair while she looked him in the eye and told him he also had beautiful hair and that he took better care of it than most of the women in the bank. She said that normally she did not like long hair on men, but it looked perfect on him. Rebecca then told him she was very glad to be his boss and asked him who had taught him such good style.He blushed and told her his mother did.When she asked him if his father helped he said he never had a father.Rebecca moved her hand to his back and patted him right on the bra strap. Sandy froze in his tracks. Then Rebecca said, “I think I should like to meet your mother, Sandy. Why don’t you have her call me, here at the bank?”“Yes, Ma’am,” stammered Sandy. He was sure his secret was out and that Rebecca was going to tell his mother and he would lose his job.When Sandy got home he was still upset and told his mother what had happened. His mother had little interest in his worry and wanted to know every detail about his boss Rebecca. She told Sandy not to worry; that she would call Rebecca at the bank in the morning. Then his mother told him she thought he need to get some sun and to stop wearing long sleeved shirts and trousers all the time; that for the rest of the summer she wanted him in shorts and tops when he was outside. She told him she had bought him four new outfits to wear while out in the sun and that they were all on his bed.When Sandy went to his room he found four outfits all right but they were girl’s shorts and halter tops and all four were pink. The only difference was the colour of the lace trim around the edges. Sandy went back to his mother and told her she had gone too far. He certainly could wear some of his denim shorts and go without a shirt.His mother was shocked. She said, “You will not go out in public with just a bra on. What is the mater with you? You will wear a halter top over your bra and, talking about those old denim shorts, they will cover too much of your legs for a good tan and they will not match your top. Now do as I say.”Sandy gave up and hung his head and went and put on the pink outfit with the white lace. He had a hard time getting into the shorts as they were quite tight.When he came out of his room with his black sneakers on his mother screamed. “Have you no taste? Here; put these on: they’re all they had that would match.” Then his mother handed him a pair of pink strap heels with three inch heels on them.Sandy sat and put the new heels on; he figured he had been yelled at enough already. Then mother handed him the laundry and told him to hang it on the line in the back yard. The yard was secluded and he felt comfortable once he got used to the things he was wearing.The next day, Sandy’s mother called Rebecca at the bank and they had a nice chat. Rebecca commented on how attractive and well mannered Sandy was and wanted her to know it did not go unnoticed. Rebecca said that she had looked a long time for the perfect mate. She was quite particular in her choice of mate and it was not to be one of those macho men: she was looking for more of the house husband type; the kind that would stay home and do the housework, laundry, cooking and such; one that would obey his wife and respect her authority. Sandy had impressed her as that type of person but before she started to date him she wanted his mother’s approval.Sandy’s mother was impressed by what she heard. She had always believed that men were a bad influence and felt that the feminine influence had paid off. Here was a woman who appreciated her efforts. She told Rebecca that she always felt that men who could show their feminine side were better mates and she had always encouraged Sandy to show a little of that.Rebecca told her she had taken the words out of her mouth. She also said that her sister had married a man who wore dresses and she never knew of a happier couple.“Really?” said Sandy’s mother. “I find that quite interesting.”“Yes,” said Rebecca. “They shop together and he is very obedient. My sister said I should look for such a mate, but what are the chances of finding a perfect mate like she did?”“Oh, you never know, my dear,” said Sandy’s mother. “Why don’t you come over to my home on Saturday morning at exactly half past nine and we can talk further?”Rebecca told her she would.On Saturday morning Sandy found a new bra waiting for him when he finished shaving his legs. It was very padded. He thought about protesting but decided against it. He just put it on then the pink halter top and shorts. He also found his three inch heels had been replaced by a pair of four inch heels and when he went to do his nails there was a new bottle of polish that was several shades darker than the other, along with a note and a tube of lipstick. His mother had left him a note saying that she went to get more polish and chap stick for his chapped lips, but to be sure and put the lipstick on until she got home as it would do the same thing.Sure he was secure in his privacy he did as instructed. At twenty-five past nine his mother arrived home and instructed him to take down the laundry from the line in the back yard. He grabbed a basket and went out. At half past nine, Rebecca arrived and Sandy’s mother invited her to the den that overlooked the back yard through sliding glass doors.As they sat looking out into the yard, Sandy had his back to them and Rebecca commented that she did not know Sandy had a sister.Sandy’s mother laughed and said he didn’t; that the person she was looking at was Sandy and asked if she approved.“Do I approve? I am delighted. I did not realize how truly wonderful a job you had done. He is absolutely beautiful and so domestic; I just love it. Just look at how domestic he is. He is perfect. He looks so darling in those tight pink shorts and halter top and I just love those heels: they are precious.”Just then Sandy turned sideways and Rebecca could now see a side profile. This, too, was intrigued her. She said, “Oh look; you now have him in padded bras: that is fantastic.”Sandy’s mother asked Rebecca what she meant by “now in padded bras.”Rebecca explained that she had figured out long ago that Sandy was wearing bras and panties and stockings to work and that was what had first attracted her to him. Rebecca told her she had been the perfect mother.Sandy’s mother disagreed. “Not perfect, my dear; not until we can out do that sister of yours and get Sandy used to wearing dresses. I think between the two of us, working together, we can get him to win the perfect domestic of the year award.”At that they both laughed.Rebecca said she had some ideas of her own of how to out do her sister.Sandy’s mother said, “Well dear, anything you can do to further his education in the art of being the perfect mate I am fully support.”Sandy had finished removing the clothes from the line and came in the house. The sun had prevented him from seeing that there was a guest until he closed the door. He was quite startled that Rebecca was there and seeing him dressed as he was. But the women soon calmed him down and Rebecca made such a fuss over him that he blushed from her comments.She then told Sandy to sit on her lap; that she had something she wanted to say to him. Sandy was unsure but when his mother told him to obey he did as he was told.Rebecca played with his bra strap and his hair as she talked. She told him that she and his mother had decided that he would date Rebecca and if things worked out they would be married.Sandy was delighted at the news: he dearly loved and respected Rebecca and felt it was a great honour that she had chosen him.Rebecca said that there was a three day weekend coming up and she knew of a great getaway place they could go. She also told Sandy that there would be plenty of sun, but he would not need to bring his shorts as she would pick out some more appropriate clothes for her new husband to wear.Sandy was relieved at this and felt he could now get away from the feminine things his mother was leading him into.When Rebecca picked them up on Friday, Sandy was wearing his pink outfit and five inch heels again at the request of his mother. In fact they were the only clothes he had brought at the request of Rebecca, who said she wanted to pick him out a more appropriate wardrobe.Sandy was anxious to get to the cabin on the lake. When they got there, there was a mix up and they got a cabin with only two beds. The two women quickly decided it was time for Sandy to sleep with his future mate and so he did.Rebecca had Sandy undress her, fold her clothes and put them away. She then had him put her nightie on her. Then she had Sandy remove his top and shorts. He was to keep the feminine underthings on so accidents could not happen. She then produced a set of wrist cuffs and put them on Sandy behind his back. They got in bed and he cuddled up to her as they slept.In the morning she removed the cuffs and told Sandy to bathe. When Sandy was done he found new clothes laid out on the bed, but they were not what he had imagined. In place of his plain panties and bra were a delicately flowered matching set, panties in a size smaller and a fully padded bra. The plain suspender belt he had worn in the past was replaced with a lacy waist cincher style that was very tight. There were some new items that he had never worn before like the pretty cream coloured slip and flowered sun dress.Then he saw the note. It said to get dressed and do his nails and lips with the new colour provided. He stopped to look and found a bright red polish and lipstick. He also noticed that there was a new pair of white five inch heels and matching handbag. The note finished saying that the ones who loved him most were anxiously waiting for him to appear.When he was finished the ladies made a fuss over him and asked him to lift his skirt. There was a problem: his penis was sticking out the top front of his new panties. Rebecca scolded him for this and quickly pulled his panties down and pulled the male thing back between his legs then restored his pretty panties. She told him that from now on that was where he was to keep it. “Besides,” she said, “there are advantages to it being back here,” and she reached under the back of his dress and fondled his organ through the silk panties until he was seduced to her words.Sandy was told to sit down so they could finish him. The two women worked nearly an hour on him before they had his hair properly styled and face made up. They were very pleased by how he looked. They told him to stand and look in the mirror. His eyes grew wide as his appearance showed before him. He was amazed at how cute he looked.After some further instructions on make-up and sitting properly they decided to go for a ride. Sandy went without hesitation and was enjoying himself until they went into the department store and took him with them. They went to the ear ring counter and started to look at different styles. The clerk asked if she could help and Sandy’s mother said, “Yes I would like to purchase some really long ear rings for my daughter here.”The clerk asked “Pierced or clip on?”“Pierced, of course,” replied Rebecca as Sandy’s stomach did a loop.They found some very large ones and then had the clerk pierce Sandy’s ears. The clerk addressed Sandy as Miss several times during the course of events. Next they asked for a bracelet with Sandra inscribed on it. They left with Sandra wearing her new earrings and bracelet.They kept her dressed and in public the entire three days and by the trip home she was becoming quite confident, but they had one more goal to accomplish.The following week Sandy went to work at a new job. He hated being away from Rebecca but it was too hard to explain the transformation from trousers to dresses and make-up, so Rebecca arranged a job for him as a secretary to a female friend of hers. Sandra was quiet but performed her work well for her new boss.Rebecca was stopping over every night to see Sandra and one night Sandra’s mother went out for the evening. It was not long before Rebecca had her hand under the back of Sandra’s dress, one of the many new ones that Rebecca had bought for Sandra. She was rubbing the little silk-encased penis and Sandra was quite beside herself. Rebecca moved to the sofa and told Sandra to lie across her lap. Sandra did as she was told and Rebecca brushed the short skirt up over her back, together with the lacy slip. Then Rebecca began to rub Sandra’s bottom and play with the little tucked penis. Sandra was very hot. Rebecca pulled Sandra’s panties down at the back and, while she rubbed the tiny feminised penis through the panties, she wet her finger and began to work it into Sandra’s tight hole. As she did she remarked that Sandra was surely a virgin as tight as she was. She also remarked that they would have to loosen her up a bit.After several minutes of this pleasure Sandra was instructed to fetch Rebecca’s handbag. Rebecca had Sandra resume her position across her lap. This time Sandra felt a much larger object than Rebecca’s finger. Rebecca had brought along a medium sized butt plug to insert in Sandra’s tight bottom. Rebecca worked slowly and with a steady inward push as she played with the hard little sissy toy between Sandra’s legs. Finally it was in place. Rebecca told Sandra she was to wear it all of the time, but that she should remove it every few hours and lubricate it so it did not get dry. Rebecca knew that this would have the effect of teaching Sandra to take it easily andalso to be thinking about what was in her bottom.Three days latter on Rebecca’s visit, Sandra’s mother went out again to leave the two love birds at home alone. Rebecca got Sandra hot and over her lap once again. She removed the butt plug and examined Sandra’s hole quite carefully. She then inserted a large butt plug. The device went in fairly easy and Rebecca told Sandra she was very proud of her. Sandra was instructed to follow the same instructions as before.On each of Rebecca visits a new feminine gift was given to Sandra. Every day was special. There was always fussing and touching done in the process of make-up, fixing hair, doing nails, trying on clothes and such. Sandra looked forward to the visits and was falling ever more deeply in love. She was now doing all housework, cooking and laundry in preparation for her marriage. Even Rebecca brought her laundry over for Sandra to do.After three more days Rebecca replaced the large butt plug with an extra large size butt plug, telling Sandra that soon she would be ready and would find the feelings in her pleasure hole tremendous. Sandra asked why she had never heard about men using that hole. Rebecca told her that it was so special that it was kept very private but that later on she would get some literature on the subject and Sandra could read all about it. Sandra was satisfied. Rebecca kept her in a constant state of arousal, but never let her climax. She had learned it was easier to control the mind in this manner.Sandra had worn the extra large butt plug for five days now and the weekend was coming up. They were to be married in a month. Rebecca talked it over and decided it was time for Sandra to spend the weekend at Rebecca’s home. On Friday Rebecca picked Sandra up at work and took her home. Sandra was both excited and nervous. She had never spent a night away from home without her mother.At bedtime, Rebecca had Sandra place her hands behind her back, where she tied them. She brushed Sandra’s hair back and kissed her neck while she reached around and squeezed Sandra’s nipple through the flimsy nightie. Then Rebecca told Sandra to close her eyes and open her mouth wide, whereupon she shoved a penis gag in Sandra’s mouth and fastened the strap around the back of her head. Sandra was told to get in bed. Rebecca left and returned wearing a pair of women’s penis pants. These were especially developed for women who wore the trousers in the house. The penis that Rebecca was wielding was nine inches long and six inches around. Sandra noticed how life like it looked and how it fitted her like a glove.Rebecca got in bed and rubbed the hard cock up against Sandra’s bottom and told her, “Now, my dear, it is time to see if all of our work has paid off. I put the penis gag in your mouth so you can scream as loud as you want to and not bother the neighbours. Okay?”Rebecca then lubricated Sandra’s bottom and began to penetrate the virgin. Sandra had been well prepared and took the entire shaft quite easily. Rebecca continued to reassure her as she penetrated her soon to be mate. After Rebecca let Sandra’s bottom adjust to the pleasure stick for a moment, she began to pump her. The cock had a nice set of life like balls and soon these were banging against Sandra’s bottom. It was a wonderful first time. They both came at the same time and the action was fast and furious as Rebecca fucked her new sissy mate into complete submission.Rebecca knew it would take a sound fucking to totally subjugate the sissy male. She fucked Sandra on and off all through the night, the following day, night and most of Sunday. Sandra offered no resistance as Rebecca would fasten her hands and fill her mouth with the penis gag then fuck her into submission.Sandra longed for Rebecca’s touch and domination all week but was not permitted to receive what she needed until the following week. This time there was a new twist. Rebecca wanted to pierce Sandra right next to her bottom hole. Sandra offered no resistance and a shiny ring was placed in the hole and soldered shut. Sandra was instructed on how to keep the piercing clean until it was healed.Finally it was time for the wedding. Sandra was instructed that she was to wear no make-up or nail varnish and to wear men’s clothing on the outside. Sandra understood but hated to go without a dress, heels and make-up. She had grown to love the feeling of the pretty clothes and what they meant.There was only a small group at the wedding; Rebecca’s sister and her family, Sandra’s boss and her family and about twenty other guests, few that Sandra recognised. The minister was a woman. Rebecca was wearing a trouser suit and looked very nice. Sandra was led to the altar by her mother and left with Rebecca. The minister began to talk.“We are gathered her today to bind this male to this woman. Marriage bonds are bonds that are not only symbolic but real. We shall demonstrate this later. As marriage is a new institution for these two people, changes will need to be made. One must conform to the other’s needs and wants. There can be no secrets in a marriage; the secrets must be made to go away as of the removing of clothes. These removed secrets must be replaced, just as clothing, by the new covers that tie and bind their love. As in any relationship there must be only one head of the family. This person is commonly known as the one who wears the trousers; who makes all of the decisions and is to be obeyed without question. The head of the house is not without their responsibilities, however. They must make sure their mate is secure, properly taken care of and punished when bad.“I now ask you two people if you agree to these rules of marriage and if you are willing to take the vow of demonstration to prove your intent?”Both answered, “Yes.”The minister then told Sandra to remove her outer attire to symbolize the removing of secrets. Sandra was hesitant but took off her shoes and other men’s clothes. She now stood there in a well padded bra, panties, corset, suspender belt, stockings and painted toes in front of the world.“Now, Rebecca, you must symbolize the ties that bind the marriage.”Rebecca picked up a large bag and took out wrist cuffs and pulled Sandra’s hands behind her back and fastened them. She then placed the penis gag in her mouth and fastened it. This was followed by ankle cuffs with and an extra chain that attached to the wrist cuffs. The chain was short so Sandra had to half squat to wear it.When Rebecca was finished the minister said, “Your mate has symbolized the removing of secrets from your marriage. Will you now symbolize the replacement of those secrets with love and elevate your bonds to the next level?”Rebecca said, “Yes,” and placed a pair of six inch spike heels on Sandra. Rebecca said, “These high heeled shoes symbolized that we shall not walk in any lies and our marriage is lifted six inches above the temptation to do so.”Everybody clapped. The minister asked if there were any rings. Rebecca said there were. The minister said, “Then place them on your mate and we shall commence the thirty days of initiation of marriage. Rebecca placed both a diamond engagement and wedding band on Sandra’s ring finger then she bent Sandra over her lap and lowered her panties. Using a large needle, she pierced the end of Sandra’s little penis and worked a silver ring through it. Next she attached the new ring to the one she had previously installed by Sandra’s bottom hole and soldered it shut.The minister said, “As this ring closes into the other so do these two people and I pronounce you wed.”The crowd cheered. The minister announced that Sandra would remain in her bonds for thirty days to verify the marriage was on sound ground. Sandra was then put on display for all to see and examine. The women were all interested in the piercing especially and several vowed to use it on their mates.Sandra could do little more than stand half bent and watch at the reception. She got lots of attention from the women who asked her a lot of questions which she had to answer by nodding or shaking her head. Many times she was made to bend over and allow the curious to examine and re-examine her rings. There were many comments on how nicely her hole had been stretched as well.At midnight Rebecca decided it was time to go. She took Sandra home and to the bedroom, where another surprise waited for her. There was a large bird cage in the room with an electric winch set so it could be lifted in the air. Rebecca first put on her penis pants and fucked Sandra well. She then put Sandra in the cage and lifted her in the air where that cage swung at any movement. The cage was tiny for Sandra and there was a special platform built in the middle so that it matched Sandra’s six inch heels. The only position Sandra could be in was to put her heels in these spots and squat. The angle of the perch caused her ankles to bend as if she were standing in the six inch heels.Rebecca said, “It really is a nice cage, Sandra, and it has special features to help you. You will sit on your perch - like you now are - all day and all night for thirty days. I will take you out twice a day to use the bathroom and for me to fuck your little brains out and then you will be returned. You will only be allowed to eat and drink while I am fucking you. This will not be easy as your hands will be bound as they now are and only your penis gag will be removed. The reduction in food and water intake will help reduce the size of your upper body, as will the lack of use of your arms. On the other hand, your bottom will get lots of action and your legs will strain under the weight of you perching so your lower body will get larger. Your waist cincher will be tightened daily until we get a respectable twenty-two inch waist on you.”Rebecca then placed a large mirror on the front of the cage and told Sandra that now she could enjoy the view as well.Sandra now knew the full meaning of dependence. She felt totally helpless in her new position. Rebecca did as she had told Sandra: she removed her from her cage each morning and fucked her into submission. As she was being fucked Sandra tried to lap up water and bits of food with her tongue but found it difficult to do.
Soon the carpenter was there. Sandra was taken by how handsome and muscular the carpenter was. The carpenter and Rebecca examined Sandra on her perch for a while and then the carpenter got out a drawing book. Rebecca said that she wanted to include a vibrating dildo on the perch that could be removed from the outside. She also wanted a stick-though penis for Sandra’s mouth. This had to be mounted on a movable front wall so that once Sandra was on the perch it could be moved into place. There also needed to be an automatic wrist restraint to the rear of the perch so all Sandra had to do was place her wrists in it. The cage would need to automatically lift in the air, lock and stay secured according to a timer that would release Sandra in order to do her chores.Sandra sat and listened in horror as all of these things were discussed. Rebecca said to be sure and design overrides in so the cage height could be manually adjusted and both penis tools removed and replaced from the outside. The carpenter said he could do it all and asked if they still had the same financial agreement. Rebecca said they did and if he wanted a down payment right now she would be more than happy to give him one. He said he thought that would be best.Instead of Rebecca getting her cheque book like Sandra expected, she started to undress the carpenter. He soon returned the compliment and the two lovers were quickly entwined on the bed in full view of the perched Sandra. The two made wild love for over two hours before the carpenter finally got dressed and left. Rebecca told Sandra that she hoped Sandra would show her during the next fucking she gave her that Sandra had learned a thing or two about how to take cocks and how to treat them right because she expected Sandra to show her some of that pleasure as well.The carpenter showed up for work the next day and worked hard all day until Rebecca got home when she gave him another payment.Sandra was not quite as bored with the carpenter there. It was not long before he was ready to make some adjustments to Sandra’s current cage. To do this he had to remove her from the cage and put her back many times, trying position and distance. Sandra soon found that with the new cock gag she could no longer turn her head. It was also designed so that it could penetrate her mouth further. The setting was adjustable and the carpenter said he thought that she would want to increase it every few days. Sandra could do no more than nod her head a little as she sat there, bound and perched, in the cage. Rebecca had also wanted the perch tipped forward a little more. She felt this would help train Sandra’s ankles to help her navigate in her six inch heels once she was released to perform her housework.Each day when Rebecca arrived home she and the carpenter would spend several hours making love.When the first cage had been remade to Rebecca’s liking she put Sandra in and tested it. It worked perfectly, locking up and securing Sandra properly in such a manor that there was no way Sandra could get loose. Then Rebecca tried removing and replacing the dildos. They, too, worked great. She made the comment that this would allow for some options she might want to introduce later. Rebecca was especially pleased with the ability to adjust the cock gag. She found that the carpenter had built an automatic head restraint to hold Sandra’s mouth, preventing any movement of the head. This allowed Rebecca to insert as far as she chose and Sandra would be unable to refuse the depth.Rebecca was so excited by the completion that she invited her sister and Sandra’s mother to view it. They were soon there and marvelling at the new cage. Rebecca’s sister said she wanted one. Rebecca told her that the carpenter had one more to build for her first then several other devices and then he could help her out. They were quite curious about why she wanted it so automated. Rebecca said that, even though the minister had said this needed to be done for thirty days, she felt it would be great to have a daily reminder of their commitment, so she felt that Sandra should spend all of her free time in the cage. She said that she would allow Sandra so much time in the morning to get all of her housework done and then she would go to the cage and remain there on her perch only to be released at half past four in the afternoon to get dinner ready. On weekends, if Rebecca was going away, she could spend the entire weekend in the cage. The ladies thought it was a supreme idea and commended Rebecca on it.In less than two weeks the carpenter had the second cage done and installed in the living room. Sandra could now be on display when guests visited rather than being hidden in the bedroom, but when Rebecca had a lover or did not want to share her bed with Sandra at night she could be kept in the bedroom cage where Rebecca could look up and see her perched there, bound and with both ends stuffed.When the thirty days were up there was a celebration and many guests were invited. Sandra was kept very busy serving and waiting on people. She was attired in a very pretty French maid’s uniform and six inch spike heels. Everybody was amazed at how well she could manoeuvre in the heels. Everybody wanted to know about the bird cage. Rebecca promised to show them all about it later. Finally, when all the guests had been served and all were just talking, Rebecca realized Sandra had a few free moments. She told Sandra to go and perch in the living room.Sandra curtsied to Rebecca and said, “Yes, Ma’am,” and went to the living room. As she began to remove her dress and petticoats, everybody stopped what they were doing and watched. Then she lowered the back of her panties and got in the cage. As soon as her heels were in the proper slots, the door locked. She then placed her hands behind her and her wrists were secured. She quickly nestled her exposed bottom down on the huge penis that was behind her and then the front automatically moved in. Sandra opened her mouth and the large front penis filled it. Sandra instantly closed her eyes and settled in to her perch as the crowd looked on in amazement.“It’s wonderful; absolutely wonderful!” said one woman after the next. “This is the perfect cure for males; no more sports, drinking or wasting time. This is the answer to controlling their time the way we want it. If they do not have a function to perform then put them on the perch where their minds can focus on the important things in their life: us!”Then Rebecca introduced the carpenter who built it. She had him demonstrate how the cage could be manually lowered from outside and how the artificial penises could be removed and a real one substituted. Sandra’s eyes opened and grew big as a real cock was put in place of the artificial one and strokes were taken. Rebecca was quick to point out that the mouth hole allowed the operator to train Sandra to take the penis deeper and deeper. She said she hoped to train her to take one up to twelve inches long down her throat.Some of the guests asked what the primary goal of all of this was as they had not been introduced to it before.Rebecca said she would be glad to explain. “There are two types of males; the kind you marry and the kind with which you have fun. One absolutely will not do for both jobs. The kind you have fun with is like my carpenter lover here. He is great to look at and wonderful in bed. The kind you marry is like Sandra here. You want your mate to think only of your needs. His mind must be trained to serve you, worship you and to be some kind of entertainment. He must make you feel important and good about yourself. He must give you a sense of power. Second, you must shape this male into a pleasing and desirable form. This, as you can see, I have done through proper feminization, figure and diet control as well as dildo and high heel training, but what you must watch out for is their free time. If you are using them as a maid, cook or servant, or if you are bending them over and fucking their brains out they are have use. But what do you do with them the rest of the time? In the past it has been a problem. They are either bothering you or doing something you don’t want them to do. So, you do what I have done here. You put them on a perch in a cage where you know exactly where they are and what they are doing. This keeps the male in limbo at all times so that his mind is focused on you and only you, where it is supposed to be. As soon as the male is allowed to develop other interests you take a back seat. The cage cures that and it makes him completely receptive to any action you wish to take.“For example, I plan to entertain many people in my home. Having Sandra on display in her cage will make people remember and admire me. It will impress many of the women into implementing these ideas in their own homes. It will excite many of the men who will then pleasure me. Sandra here will even get to sample some of those men who wish to see how well the cage’s options work. And then there will be those males who realize they need to experience the cage as well to help them focus properly.”As the guests left, Sandra’s mother expressed her gratitude to her new daughter-in-law for taking such good care of her son. She said. “Dear, I am so proud of you. You have just thought of everything. I have given your phone number to all of his old friends who ask about him and I tell him he is married to the most wonderful woman in the world. Some of them are very handsome and may want to spend the night. I am sure they would enjoy seeing how Sandy has changed.”“You are so right,” said Rebecca, “and I think it would be wonderful for Sandra to show off her changes to her friends.”Sandra was contemplating what her old friends would think and how they would act when they witnessed her in her new role.As they all left Rebecca released Sandra from her cage and told her to get into the bedroom cage: she said she had to discuss some things with the carpenter and wanted to keep her promise to not have any secrets from Sandra. Rebecca and the carpenter had a very enjoyable discussion, if that is what an hour and a half of moans and groans can be called, while Sandra sat on her perch contemplating Rebecca’s words and actions.As the carpenter was getting ready to leave, Rebecca asked him if he knew of the Jones brothers’ carpet shop. He said he did and knew that a couple of black guys owned it and did all the fitting themselves and they did a good job. Rebecca said she was glad to hear that as she had asked them for a quote. She said they had plenty of time right now and could take their time estimating and doing the work. Then she said she thought she would give them the key so they could come and go as they needed.The carpenter said, “Now don’t forget to write out instructions about the cage for them: they will need it.”Rebecca promised she would.The following day Rebecca dropped off the key and instructions to the Jones brothers and told them to take what ever liberties they needed. They did not fully understand until they got to Rebecca’s place and entered the living room. When they saw the cage with the white sissy in it they let out a whistle. They were soon figuring out how to adjust the cage height and remove the artificial cocks and replace them with their ebony rods.The two black studs spent the rest of the afternoon feeding black cock into Sandra from behind and in front. The black men were even nice enough to shoot loads of hot black semen on the dildos before reinserting them on their departure.Rebecca returned home at twenty-five past four, before Sandra was released. As Sandra got out of her cage Rebecca told her to lie over her lap. She carefully examined Sandra’s hole and was pleased that it had been stretched even larger and was oozing black cum. When she looked at Sandra’s face she could see more black cum on her lips and chin where it had run down. Rebecca reached over and dialled the Jones brothers. When they answered she said she had just arrived home and was very happy to see they made use of things around the place. She then asked them if this job looked like it would take a long time. They told her it would and wondered if they should keep the key afterwards to make inspections from time to time. Rebecca told them that was a great idea and she wished they would.Rebecca then told Sandra what was going to happen and that the nice black men would be by daily for a while then they would stop in when they could. Sandra was a little out of it and just nodded her head yes. All Sandra could think about was how many times she had been fucked that day in the bum and mouth and how much cum was in her bottom and tummy.Then Rebecca told her to lean over the chair and get ready for a surprise. Rebecca returned with a new pair of penis pants - this time with a much larger black cock - and rammed it in Sandra’s wet and willing hole. As Sandra was fucked into total submission for the umpteenth time that day all she could think about was how lucky she was.
Then, after about a week, Rebecca came in and sat down and started to talk to Sandra, “I am so very pleased with your progress. You have become such a perfect sissy. You have learned to love your new feminine clothes and to obey me very well. Your tight little pussy arse has been developed into a wonderful fuck hole and you take large cocks nicely. I think you now realize that there are no traces of your former male self left. And I must admit that I really enjoy seeing you perched in your little cage dressed in bra, panties, corset, suspender belt, stockings and six inch heels, all bound up with that penis gag in your mouth. I think it is the perfect female-male relationship. The minister says we must do this for thirty days to symbolize our bonds but I wonder if it would not be a good thing to practice some of this every day thereafter. I have contacted the carpenter who built this cage and he will be over in a little bit. I have some additions to make and I am going to have him make one for the living room as well. I think it would be great for you to return to your cage whenever you are not performing one of your household duties.”
735 The Mechanic(Cuckold, IR, Slut wife)
By Rebecca (
One day while my husband and I were driving down the highway, wepassed a car that had broken down. The driver tried to wave us downbut my husband just ignored him. It was a seldom traveled road and Iwas very displeased with my husband for doing what he did. I asked himwhy he drove by without stopping and he said something about, "If theguy is that stupid that he breaks down, then let him figure out how toget it fixed." This really pissed me off and I told my husband to turnaround and go back right this instant. My husband has learned over theyears we have been married, to obey me. I guess you could say I wearthe pants in our house.
In fact on many occasions when Jim has disobeyed me, he has found himself without pants. In fact, he has endured over-her-knee spankingswithout pants, corner standing without pants and on many occasions hasbeen put through petticoat discipline which of course meant no pantsat all. So when I tell him to do something he rarely disobeys meanymore.
He came to a screeching halt and turned around. The man was glad tosee us return. I told Jim as we approached that I fully expected himto fix the man's car and that I was going to entertain the man untilhe had done so. I could see him break into a sweat as I said,"entertain". Jim knew all too well what I meant by entertaining, itwas my polite way of saying I was going to have sex with someone. Ifurther explained that there would be other penalties for being socallas to someone in trouble and I would detail them latter.
Jim just hung his head as he got out of the car and approached theman. I went along to size up my catch for the day. The man quicklyexplained that the car had over heated and he thought the water pumpwas bad. Jim checked and said it was. I piped in and said, "Why don'tyou run to town and get one for the man dear? I'll stay here and keephim company while you are gone if that's ok with..."
"Jack, Jack Thompson, Ma'am, I could go along and"
"No Jack, I think you had better stay here with me. You see Jack, myhusband made a grave error when he drove past you without stopping andnow he is going to pay for it. Go on dear, get going, Mr. Thompsondoes not have all day, I will entertain him while you are gone."
Jim left with his head hung low and prepared to drive the half hour totown and then back. Jack was in his late 20's and a good looking wellbuilt man. I took him by the arm and led him to the far side of hiscar. I opened the rear door and sat him down. Then I began to teasehim. First I leaned over so he could get a good view of my cleavage.When I noticed he was peaking I told him I had an itch on my back andcould he please scratch it for me. He agreed, as he did I told him itwas under my bra strap and would he please unhook it and scratch mebetter. He hesitated at first and then did it. I told him he was notgetting it and took my blouse off and held it over my breasts while hecontinued to scratch my back. When he was done, I thanked him and saidthat it was time for me to return the favor. He looked surprised anddid not say anything. Then I let my blouse fall from my breasts as Ifaced him.
His eyes focused on my nipples. I smiled at him and reached for thehard on in his pants. I caressed it with my fingers feeling it growingeven harder as I did so. It was big and hard and I was beginning toget another itch, an itch for his rock hard cock to be in me. Hestarted cupping my breasts as I undid his pants, slid them down andslid my lips over the end of his protruding cock. He groaned withpleasure as I licked and sucked his cock. He kept telling me how greatit felt. After teasing his cock to near eruption several times Idecided it was time for me to put some different lips around hismaleness. I told him to remove my panties and once was enough; he hadthem off in a flash. His hands slid up under my short skirt felling mybush and my ass. I moved into position and settled down on his hardmanliness for some serious fucking. I rode him slow at first but soonwas ridding for my life. We both started to cum at the same time andit was great. When we had climaxed for several seconds we rested thenI started over again. Using my lips and tongue it was a matter ofseconds before he was hard again. I teased him stalling him until myhusband came back. When I saw Jim's car coming down the roar, Iinserted the swollen cock into my wet waiting body and pumped himslow. I wanted Jim to see me fucking Jack and I wanted Jack to know Iwas in control of Jim.
As Jim approached, Jack began to panic. I told him not to worry andfucked him a little faster. The excitement over came the fear forJack. As Jim approached the car he could see what I was doing and wasturning around to walk away so he would not have to witness my lovemaking. Instead, I called him to me, "Well, did you get the part?" Isaid as I continued to fuck Jack.
"Yes", he replied. "Well then you better get it on, Jack has alreadyfucked me once and he is about to do it again, he probably only hastwo or three more in him so snap to it dear." I was pumping muchfaster as I spoke and Jack's pulse and respiration had increaseddramatically from the fear of being caught. We both came again beforeJim could leave, causing me to pause my talking while I groaned inecstasy... It was great. Jack was really turned on by the whole thingand Jim was quite embarrassed by being made to follow his wife'sorders while she was bopping a stranger right in front of him.
As Jim begun work, Jack laid me on the seat and climbed on top andstuck his hard meat in me for the third round. He was taking chargethis time and bent my legs high in the air getting deeper penetration.I asked him how it felt to be fucking somebody else wife right infront of the husband. "Great, Fantastic, Really Great" he grunted ashe really got into it. He was rocking the car pretty good and I had tolaugh as Jim was trying to remove the water pump. Several more minuteslatter I came again followed shortly by Jack. I know Jim was besidehimself as he tried to remove the bad water pump while this strangerwas socking it to his wife causing the car to rock quit hard.
After resting for a few minutes, I asked Jim how he was doing. He saidhe got it off sand was ready to put the new one on. I told Jack itlooked like he had one more shot at me if he wanted it and my answerwas fast in coming. He turned me over and had me get on my elbows andknees. He soon had his cock in me from behind and was pumping me slowand steady. He had gotten over any inhibitions he may have had and wastalking to me in a voice loud enough that Jim could plainly hear. Hewas describing to me what he was going to do to me and then doing it.After several minutes he picked up the speed and soon he was fuckingmy brains out. The car was rocking wildly as my husband trieddesperately to get the water pump back on so this stranger would quitfucking his wife. All three of us were done at the same time. Jimspoke up and said he was done. Jack exploded into me like a piledriver. Banging me real hard and real fast. That in turn caused me toexplode as well. Jack fell on top of me and laid there for severalminutes with his well used cock deep in me.
When we could move I called Jim over to the side of the car andintroduced him to Jack. I said, "Jack here is no mechanic. When heneeds work done I think he should have you do it for him. You willcharge him $40.00 per hour plus parts. During the time you are workingon his car I will entertain him as I have done today. Anytime Jackneeds work done he will call and make an appointment. Is that clear?"
"Yes Ma'am," said Jim as he hung his head understanding what this meant.
I then turned my attention to Jack and told him I had really enjoyedentertaining him. I continued by saying that Jim was not near as goodin bed as he was and I hopped he would become a regular visitor to ourmechanic shop. He promised he would and so I gave him the address andphone number to our home. I kissed him and her, me, and we parted. AsI got in the car I let out a large sigh and commented on howrefreshing that was. Jim was very quiet as I sat there with a smugsmile on my face.
I thought about the situation all the way home and decided that therewas an excellent opportunity here. Why not make my husband provide afull time mechanic service out of our home and I could entertain thecustomers while they waited. So when we got home I told Jim of myplan. I told him we would travel the area and provide the firstservice free as we had today. He would repair the vehicles and I wouldentertain the men as they waited. He was aghast at my suggestion and Icould hear him whimpering under his breath.
I then bluntly asked him if he agreed that it was a good idea. Hehesitated and I told him he could speak honestly. He hesitated a fewmore seconds and then meekly said he did not like it. I walked up tohim and slapped him across the face. He reacted with fear and shockstammering out that I said he could speak freely. "Yes, I said youcould speak freely but I did not say there would not be consequencesfor doing so. Who do you think you are, disagreeing with me? You are alittle panty waist wimp, you are not a real man and the fact that youwent to town and bought parts for a stranger's car with your own moneythen fixed his car for free while he fucked me four times right infront of you proves you are no man and have no right to challenge whatI say, is that clear?"
"Yes Ma'am", he said meekly. "You are a disgusting wimp, Jim. Now gostrip of those male clothes and put on your little girls outfit. It isfar more fitting of your personality than what you are wearing. I amgoing to give you a very sound spanking and then you will spend anhour in the corner thinking about how you are going to get enoughcustomers to quit your job and make a living as a mechanic. I alsothink you better think about how you are going to get some denimskirts and dresses to wear while you are repairing these gentlemen'svehicles"
Now his head was hung very low and tears were dripping from hischeeks. As he walked away to do as told I began to think about thesteady stream of hot lovers I was about to acquire.
About 45 minutes later, Jim returned dressed in a yellow lacy littlegirl's party dress. He was wearing a wig with pigtails tied off inhuge yellow bows. On his feet were yellow turn-down socks with whitehearts made from lace. He had on a pair of little girls yellow shoes.He was obviously a sissy boy who would do what he was told. I calledhim to me and had him bend over my lap. I removed one of the ribbonsfrom his hair and pulled his hands behind him. Taking the yellowribbon, I tied his wrists together tightly bending his arms behind hisback and high. Then I lifted his short frilly yellow dress and frillypetticoat and placed the hems in his hands ordering him to hold themout of the way. I rubbed his pantied covered bottom for a few secondsand then took the paddle to it. I spanked him hard with the paddleexplaining all the time how important it was that he obeyed me and gota lot of customers for his new work. He soon slipped into a defeatedattitude and lay there sobbing and wiggling as the paddle continued tofall hard on the thin nylon yellow frilly little girl panties he waswearing. After several minutes of continued hard paddling I asked himwhat he was going to do to please me. Between sobs he explained hewould find many customers who would want him to fix their cars andthat I would be a part of it by entertaining them as he did therepair. Finally after at least a full five minutes of hard paddling Istopped and kissed him and told him he was a good little girl fordoing what he was told. Then helping him stand I pulled his pantiesdown below his bottom and sent him to the corner. He stood their whileI watched one of my favorite TV shows and was then sent to bed.
The next morning was Saturday and we resumed our hunt for vehicles indistress. It was after about and hour we found one. It was a flat tireand the guy had no jack or spare. He was quite young, about 21 andvery trim. I asked him if he was in sports and he said he was in trackin college. I sent Jim to town and stayed with Brent. After Jim left Iasked Brent if he could go the distance. He was not sure what I meantat first but as I lifted my very short skirt he got the idea realfast. He asked, "But what about your husband, won't he back soon?"
"Yes he will, but you're in track so you must be fast so lets get toit." He was very nervous but soon had his pants down and was sportinga long hard dick that stood nearly up in the air. I knew he was goingto be a real rabbit. I grabbed his meat and stroked it and heinstantly came shooting cum all over me. He apologized and said he wasjust really excited. I told him it was OK and told him to lick me.Brent got down and started to lick me and he knew what he was doing. Isaid, "This is not your first time licking pussy". "No Ma'am, itain't," is all he said as he buried his face into me. He was very goodand I was very wet. After several minutes I pulled his head up andtold him to fuck me. He laid me back on the seat and climbed on. Hepushed his cock in me very slowly making faces as he did like his cockwas very sensitive.
Once he was all the way in he started pumping me. He began to pumpfaster and faster until he came in me in less than a minute or two. Iwas disappointed in him cumming so fast and tried to stop him. He toldme not to worry he would not stop, that he often came 7 to 9 ninetimes before he had to rest. I was very relieved to hear that becauseI hate it when a man gets his rocks off and I don't. It really pissesme off and I just want to cut their dick off and shove it down theirthroats when they do it.
Brent was good to his word and after cumming four times I came andcame hard as he just kept pumping me. He was like a machine. He wouldfuck for about a minute to a minute and a half then cum. But he neverslowed down. After the first few I really got into it and was startingto cum with him. We were on the 6 or 7th time when Jim pulled up. Ibarely was able to get conscious enough to speak to him. I called himover and asked, "Did, you, get, the, tire, fixed? AHHHH, OHHHH,GODDDDD, OH, OH, OH, Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh God that feels great. Well didyou?"
"Yes Ma'am I will put it on now" Jim answered. Brent was groaning andgrunting and he never missed a beat. I asked him, "weren't you scaredthat my husband was here?"
"No, Ma'am, I have fucked other married women in front of theirhusbands at the college, they seem to get off on it and that's what Ithought you were doing" he said. "You are a very smart and verytalented boy", I said as he came in me again and I milked his cock ofas much of its juices as I could get. He managed to make me cum ninetimes and he came at least 11.
When the tire was back on, I gave Brent a long wet kiss and theinformation about the mechanics service and told him we had a delayedbilling program for college students. His eyes got wide over that andthen asked me and then Jim.
We proceeded down the road and later in the day we came on a vehiclethat was pulled over and the hood up. Jim pulled in behind and we gotout and walked to the front. To our surprise were two black men. Wetold them we stopped to help and Jim looked at the car. It was a badfuel pump. I explained to the two blacks that my husband would go tothe parts store and get them a new fuel pump and would then put it on.They said that they had inquired about a fuel pump that very day atseveral of the local parts houses and they were out of stock. That theonly one was clear across town and that was where they were headed.The parts store was at least 45 minutes away.
So I suggested that Jim take the two blacks and me to our home whichwas only five minutes away and that I could then entertain them whilehe took care of the problem. Jim was about to faint at this suggestionand I could see he hyperventilating. I imagine the thought of meentertaining two black men in our white suburbia home was a bit muchfor him, but I insisted. Even when one of the black men, Carl,suggested he go along with Jim. "Nonsense, you have been put out tomuch already. I would be very, very offended if you did not let usshow our hospitality". I then took him by the arm and led him andWilly to our car. I sat in the back seat between the two of them andthey had a very hard time from not looking at my Lilly white legssticking out of my very short skirt. In fact, Willy already had a hardon when we got in the car.
When we got home, I said, "Jim, open Willy's door for him please" Jimdid as told and Willy looked at Carl with a surprised look. I told Jimto come back and get us when he was sure the car was fine. The Carl,Willy and I went in the house. I took then into the living room andasked them if they wanted a beverage. Both asked for a beer. When Iwent to get the beers, I opened my blouse buttons all the way down tomy short skirt. I kept it tucked in so it would not flop open and thenhiked my skirt a little bit more sop my panties showed when I bent atall. I returned with the drinks and sat the try on a low table off tothe side. This caused my back to be turned to them and I bent as I setthe try. I stood bent over pouring the beers into glasses providing atantalizing view for my two black guests. I admit I was a bit nervousnever having a black man before or ever having two men at the sametime before. But my pussy was tingling and I was dripping wet withexcitement.
When I was ready I turned to see both black men were enjoying theview. I said with a smile, "You guys like what you see?" A littleembarrassed that I was so bold they looked at each other and said,"yes we do like what we see, how about you?" I was a bit surprised myself but had heard black men were bolder than most white men andsmiled back coyly and said, "yes I do, very much so". Then I squeezedin between them and let my dress slide up even more. That was when Inoticed that both Willy and Carl had massive hard-ons. I could nottake my eyes off their pants as my curiosity was getting the best ofme. I had never seen a Black cock in real life before, only in pornflicks and I wondered what they would be like in real life. I wasfinding my self mesmerized by the thought of two hard black cocks andsoon my fingers were caressing their pricks through their pants.
I must have been so engrossed that I did not hear them speaking to eat first. When I did I was embarrassed that I had been so preoccupied.Carl was saying, "Hey baby, we had better get on with it if wee goingto be done before your husband gets back". "Oh, don't worry abouthim", I said almost as if in a trance. "What you mean, don't worrybout him, he ain't gonna like it if he comes home and finds his wifesucking on and being fucked by two black dicks", Willy barked. "No hewon't, but it don't matter cause he knows I am going to be and he isgoing to have to see it. You see, I am punishing him for being callasand I am setting him up in a new mechanic business where you can bringyou car and pay him to fix it while I entertain you while he is fixingit. This way you know he will work as fast as he can and thus you getcharged fairly." Carl asked curiously, "And he knows you gonna befucking and sucking while he is working and he ain't gonna care?' Iresponded while squeezing two hard black dicks at the same time, "Ohhe cares alright, in fact he hates it, but he is totally pussywhipped, he's a pantywaist and I control him. In fact you may find ithard to believe, but he is wearing a bra, panties, nylons and a garterbelt right now. I make him keep his little toy dick tucked backbetween his legs all the time"
"You're shitting me". Willy said. "No I am not, I'll prove it to youwhen he gets back but right now we gotta stop talking" I replied as Iunzipped and un buckled and exposed tow beautiful hard, huge blackcocks.
I held them, close together so I could lick both cock heads at thesame time. Both had some pre cum leaking and I tasted them as Ilicked. They were delicious and soon I was alternating from one to theother, sucking and licking. After about five minutes of this, Carlsaid, "Girl you gonna have to let us take over" and that's just whatthey did. Carl picked me up like I was a child and I knew right thenthat I could not resist even if I wanted to. He turned me around andtook hold of my head and begun to feed me his black cock. Wiley liftedmy skirt above my waist and ripped my panties right off and tossedthem on the floor by the front door saying, "girl if you want yourhusband to know you was fucking our black dicks, that will be hisfirst confirmation when he comes in the door." I shook my head yes andCarl said, "this girl is serious she agrees".
Willy was careful to inset his huge cock in me slowly so I couldstretch to accommodate it. But once he was in he took full control andI was only along for the ride. Both me had hold of me. Carl by thehead and Willy by the hips. It felt so damn good I could not stand itand then there was the mental aspect. Being fucked and sucking onblack dicks and two at once and being completely under their controlwas all too much and I came right away. Willy cursed because I came soquick. But Carl said, "Hey man calm down, these married white galsaren't used to getting real cock. She ain't ready to quit she's justgetting primed up for some serious black fucking, lets show her whatwe can do for her." From their on most of it was a blur. I know I hadmore cock down my throat and loved every minute of it than I ever hadbefore. And I know my pussy was filled tighter and fucked harder thanever before. I was swallowing and getting sprayed in the face with hotblack seed and my pussy was running like a faucet from cum beingdumped in me by Willy.
After a while they switched positions and were getting after it realhard again when barely I heard the front door closed and Jim call out.I tried to answer but there was way to much black cock in my mouth tomake any sense out of what I was saying, but Willy knew I was callingJim so he said, "were in hear shoving our Black meat to her" I wassurprised by smiled and came as I heard him say it. I knew it wouldoverwhelm my sissy husband to see his Lilly white wife being impaledfrom both ends by two huge black cocks. Cocks that were twice as bigas his.
Jim entered the room with his head and eyes down so as to aver t thescene. But Carl asked him about the car. Jim said it was fixed. AndCarl said, "Hey sissy boy, your wife here says you got panties onunder your pants, that right sissy boy? Look at me when I talk to youand answer me". "Yes sir, that is right" Jim said with a strong quiverin his voice. "I want to see, drop them pants and show us", Carlordered. Jim did it but it was plain to see it was the hardest thinghe ever did. The Carl and Willy began to laugh at him and call himpussy boy. Then Willy told him to take off his shirt so they could seehis bra too. Jim did it with tears in his eyes.
Carl and Willy were taunting Jim with no mercy now. Carl said, "Heysissy white boy, don't your pretty white wife look good with two blackdicks stuck in her?"
"Yes sir," came the reply. "Willy said, "how cum you dress like a girland let other men fuck your wife, pussy boy?"
"Cause my wife tells me how to dress and cause I can't fuck her theway she likes and cause she will get mad at me if I don't do what shesays", my wimpy husband replied.
All the talk and Jim's presence and his humiliation had caused to cumthree more times, in fact I was cumming continuously now and suckingWilly dry as I was. It was the best, just the best. And I was startingto laugh at Jim's position. How much he was and how he was actuallyhelping them with his humiliation by telling them more than theyasked. I knew what was next and could not wait.
Carl said, "What happens when she gets mad at you?" Jim said, "Shemakes me dress like a little girl and spanks me and makes me stand inthe corner until she thinks I learned my lesson". Carl and Willylaughed and said, "No wonder you're out looking for real men girl, yougot a genuine wimp here don't you?" I was not about to let Willy'scock out of my mouth. It tasted way too good and I was getting aregular supply of hot cum from it that also tasted real good. So Ijust shook my head yes. Wiley commented on this and told Jim that hiswife liked sucking his black cock so much that she refused to removeit to answer a question.
They fucked me for a while more and I sucked them both off a few moretimes before taking a break. Jim stood there the entire time in hisfeminine under garments watching and being humiliated by these twoblacks. When we finally took a break they asked me about his dress andI told them that it was true. They wanted to see for themselves so Itold Jim to put on his little white lace party dress. You could tellhe wished the earth would swallow him up but he had no such luck. Itold him to wear his big girl heels with the out fit. Carl and Willyand I settled down to more fucking while Jim changed clothes. Carl wasteaching me how to take his black cock in my ass while Willy wasfucking my nipples and they were making me hot. I had never let a manin my ass before but it was like they owned me and I was going to dowhat ever they wanted.
When Jim came back they were shocked at how juvenile he looked. He hadon his pigtail wig with pink bows this time. His pretty lacy andfrilly white little girl's party dress with pink bra and pantiesunderneath. His white 'fuck me' pumps in four inch heels. We had himstand and watch as I rode up and down on the hard black cock I my asswhich was in full view as I was sitting facing Jim and the black cockshooting sticky cum all over my nipples and chest.
Then I suggested that Jim show Willy how he got his spankings. Shakinglike a leaf he bent over Willy's lap and had to explain how to removea ribbon from his hair and tie his hands. Even I have to admit howsurprised I was at how obedient he was in carrying out thesehumiliating orders. Willy took the white ribbon from his hair and tiedhis wrists. Jim then explained about lifting the hem of his dress andpetticoat and placing them in his hands to hold. I then gave Willy thepaddle which he set down and said he preferred to use his hand. I justsmiled as I watched Willy began to paddle Jim's pink pantied bottomharder and harder causing Jim to kick and squirm. The more he did sothe harder Willy paddled until Jim was completely subdued anddefeated. Willy's cock had gotten very hard during the ordeal and youcould see it was sticking into Jim's belly. When Willy figured thepussy boy had, had enough, he dumped him on the floor and grabbed hishead and stuck his hard Black cock into the sobbing lips ordering himto suck good or get it again. Jim had, had enough and sucked just likehe was a pro. Carl got on his knees behind Jim and stuck his hard cockinto the sissy's hands and told him to play with it. I am sure Jim wasthinking the same thing I was, that it would not be long before he toowas impaled on the two superior black cocks.
I was correct in my assumption and within minutes, Jim was learning totake Black cock in his ass just like I had done just a short timeearlier. He was also learning how to suck and swallow. Big smile cameacross my face as I watched the scene. It was truly more than I hadwished for. My husband was no completely humiliated and subjugated totwo wonderful Black men.
After Carl and Willy were totally spent, cum was leaking from my pussyand ass and from Jim's ass. It was all over my body and all over Jim'sass and face and hands, I asked them if they were interested in ourmechanic service. They assured me they were and if I wanted they wouldspread the word among the brothers and get us more business. I toldthem that was very nice of them and for each new member they broughtto us they would get 2 free hours of car care and the entertainmentthat went with it. They said it was a great idea and would back soon.They said that they thought Jim should drive them back to their cardressed like he was and I agreed. I put a robe on and got in the backseat with Carl and Willy and got fucked once more on the way back aswell as getting another mouth full of tasty black cum.
We now have a full time business of fixing cars. It goes six days aweek 12 hours a day. Jim does not get a normal lunch. He has tenminutes each noon to suck me clean of the mornings cum and then againat 4:00. He has lost weight which makes his sexy denim mini dress lookgreat on him. It is short enough that when he bends over a fender orin the trunk his pink panties are fully exposed and his pussy ass isavailable to any customer who wants it. Many nights his panties aredripping from cum that has been deposited mostly by black males whoget a kick out of pussy boy. He is not allowed to stop work when theyare porking him which means he must scamper about the garage with abig black dick stuck in him sometimes.
Some of the black customers like to just come by and have him washtheir cars in the front yard where all of the neighbors can view Jimin all of his feminine glory while they fuck me in the upstairs frontbedroom with the windows open. Oh yes, did I mention I am now a fullfledged screamer, at least when the windows are open!
Benefits of white ownership by Blacks
There is much speculation as to the proper way race relations should occur. Blacks have been mistreated and not provided equal opportunities in much of society while in other areas Blacks have excelled and dominate. Some folks say that when a Black male impregnates a white female is no more than a stud and being used. Others point out that only the top male does the breeding and such is a sign of superiority. In today’s climate is it right for the Black to push ahead? Is it correct for the Black to proclaim his rights or stretch his wings to see what he can truly accomplish? Much of this can be argued pro or con. Some say the Black should keep his place and be grateful for what he now has because he has so much more than his forefathers did 200 years ago or 100 years ago or 50 years ago or even 10 years ago. Ah but then that’s what they said back then as well. Is it not time for the Blacks in America to rise and take their God given place as leaders and demonstrate what they are truly capable of? Is not time that Blacks own their rightful property no matter if it is careers, property or servants? We are not talking about the shamefulness of slave days when people were stolen, captured, tortured, beaten and chained into serving unfit white masters against their will under penalty of death. No, not at all. We are talking about ownership voluntarily given by white servants to their Black Masters. Masters who are deserving and caring and who will uplift the white servants in their stables to a better more fulfilling life.
But how do we know this? Is it really true? No one wants to be part of a slavery system where people are unhappy, unfulfilled, poorly treated or that is done to them against their will. White slave owners tried it and it failed and whites in general were against it. All whites knew it was wrong, even though some partook in the act. We also know that Blacks were not happy under this system. They were mistreated and not there under their on volition. It was completely against their will, it was wrong. But now let’s look at the new society where white choose to be Black owned. Where whites ask to be trained and be servants to their Black Masters and Mistresses. If you have ever met, or seen or heard or read of an account where a white has become a servant and Black owned you will note that NONE, not one, ever complains about it. You will note that each and every one are grateful and content and fell a spiritual awakening. You will note that if they loose their Black owner they quickly seek a new Black owner so they can enter into Black servitude as quickly as possible.
In the old slave days the white masters used to breed Black female slaves. Some were married and some were not. But all accounts show these Black females hated it, fought against it and so did their husbands and brothers and fathers. But they had no choice, it was do or die. So now compare that to the white female owned by a Black Master, married or not. White husband present or not. She can’t get enough. She will cut her white husband off and he will gladly obey the Black Master and watch and serve while the Black Master breeds his wife. It is not the old slave days, it is nothing like that. It is about whites realizing they are inferior and will be better off serving their superior Black owners. They rejoice in serving, they rejoice in being owned so there is no moral dilemma. There is no dark evil side to Black ownership of whites. It is how the races were meant to function, whites serving and obeying Blacks. Blacks owning and taking care of whites teaching them how to serve and how to obey so they can take pride in their service to their Black owners. It’s how it is meant to be and will be so why not be a part of it now?
What are the benefits of white ownership?
1. Menial tasks are performed by the white servants permitting the Blacks to take care of more important business or enjoy more leisure time.2. White skilled at tasks Blacks choose not to do provide these services required by the Black owners with a true loyalty for the Masters needs and concnerns.3. White males learn their true place in the pecking order. They come to grips with the Black mans superiority and become an ally in all Black interests. For example every white placed into Black ownership is another vote for the Black cause this is worth two votes because one vote against the Black cause has been removed.4. White males become dependent and subservient to Black males showing true respect uplifting the black Man to his rightful place in society as a leader. No Black owned white male has ever remained a racist or oppositionist to any Black or any Black cause.5. Status amongst your Black associates and friends is elevated when they see you have risen to the point of owning white servants. Well trained and properly discipline white servants add a great deal to persona of a dinner, meeting or event. Seeing the whites scurrying around serving the Blacks in attendance shows an order that is to be admired by all intelligent people. Your Blacks friends will be impressed by your status and power when they see how well your white servants sever and how happy they are in doing so. They will be asking you about how they too can own white servants. You will be a very popular person with other Blacks seeking such capable and well trained white servants as those they witnessed at your home or office.6. White servants have a special talent for doing housework, laundry, gardening, lawn care, washing your car, polishing your shoes, cooking and serving meals. Lets just face it; they make much better servants than Blacks or Hispanics. While Blacks make much better leaders and owners than whites. It is the natural order of things and one no one can deny.7. Sex is a lot of fun with whites; they appreciate it so much when a real man or real woman is in control of them. They show that appreciation with enthusiasm and loyalty. How many times have you ever heard of a white refusing to obey a desire or command given sexually by a Black? N E V E R! Whites both females and males are sex toys for Blacks. It’s simple. A white can recognize a superior in an instant and they want to please that superior so they are compliant, they are desirous to please and they receive pleasure in ANYTHING a Black does to them. If you want enthusiastic sex on demand owning white sex toys is the way to go. No refusals, no argument, no resistance, just totally compliance and obedience. 8. Power, being Black and in control involves power. A Blacks power oozes from his or her persona. This power is like an aphrodisiac to a white. But the power is something a Black needs to feel and needs to experience or the Black feels repressed and downtrodden. Nothing like power to provide confidence and security. To make a person feel good and have fun in life. What greater power can one experience than to have a willing, loyal set of white servants? Think about the power one must poses to have a white husband willingly give his white wife to their Black Master and agree not to touch her. Think of the power a Black man must have to order a white husband to strip his white wife in front of several other people and prepare her and him to enjoy each other in bed! Think of the power a Black man posses when he tells a white male to kneel and polish his shoes in front of a group of people and the white says, “Yes Master” while the whites wife sits on the Black Masters lap being fondled and kissed! If you want to know true power, this is it. The Black Master need make no threat, raise no voice, the whites obey because THEY recognize the Black Masters power. This is real power. Power of leadership and recognition of superiority.9. Business can be greatly improved when you have people who are always loyal and dedicated to you. A white servant is this kind of employee. Many Black owners of white servants use their white servants in their business to watch their back. To protect them against lazy or thieving employees. When a Black owns a white, he owns that whites, mind, body and soul. That white can not function without his or her Black Master so they become extremely protective of that Master. That’s worth a lot in today’s business world.10. And last but not least owning whites is the right thing to do. It’s the Blacks most powerful tool to raising Blacks now and in the future to their rightful positions of leadership. Of running the country and the world. To stopping crime and poverty. To ending race problems completely. It can not be done by shortsighted or greedy Black owners. When Blacks own whites they must be ready to take responsibility to be good and caring owners. To teach whites how to serve and why they are destined to serve. Through proper white ownership intelligent capable Black masters and Mistresses can change the world to a much better place and create a world where we all live in harmony. It’s up to you but being Black has a responsibility and that responsibility starts with responsible ownership of white servants.
Lead, Follow or get out of the way. Make you decision to begin owning white servants to day or never complain about your lack of position again.
Presented by: Blacks for increased ownership of white servants.
alternate BBC training To: I had actually written a piece about how such training should be performed in our public schools.. with white girls being paired up twice daily with young black males and instructed publicly on the basics of black cock serving... These twice-daily BBC servicing classes would be done in specially designed rooms so all students - boys and girls - could view fellow classmates and girl "black cock apprentices" as the young girls are mastering their training. As in any curriculum, training is defined with achievment milestones and acceptable pass/fail critieria established. As a novice white girl first begins her training, she would concentrate on fundamentals - the general nature of black cocks (bigger than other races) and how they are best pleased manually and orally. Initial lessons for white female BBC apprentices would be in the mastery of black cock sucking and then they would move on to black cum appreciation and swallowing in later semesters.. As the young white girls begin their instruction, they would be counseled by white female members of the teaching staff who hold proper credentials in black cock submission and pleasuring.. These white female teachers mentor the young white girl in the proper dress styles for their black partners (short, tight revealing skirts, tight pants that display their asses most alluringly to young black bulls and how panties and bras should be avoided at all times) and these teachers would also diemonstrate the proper techinques to be used when pleasing black cocks orally.. As the girls view the female teachers demonstrating the basics of black cock sucking with balck male teachers on the school staff, they will mimic the teahers' actions on the cock of a young black male student assigned to them by the teaching staff... All of these cock sucking sessions would be video taped for later class discussions so the best and worst of the daily black cock sucking techiques can be seen by all the studets in school. Of course, eduactional achievement is best promoted when accomplishments and mislestones are achievedand properly recognized. Each white girl who successfully coaxes her first black cock to gush its cum into her virgin mouth, would have her photo taken as she kneels in place (between the thighs of the black boy she had ben sucking) and holds that memorable black cock in her mouth and as the black cum is still seeping from the corners of her lips. These photos would be posted on message boards throughout the school and copies mailed home to her understandaably proud parents and family ....
After individaul white girls master the proper servicing of a black cock, she would be introduced to the next logical training area - the servicing of multiple black cocks and then the proper conduct involved in multiple white women servicing multiple black cocks in gangbang style BBC worship sessions... In succeedeing years the white girls would learn the proper ways of serving BBC with their pussies and then would move on to post graduate work in how to properly take BBC in the ass and how to adequately service black bulls in all-holes-filled fuck sessions... All this should obviously be done at taxpayer expense and with complete approval by local school boards -- who would realize the value of a good, well-rounded public education and how society would be advanced by promoting the happiness of black cock owners and the while females who keep those black cocks happy and well drained of their thick black sperm ---
Desire for BLACK COCK and my fate.
It's a Wednesday evening and I'm sitting down in the rec room watching a movie and sipping a rum and coke. It's a little after 9pm and the doorbell rings. I answer it to find John, a Black Man I have been chatting with online for the past few weeks.
A little about me, I am 54 6'5 and 230lbs. When I was 37 I realized that I couldn't deny the fact I liked men and have been Bisexual ever since. My present wife who I've been with for ten years now knows my secret, but doesn't really like the idea of me with men. I invite John down into my rec-room and get him a drink. I have wanted to submit to a Black man at my home for a long time and it's finally happening.
He's still standing when I bring him his drink He wastes no time and tells me to strip. I am soon naked, very hard excited, but that’s not why he's here.
He orders me to kneel, puts down the drink and slowly strips off all his clothes. His naked body looks even better than his pics he sent me. And his cock was better than I'd dreamed. It was bigger, wider and blacker than the picture. He stepped close and I opened my mouth for him.
His dark cock head filled my mouth and my hands wrapped around it. I stroked his cock. He slowly fucked my mouth while his cock grew and hardened. His cock head was pushing into my throat. I still had both hands on his shaft. His cock was hard as steel, hot to touch and thicker than any cock I'd ever seen. With him holding my head onto his shaft, he fucked my throat and fired the first of many loads of cum he promised for the night.
He pulled his cock from my mouth and ordered me to turn and bend over the couch.
He grabbed the bottle of lube from a table beside the dildo. I'd been using it earlier preparing for his arrival.
He wasted no time. He poured the lube over my ass and onto his hard cock. He worked that big head into my ass. As the pain turned to pleasure, he slowly fucked me. I could only take part of his huge cock, but it was plenty. He fucked me like that for twenty minutes. He shot the second load into my ass as I bucked to remove his cock.. He pulled out and went into the shower. I was spent, and lie there a lump of ravaged pussy.
When he came back he asked “Where is your wife ?”.
“Getting ready.” I said, I led him upstairs to our bedroom. My lovely red head wife was waiting in our bed. She'd set out candles and was wearing the sexy lingerie I'd given her for Christmas. I stood at the door as she smiled and John went to her. She was soon in a passionate embrace with her what was to be very first black lover.The sight of her pale skin against his black glistening body was so exciting to watch. I stood at the door. Their tongues were in each other They teased and grew more excited. She went down and sucked him into her mouth. He ripped the expensive panties from her sweet ass. She sucked as he ate her wet pussy. a He pulled his wet cock from her mouth and threw her onto her back.
The look on her face told me that he was going to get anything he wanted from her.
She spread her legs. He knelt between them. His huge cock head found her wet, red pubic hair pussy.
I watched the look of sheer pleasure on her as he sank his cock.
Deeper than any man ever had.
He fucked her slowly at first. She got used to that huge hot monster violating her soft pink pussy. She begged him to fuck her harder. Animal sounds she was all she could make.
She was lost in the hard pounding she was getting.
She had her first orgasm from love making with a black man. She gasped for air.
She looked into my eyes. I left and closed the door.
They had instructed me to do this in the e-mail they'd traded this last week.
I had to get to work for the night shift in less than an hour. It had been set up this way. She knew I wanted to see her with a black man even though she'd refused it for so long, She knew I wanted a black man and didn't like that.
So in getting her to try this she had set the rules.
From now on, she would take any man, black or white and I could only watch her for the first few minutes. I then had to leave to them for the night. If she allowed I could only be a sub or sissy for men she chose for me. I could tell from my brief view of her that she'd never be happy fucking me again.
Just as I was about to leave the doorbell rang.It was another Black Man. He smiled and introduced himself, Benjamin.
My wife had arranged this and I just stood there dumbfounded. He asked where my wife was. I pointed towards the upstairs. He walked to the sounds of passion in the upstairs bedroom.I got a brief glance at the big piece of meat hanging between his legs as he stripped off his sweats in our hall.I had to leave.
I stole a quick look to see her sucking this new stud's cock as it grew in her lips.Her pussy was dripping cum. Her swollen cunt lips sucked in the first hard black cock.
She moaned with pleasure.
I drove off to work with the sounds of my wife’s passion echoing in my mind.
In the morning she had gone to work and I stripped the soaked sheets from her bed and washed them.
As I entered my new bedroom, she's banished me from her bed to the guest room, I saw a pic of her. She was on her hands and knees with a black man fucking her from each end, and on my new pillow was a pair of panties, and a bra. They had signed the picture. “Wear these, for you are going to be our bitch too".
A Husband's Proposalby KarenKay
Diana opened the new prescription and took one of the tiny pills and placed it on her tongue while reaching over to pick up the small glass of water and swallowed the little pill down her throat.
Diana opened the kitchen cabinet placing the little packet of pills on the cabinet shelve before heading back into the bedroom. The prescription of birth control pills would be the last thing Diana thought she would ever need to take considering her husband Joe’s low sperm count.
Diana and Joe had been married for nine years straight out of college and both were successful working at the same marketing corporation for several years before venturing off on their own and forming there own company.
Diana would be turning twenty-nine this June and her and Joe had wanted to adopt a child for the last two years but the demand on venturing out on their own had left them with less time right now for children and Joe wanted to wait another two years before giving it another thought.
Diana had a great looking figure and worked very hard at it by working out in her own gym Joe had set up in the basement. With blonde hair and five foot two inch frame and one hundred and five-pound Diana was proud of her 34-22-34 figure which made her the envy of all of her friends
Joe had to fly out to Atlanta this morning on business and would be back home in the late morning tomorrow. Diana looked at the clock knowing she had to go online in about thirty minutes to talk to Tony.
Tony was a man Diana had became friends with as a pen pal a few short months ago. Tony had served nine months over in Iraq as a Sargent in the marines and just returned home a few days ago.
Diana got involved as a pen pal for lonely soldiers with a group she had herd about and they had become friends over a period of time. Diana got so comfortable talking with Tony that she finally told him about this crazy idea her husband Joe had about swinging.
Diana went on to reveal to Tony that her husband had a fetish to watch her make love to another man and that he had this fascination to be a cuckold. Diana told Tony she didn’t want any part of that kind of lifestyle and worried about her husband’s behavior.
Over the coming weeks Tony and Diana discussed different idea’s how she might convince her husband to reconsider his wild proposal. One night Tony suggested to Diana to give in to her husbands desires and go along with the idea as if she loved the idea.
Tony mentioned that perhaps if she were to pretend she wanted to try swinging and perhaps even meet another man that her husband would get cold feet and back out on his own.

Diana was a little reluctant at first but thought that Joe just might change his mind once he saw that she was going to go through with the idea.
A couple days later Diana told Joe she would give the swinging idea a try under her conditions in which he would let her find the man. Diana even went to her doctor to obtain a prescription of birth control pills to help convince Joe she was really going through with it.
Joe would be home tomorrow morning and Diana knew one of the first things Joe was going to ask, "Honey, have you had any luck finding a lover yet?" Tonight she was going to ask Tony’s opinion about avoiding that question.
Later that night Diana was online chatting with her friend Tony and asked that question. Tony said that perhaps if she went out shopping and bought a revealing dress and model the dress for her husband when he arrives home that it might make him jealous. Tony said to make sure she told him it was for her first date.
Diana thought Tony’s suggestion might work on her husband Joe and she told him she had to sign off and go shopping before the stores close. Diana thanked Tony for giving her the idea and would leave an email tomorrow on how well it turned out.
Diana went shopping that night and found the perfect dress and when she got home she slipped into the dress with heels and paraded around in front of the mirror admiring the item she had bought. The dress was green with a low plunging neck line that revealed plenty of cleavage and was short enough that when she sat down the dress would hike up to her ass.
Diana picked up Joe at the airport the next day and it wasn’t an hour after they returned home that Joe asked the question Diana knew he would ask. Joe said, "Were you able to find a stud to fuck you?" Diana told Joe to wait in the family room and she would show him what she had bought while he was gone.
Diana came out of the bedroom a few minutes later wearing the revealing dress and turned around in front of Joe and waited for his opinion. Joe was smiling and Diana thought she would ad a few words to try and shock him.
"All I have to do is lift this up and my lover can fuck me while I’m wearing it." Diana was pulling up the dress to reveal that she was not wearing any panties under the dress. "I’ll shave my pussy nice and smooth for him and maybe spray some perfume down here and drive him wild."
Joe got down on his knees and crawled toward me and started to kiss my legs down to my ankles. Joe was licking around my ankles now as he looked up and said. "You look so beautiful in this dress and I can’t wait to see you getting fucked by your stud."
Joe kissed his way back up my legs gently placing his hands up to hold onto my hips and smelled my pussy through the thin material of my dress.
Joe got back up off the floor and told me, "You don’t know how much I love you." Joe smiled as he left the room leaving me standing in the room wearing this revealing dress. I’d have to talk to Tony tonight and seek some advice.
That night when Joe was in bed, I got online and told Tony all about what had happened today and let him know it only seemed to encourage my husband more. After several minutes’ Tony made the suggestion that maybe, I should find a man that would go along with the idea.
I was stunned by Tony’s remarks and told Tony I couldn’t go through with meeting a strange man for sex. Tony said that I should find someone that would just play along with the idea and not really go through with the sex part of it.
Tony said that my husband would surely be jealous once he saw me getting fondled by another man. I answered Tony back and said I didn’t know anyone that would do such a thing.
Tony answered back saying that he knew someone that was willing to help me out and I asked him who it was that he knew. Tony said he would be glad to help me out and to just let him know when I wanted to do it.
I was sitting there looking at the computer at the words that Tony just typed trying to decide what I should write him back. I typed back say, "You would be willing to help me?" Tony typed his phone number up on the screen next and told me to call him.
My hands were shaking as I typed out, "I’ll sign off now and give you a call in a few minutes." I copied the number down that Tony had wrote and signed off the computer. I sat in the chair trying to decide if I should call Tony. After talking to this man all of these months, I would actually be hearing his voice for the first time.
I knew Tony was stationed about one hundred miles from where we lived so maybe he could help me. Once the night was over and maybe my husband would put all these crazy ideas out of his head than I wouldn’t have to see this man ever again.
My hands were trembling as I dialed his number on my cell phone and walked toward the kitchen so my husband wouldn’t hear me. I listened as the phone rang a second ring and a man answered saying, "I knew you would call me." His voice was really deep and husky and I said, "Hello, this is Diana calling."
Tony responded, "It’s really nice to speak to you after all these months and I’m looking forward to meeting you and helping you out with your husband."
We talked for over an hour that evening until we decided on a place and time to meet. We decided on the following weekend at a hotel that was located half way between us. I had sent Tony a picture of myself at my ten-year high school reunion from last year so he knew what I looked like.
I’d never asked Tony what he had looked like until now and he replied, "I’m six feet five inches tall and I have short curly dark hair and I weigh two hundred and seventy-five pounds." He reminded me that he worked out every day with weights and it was all muscle.
I was surprised when Tony told me how huge he was and I felt a little afraid to meet him but he reassured me that he was considered a gentle giant at the base. We ended our conversation after planning the events for that evening. We pretty much had planned the whole evening and Tony told me not to be afraid that everything would go well.
I didn’t get much sleep that night thinking about meeting Tony next weekend. The next morning I told Joe that I had a date for next weekend. Joe said, "How is he and what’s his name?" I told Joe, "He’s a soldier I corresponded with while he was in Iraq and his name is Tony."
Joe than asked, "What does this man look like and did you tell him about me?" I answered, "Yes Joe, I told him all about your desire to watch me make love with another man." Than I answered the second part knowing, I would have to tell a little fib. "He’s tall and very muscular and very handsome and I can’t wait to fuck him."
Joe put his hands on my shoulders and kissed me and said, "Please darling, don’t forget to take your birth control pills." I said, "Don’t worry honey; I didn’t go to the doctor to end up getting pregnant."
I hope that Tony had made the right decision about my husband backing out at the last minute. What if he gets there and expects me to go through with this whole thing. I better get sick in a hurry.
Friday cane around pretty fast and Joe looked nervous as he watched me putting on my new dress without any panty’s or bra. I had shaved my pussy smooth and applied perfume around my belly and just a little above my pussy mound. I had my nails done the day before along with my toe’s and all matched in a bright red.
I dried my hair and applied my makeup while Joe hung around the bedroom watching every move I made. I looked in the mirror and hoped the neighbors wouldn’t see me walk to the car tonight. The dress was tight and I could see my nipples through the dress.
I bent down to grab my heels and looked in the mirror while bending down and noticed how much of my titties were showing. The dress barely came up above my nipples and I thought Tony was really going to get an eye full of me tonight.
Joe was going to be disappointed tonight if I have to pretend I’m getting sick. Joe was packing his video camera and was already dressed and ready.
We got on the expressway and were on our way and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as we got closer to our destination. We got off the expressway ramp and I could see the hotel straight ahead and my legs started to shack.
Joe spotted the hotel but pulled into the parking lot next to the office. I glanced around and didn’t see the car Tony said he would be driving. Joe said, "I’m going into the office and check in." I pulled down the visor and checked my makeup, reapplying my lip stick while I waited for Joe to return.
Joe came back and said, "The room number is 108 and it’s the first one across the parking lot."
Joe moved the car around and started to back in the parking space when I saw Tony’s car pull up and along the side of our car and park in the next space.
My heart was beating fast as I tried to look over in his car and get a look at the man I had been chatting with online all these months. It was already dark and all I could make out was a dark figure in the driver’s seat. Joe opened his window and motioned for Tony to roll his window down.
Tony’s window rolled down as my husband introduced himself and Tony answered him back in that deep husky voice I herd on the phone last week. Joe said, "I already checked in and the room is right here."
I was shacking and my heart was racing as my husband opened the door and walked around to open mine. I got out of the car as my husband took my hand and we walked around to meet Tony.Tony was just getting out of his car and looked tall as he started to walk toward us.
I was holding onto my husband’s hand as tight as I could as we walked toward Tony and he started to come into view. My heart almost stopped as I looked up at this huge black man standing less than five feet in front of me.
Tony reached his hand out to shack my husbands first as they introduced each another and Joe turned to me and said to Tony, "This is my beautiful wife Diana." Tony reached for my hand and said, "I’m very pleased to meet you."
Tony was looking at me straight in the eye’s and I could see him glance down toward my tits than down toward my legs and said in his deep voice, "Look very beautiful tonight Diana."
We all walked toward the room and once inside my husband said he wanted to bring his things inside and walked back out leaving me with Tony. There were a small table and chairs and Tony and I sat down across from each other as my husband walked back into the room carrying his camera case and wine.
My husband put everything where he wanted it and poured all of us a drink. Tony was the first to speak saying, "You’re much more beautiful than I would have ever imagined."
My husband started a conversation with Tony and they started talking about the war and Tony told him every place he had been. I sat and listened to them because I was too nervous to speak and crossed my legs.
I noticed that Tony was looking at my legs now because the dress was hiked up so far part of my ass was now showing. Tony was a handsome man and had a nice smile besides having a sexy voice. As Tony and my husband got acquainted, Tony would glance toward me and give me a smile every so often.
Joe kept pouring more wine into my glass as I drank to settle my nerves. Tony than told my husband, "You have a beautiful wife here; I bet you’re really proud of her." Joe answered, "Yes, I’m very proud of my wife and how she keeps herself in shape." Joe continued and said, "My wife bought this dress she is wearing tonight just for you."
Tony leaned over and looked around the table and said, "Your wife looks very stunning in that dress and I love the heels." I took another drink of my wine as I saw Tony looking at my ankles.
I started to panic as he leaned forward lifting himself off his seat and grabbing my leg at the ankle and gently rubbed his finger above the strap on the heel and said, "I’ve always thought high heels made a woman’s legs look very sexy and appealing."
I was relieved when I felt Tony’s hand let go of my ankle and sat back down in his chair. Tony said he had brought another bottle of wine out in his car and walked out to retrieve it. There was a love seat next to me and thought it might be more comfortable and moved and sat down while my husband went to the bathroom.
Tony walked back in and put the bottle of wine on the table and said he had it chilling in a cooler and opened it and poured another glass and handed it to me. Tony than poured a glass for himself and walked toward the love seat and sat down next to me starring at my legs.
Tony leaned over toward me and whispered, "I know you’re nervous, just relax and let me handle everything when your husband comes back out." I was feeling the effects of the wine as I looked over at Tony and told him, "I’ll be fine, I was very nervous when we first got here but I’m feeling better now."
Tony was sitting just inches away from me as he answered, "You’ll be just fine tonight Diana, we’ll give your husband a little show here in a few minutes."
Although the wine was making me feel more relaxed, Tony scared me the way he said we would put on a show for my husband. Joe stepped out of the bathroom and starred at us as he walked back to his chair and sat down.
Tony was the first to speak, "Diana and I thought we would get a little better acquainted here." Tony moved his had around my shoulder and gently gave my arm a squeeze as he smiled over at Joe.
Joe was looking as if he were waiting for Tony’s next move as Tony looked my way and said, "You picked out a lovely scent to wear this evening." I could feel his hand starting to stroke my bare arm as he slightly tilted his head over to smell my perfume.
Tony looked over at my husband and said, "Joe, have you ever seen a black man fuck a white woman before?" Joe just starred at Tony for a few seconds before giving him an answer and said, "I’ve only seen a couple adult videos but never seen it in person."
Tony was laughing and said, "Its going to be a real treat for you tonight." Tony leaned over and placed his wine glass on the table and took mine and placed it along the side his glass and sat back and pulled me close to his body.
Tony looked back at Joe and said, "You better get your camera setup if you want to catch all the action here tonight." Joe got up and took his camera out of the case and started to place it on the tripod. I was getting more scared as Tony held me close to him.
Tony asked Joe, "Would you mind if I gave your wife a kiss." Joe answered, "I don’t mind, go ahead and kiss her." Tony looked over at me and moved his head toward mine and placed his lips on mine. He felt warm as he gently parted my lips and I could feel his tongue pushing forward trying to enter my mouth.
I parted my lips a little and he pushed more of his tongue inside my mouth as it touched the tip of my tongue. I could feel Tony’s hand on my leg now as he slowly began to stroke my thigh as we kissed. Tony pulled his tongue back and whispered, "Give me your tongue." He than started to kiss me again as I slowly pushed my tongue out and he sucked it into his mouth.
Tony’s hand moved from my leg and under the hem of my dress and was now feeling around toward my pussy. For some reason my legs gently parted for Tony as he felt his way up and to my pussy mound and he moaned into my mouth as his fingers felt the soft skin around my shaven pussy.
Tony broke the kiss and whispered, "I love a shaved white pussy." Tony continued to kiss me as I felt his fingers gently trying to part my pussy open. Finally Tony’s finger had found its target and he gently started to insert it inside me and rubbed my clitoris. My pussy was getting wet by this time but Tony withdrew his finger and pulled his hand out from under my dress.
I didn’t feel as afraid as I was but wondered to myself how far Tony was going to take this little show for my husband. Tony looked over at Joe and said, "Your wife has a nice tight little pussy here and she’s getting wet thinking about having my black cock inside her."
Tony’s words caught me by surprise but I knew he was trying to shock my husband into changing his mind. So far I haven’t seen any changes in the way my husband was reacting to Tony’s advances on me.
Tony’s hand moved up and cupped my tits through my thin dress and started to move his hand from one to the other as he looked over at Joe and said, "You’re a special kind of husband to be letting another man take your wife and do as he pleases."
Tony looked at me again and said, "You have nice titties Diana, I bet you like showing them off to other men don’t you?" Tony than moved the thin material of my dress away to expose my left breast and moved his hand onto my nipple and started to rub his thumb around in little circles and said, "Diana’s nipples are getting hard for me Joe."
Tony bent his head down and placed his lips directly over the nipple and started to nibble and circle his tongue around. I was scared but aroused at the same time as Tony worked his tongue around my breast.
I couldn’t help getting aroused as Tony gently started to lick and kiss his way up to my neck and under my chin until his lips were on mine again and his tongue back inside my mouth. I slowly sucked on his tongue as he slowly worked his hand around pulling the straps of my dress down over my shoulders.
Now both of my tits were exposed to Tony’s view as he continued to kiss me while moving his hands up to massage my tits, squeezing them in his big hands. I placed my hand over his hand on my tits and gave it a little squeeze. Tony took hold of my hand in his and held it as we kissed.
Tony’s hand was large and when he finally broke the kiss, he raised my hand and starred down at my hand in his and starred at my diamond engagement ring and placed his thumb over it and looked over at my husband and said, "Are you feeling all right with this Joe, I can stop anytime." I waited for Joe to respond and say something but he just shook his head in agreement.
Tony than leaned over and whispered and said, "I want you to unbutton my shirt and than the pants." My hands were trembling now as I started at the top of his shirt and worked my way down. Tony’s hands were not still as he went back too gently rubbing my boobs causing much stimulation keeping my nipples very erect.
I managed to get the last button as Tony tiled away from the love seat and pulled off his shirt. His shoulders were broad and his arms were massively huge from lifting weights. Tony flexed his arm and told me to grab a hold and feel it. I placed both of my hands around his arm and his muscles felt so big.
Tony stood up in front of me and waited for me to unbuckle his pants. I reached out and grabbed the belt and got it undone and worked on the snap and zipper and Tony’s pants feel to the floor.
Tony stood in front of me with just a red pair of boxers on with a bulge as his cock tried to point straight out from under the red material. Tony took my hands in his and lifted me up and pulled me next to him as he placed his hands on my back. Tony was so much taller than me and my boobs pressed into his stomach as he held me tight.
I had planned all along to feel sick if things started to get out of hand but I was so afraid of Tony’s size as he held me tight against his body I just couldn’t find the words.
Tony looked down at me and lowered his head to kiss me again. He was being very gentle and when we broke the kiss and looked into my eye’s and asked, "Are you all right with this?" I don’t know what came over me but instead of saying I wasn’t feeling well, I answered Tony back with a simple, "Yes."
My full attention was on Tony now as he held me in his arms and told me to pull his shorts down. I had no idea what my husband was doing at this point as I grabbed a hold of Tony’s boxers and slid them down his legs. I had to kneel down and pull them all the way because his kegs were so muscular and as I started to get up, Tony’s cock was sticking straight out at my face as I stood up.
Tony stepped out of his shoes as I stood there starring at his cock which had to be as thick as my wrist. Tony took hold of my left hand and gently placed it around his cock. I couldn’t even get my small fingers completely around it.
I slowly worked my hand around as much of it as I could as Tony reached around me to cup my ass in his big hands. Tony’s cock had a huge head and had to be at least eight inches in length. Tony kissed me again as I kept a hold of his cock and felt his tongue entering my mouth again.
Tony broke the kiss and told me to raise my arms above my head as he grabbed the bottom hem of my dress and lifted it up over my head. My arms were trembling now as Tony slipped my dress off and through it down on the chair. I stood naked in front of this large man as he slipped his hands around my waist and said, "I want you to leave the heels on and lay on the bed."
I walked around and sat on the bed and noticed my husband looking through the camera lens with the look of anticipation on his face. The bed was king size with tree pillows so I got up and laid in the middle and waited to see what Tony was going to do next.
Tony got on the bed next to me and leaned over and gently started to kiss my boobs which gave me goose bumps as I felt his lips touch my skin. Tony was nibbling on my tits now gently biting around my nipples as he moved one of his hands down and spread my legs apart.
Tony kissed his way down over my belly and placed his tongue in my navel giving me chills. Tony had licked his way to my pussy mound while moving his body around to a better angle to lick it. Tony worked his tongue along the sides of my pussy and touching my leg with his tongue making me shiver.
I spread my legs more as Tony lay at the foot of the bed now kissing my thighs and leaving trails of saliva as he moved his tongue over my body. I lay wondering how far Tony was going to take all this as I felt him moving closer to my pussy.
Tony was slowly licking my pussy mound as he reached up and squeezed my boobs. His hot tongue felt good as I arched my hips up off the bed giving Tony better access to my pussy.
Tony was licking around my pussy but kept away from actually putting his mouth near the opening. I couldn’t help but wonder if Tony was holding back waiting for my husband to tell him to stop or was he just teasing me. I got my answer within seconds as Tony inserted his tongue into the slit gently nibbling and pulling on my labia.
Tony was working his tongue in perfect motions along my labia causing my pussy to get wet. He kept this up while I started to rotate my hips enjoying the touch of his tongue. I jumped when Tony touched my clitoris with his tongue. He was very skilled as he flickered it gently moving in little circular motions with just enough pressure that made me squirm even more.
I lifted my legs back giving Tony better access with his tongue holding them up with my hands on the back of my thighs.
Tony let up for a second, just enough to look up at me and said, "Do you want me to stop?"Tony’s question should have been a slam dunk answer but I was so aroused at this point I just wanted to enjoy his tongue. After all it didn’t have to go any further than oral sex so I answered Tony by saying, "Keep going I love your tongue."
I held my legs apart as Tony put more pressure on all the right areas with his tongue. I started to move my hips up to try and bring as much of his tongue inside me as I could. Tony finally put his hands on my legs holding them up while I reached down and put my hands in his hair.
Tony kept up the gentle licking until my body started to quiver and I knew I was about to cum. Tony was an expert as he put just enough pressure on my clitoris to give me the right stimulation until I finally knew I was there.
I let out a scream as I hit my peak, "Oh yes Tony, I’m going to cum. Keep licking me, oh yes, oh yes ah yes!" My orgasm lasted a few seconds but felt so good as my whole body relaxed. Tony was now kissing my inner thighs while his hands rested on my belly.
Tony lifted himself up and crawled up along the side of me and put his arm around my head and the other hand now stroked my pussy mound. He looked over at me and said, "I can make you feel a whole lot better if you want to go further." Looking down toward Tony’s cock I could see he was as hard as a rock.
I looked out of the corner of my eye and could see my husband playing with his video camera. I slowly reached down and put my fingers on Tony’s cock and started to rub the head with my thumb. I than started to move my hand along its length feeling the thick veins along the shaft and trying to take in its thickness.
I tried to image what it would feel like having this mans large cock inside me. I was so use to Joe at six inches and only about half this thickness. I wondered if it might hurt or maybe cause me damage but I’ve only seen a gentle side of Tony tonight and knew if would be gentle.
I continued to move my hand very slowly on Tony’s cock than suddenly got the urge to set up and suck on this huge cock I had in my hand. Tony was on his back now as I sat up still stroking his cock. I hesitated for a few seconds and lowered my head down to his shaft and kissed the head.
I opened my mouth and licked the head in little circles before bent further down and took the head in my mouth. I ran my tongue across the head wanting to return the pleasure that Tony had given me. I was afraid to look over at my husband as I started to lick the shaft around the side and giving it soft kisses before returning back to the head and taking it into my mouth.
I worked on Tony’s cock for several minutes until I climbed down between his legs where I could lick and tease his testicles. I gently took each one into my mouth and sucked as Tony moaned with pleasure.
I moved from his testicles to the shaft giving much attention to both as I tilted my head up to see the expression on Tony’s face. Tony reached for my hand and held it as I continued to suck and lick him. Tony’s testicles were huge and every time I would touch them with my tongue, Tony’s body would jump from the sensitivity in that area.
I laid my head on Tony’s leg and tilted his cock enough to be able to take him in my mouth. Tony placed his hand on my head and started to stroke my hair as I sucked on him. I was aware of my husband moving around the room but couldn’t see where Joe was at.
I felt my leg being lifted up and apart and the sudden warmth of my husband's warm breath on my pussy as his tongue parted my labia and started to lick me. I still had my head resting on Tony’s leg and one hand on his testicles and reached back and placed my hand on my husband’s head and pulled him tight against me.
I tried to image how my husband felt right now, he was experiencing the ultimate fantasy in his mind of giving me, his wife to another man. This other man that gave me so much pleasure a few minutes ago and now I was returning that pleasure to him. Now, in another way I was sharing pleasure with my husband.
I was now on the verge of deciding if I should give myself completely to another man. I know I would be fulfilling my husband’s fantasy and giving pleasure and satisfaction to both men. Tony was being a complete gentleman allowing me to make my own choices. This was going to be my decision now as I lay between these two men, one I loved and knowing the other could give me sexual pleasure.
Joe licked my pussy getting me highly stimulated until I felt him stop and the next thing I felt was a gentle kiss on my arm than another on my breast and finally on my cheek. I could feel Joe’s hand as he rubbed my ass as he whispered into my ear, "You look beautiful tonight and I love you." I turned my head away from Tony’s cock and reached out and took his head in my hand and pulled him close and kissed him.
I had let go of my husband and gave Tony’s cock one more kiss and started to get up off the bed to ask my husband if he had seen enough and noticed him disappear into the bathroom and shut the door.
Next thing I felt was Tony reaching around my waist to rest on my belly while he kissed the back of my neck sending chills down my spine as I stood next to bed with Tony. One of Tony’s big hands slipped down over my pussy mound as he continued to kiss his way around my neck.
Tony whispered into my ear, "Why not lay down on the bed and we’ll wait until your husband gets out of the bathroom." Tony took me by the hand and held me as I climbed on the bed and laid down while Tony seated himself down toward the end of the bed facing me. Tony leaned over and started to kiss my feet, working his way up my leg until he was right up next to my pussy mound.
Tony leaned over until his lips were gently kissing my pussy and massaging my belly with one of his hands. I could feel him shifting around on the bed until he had spread my legs so he could lean down and kiss my boobs. Tony gently sucked my titties into his mouth while inserting a finger into my wet pussy.
Tony was slowly moving his finger around gently touching my clitoris while kissing his way up from my tits, than my neck and was now pecking around my lips until his lips meet mine and we were locked in a passionate kiss.
I sucked on Tony’s tongue as it entered my mouth; I was so aroused with his finger in my pussy that I arched my legs up placing my feet on the back of his legs. I felt one of Tony’s hands reach around and lift my leg off his as I thought maybe the heels I was still wearing maybe hurting his leg.
Tony continued to kiss me as I felt him lean toward one side still holding my leg up when I felt his finger at the entrance of my pussy again. Tony was kissing me with much intensity now as I felt him push at least two fingers in my soaked pussy. I was stroking his big arm with my hand as his fingers seemed to be spreading my labia apart.
Tony was sucking my tongue into his mouth as I felt what I thought was his thumb at the entrance of my pussy slowly moving along the slit. I felt a slight pressure and I knew it wasn’t his thumb poised at the entrance, it was Tony’s cock.
I could still hear the blower in the bathroom where my husband had gone as Tony gave a little shove and I winced as the head of his cock entered my pussy. Tony broke the kiss long enough to say, "Lift your legs up a little higher for me." I felt his weight shift giving me plenty of room to move and without any thought moved my legs up higher to give him more access to my pussy. Tony continued to kiss me as I felt him push forward lodging the head of his cock another inch inside me.
Tony was sucking my tongue as I wrapped my legs resting my heels on his ass as he pushed himself inside me even more. Tony broke the kiss and said, "Your pussy is so wet and tight." I felt him back out and than he pushed himself forward driving himself further inside me.
I moaned as I felt him push into me and whispered, "Oh, it feels so big inside me." Tony responded, "You’re such a beautiful woman, it feels so good being inside you." I looked at the passion in Tony’s eyes as he continued pushing himself deeper inside me.
I whispered again, "I shouldn’t be doing this without my husband here." Tony continued to kiss me passionately as he whispered, "Relax, your husband wanted you to do this and now I’m here for you."
My pussy felt stretched as Tony began to slowly fuck me as we continued our kiss. I was stroking the back of his head with one hand and squeezed his arm with my other hand feeling his cock sliding inside me. I moaned with pleasure, "Fuck me Tony, fuck my pussy."
Tony probed his tongue back into my mouth with great passion as he lifted himself up enabling to push inside me deeper. My body was trembling as I felt Tony’s large cock fucking my pussy. The sensation going through my body as I glanced down between my boobs and saw this thick cock disappearing inside me.
I could see Tony’s cock each time he thrust himself inside me making my body shack as his body touched mine. Tony’s cock was glistening now from my pussy. Tony’s cock felt so good inside of me as I said, "I love your cock Tony, keep fucking me harder."
The contrast of his massive black body above my white little body drove me insane with desire I can’t explain as I bucked my hips up to meet Tony’s downward thrusts into me. Tony bent down and kissed me again and said, "I can feel your little white pussy grabbing my cock baby." Tony spoke again, "You like my black cock inside your white pussy don’t you?" I looked up into his eyes and said, "Yes Tony, I love your black cock fucking my pussy." I moaned as he began to fuck me faster as I said, "Oh yes Tony, fuck me harder. Give it to me hard."
I could feel my body start to shack even more and I knew I was about to have an orgasm and than it hit me as I said, "Oh yes I’m going to cum, give me all your cock, oh yes, ah yes give it to me." My legs shot straight out as I arched my back up off the mattress and had an orgasm like any before.
Tony had slowed down waiting for me to calm back down before he again started to fuck me with faster rhythm. My legs were being held out high by Tony’s large arms as he continued to pound his thick cock deep inside me.
I placed my hands down onto my buttocks and slid my fingers along until I could feel Tony’s thick cock as it continued to slice its way in and out of my pussy. I had never done this before and the sensation was unbelievable.
I could now see my husband standing at the corner of the bed with his camera now and he looked like he had pointed the camera at Tony’s cock as it disappeared inside me.
Tony was driving himself into me with a faster pace and looked down at me and said, "I’m going to shoot my black seed deep inside your belly." Tony’s words excited me and seemed so taboo but I think he was saying those things for the benefit of my husband.
Tony kept fucking me hard as he said, "Open your mouth wide for me and close your eyes." I did as Tony asked and could sense his head lowering toward my face as he said, "keep it wide open for me." I than felt a large amount of Tony’s spit fall into my mouth as he said, "Swallow it." I swallowed his spit as he started to fuck me intensely. My whole body shook as he banged into my buttocks each time he thrust inside me.
Tony let out a loud groan, "Oh shit, here comes my seed." Tony locked his hips forward as I felt the first spurt of his cum hit inside me. It felt so hot as the second spurt hit inside me. Tony said, "Oh yeah, do you feel it inside your belly?" I answered, "It feels so hot shooting in me."
Tony added making sure my husband would hear, "Gonna put a little black baby inside your belly tonight." I was caught up in the moment and said, "Oh yes Tony, give me your baby, your black baby."
I could barely see my husband but noticed he was playing with his cock through his pants now. The words we had just said about a black baby excited him beyond belief. I guess his words exciting me too but I was thankful I had got the prescription of birth control pills.
Tony kept my legs up and had to admit how erotic it must have been seeing this large black man above me who had just pumped my belly full of sperm with my high heels pointing straight up in the air.
Tony finally backed his cock out of me and there was a loud plop as the head came out of my pussy. I could feel his cum dripping down the crack of my ass as Tony said to my husband, "Are you getting a closeup of my seed in your wife’s white pussy?" My husband answered, "I’m getting everything on video."
Tony lifted himself around letting my leg’s drop and said, "Here, make sure you get a shot of the black cock that just impregnated your wife." Tony reached over and patted my belly and said, "This little white belly here is going to stretch once my baby starts growing inside." Tony bent forward and kissed my lips making sure my husband could see his tongue enter my mouth.
Tony looked back at my husband saying, "Your wife isn’t going to be satisfied any longer with just any cock inside her. After tonight she’s only gonna want this inside her from now on." Tony held his cock so my husband could see and say, "I hope this is what you wanted cause Diana’s pussy is gonna be stretched out to accommodate this after tonight."
I knew the things Tony said to my husband were meant to enhance my husband’s fantasy but I think Tony was getting into humiliating my husband now. Tony looked back toward my husband again as he spread my legs and said, "Do you want to lick this cum out of your wife’s pussy?" I looked at my husband as he sat his camera back down on the tripod and said, "I’d love to eat Diana’s pussy clean."
Before I had a chance to object, my husband was laying on the bed between my legs as I felt his mouth touch my pussy. I could feel his tongue into my slit and could hear the sounds he was making as he sucked out Tony’s seed.
Tony walked around the bed and bent over and kissed me making sure he made loud slurping sounds that my husband could hear as he kissed me. Tony looked down at my husband and said, "Make sure you get all that black baby seed out of your wife tonight."
My husband continued to lick my pussy until he was sure he had cleaned the seed from inside me. By this time, Tony had got dressed and was writing a note. Tony gave my husband the little paper and said, "This is my phone number, call me when your wife needs some real cock."
Tony bent over the bed again and kissed me and said, "I’ll see you soon." He walked out the hotel room leaving my husband wiping his face.

How I met my wife. Where to begin? Well it sort of began whenI was doing work for a firm of attorneys in Atlanta ten years ago.Anyone know Atlanta? Well, its kind of a crazy town. About 75% blackand the suburbs are 90% white, lots of new southerner types, new money, black power, redistricting along racial lines, and a big vein of conservativevalues.
I was 24 and trying to get my life going after a rough start. Foster homesand then a sting at Railings Reformatory. I was working as a low level clerk trying to fit night school in, and a a fellow Railings grad gave me a tip to try this hotshot legal firm, Hawthorne Associates.Hawthorne had a big office on Peachtree and I thought it was out of myleague. Plus I was a little worried about a background search and my friendLeon from Railings was up front about that, said it was no problem. He saidthey liked Railings grads, which made me really wonder so I had to go justto see how that worked.
So I dressed pretty careful for the interview and when I informed the lusciousredhead in the tight dress that I was here for it at the receptionist desk, I caughta look of smug amusement as she looked me over and blushed a little, wonderingif I spilled something on my tie. I wasn't too hunky. I was only 5'5 and 135 pounds, no beardline and slim build.
"Um, hi, I'm Tom Westerby. About an interview!"
Smiling, she showed dimples around her full red lips. She was really gorgeous.Big breasts, showing a little cleavage, probably taller than I was even if shewasn't wearing 4 inch pumps.
"Please take a seat, sir!" She smirked, knowing I was trying not to check her out. Arrogant, luscious, the kind of eye candy receptionist a fancy office likethis would have. I figured I had as much of a chance as a homicidal leper would.
Finally, after thirty minutes, trying not to listen to her talk on the phone. Shehad at least two personal calls, judging by her voice they were studs trying to lineher up for a date. Some legal messengers came by a couple of times, droppingand picking up folders. Finally I was called into Mr Hawthorne's office.
It was huge, ornate, and a million dollar view of Atlanta from the big windowsaround his desk. I was kind of surprised to be given an interview from the bigboss, who wasn't as old as I expected, mid forties, close shaved head, graying a little.A little guy though, small and thin, like me. I was thinking maybe that was why hewas taking a look at me.
"Sit down Westerby!"
"Thank you sir!" I settled into the softest leather chair I had ever sat on.
He looked me over with a hidden smile, and picked up a resume.
"Law clerk, going for a degree, Westerby?"
"Yes sir, nights, a long haul, " I smiled weakly, and he nodded.
"Well, Westerby, you know this firm mainly handles divorce cases. Primarilywe represent women, and you know how nasty that can get?"
"Ah, yes sir, um, I can imagine!"
"Can you? Well, during the divorce process, we provide a lot of service toavoid, complications for our clients. For example, just a hypothetical. Let's saya husband sues for divorce because he thinks his wife is fooling around. Let's alsosay his wife is said to have a black lover in the background, and it would be veryawkward if that can be proven, so our rivals might hire private attorneys and otherspies to build up their case. Naturally, we wouldn't want that to happen."
"No sir!"
"Sometimes these cases get drawn out, for months, and people are people afterall. Some of our clients need some help. Imagine a mostly white jury looking at pictures of one of our clients checking into a motel with a big black buck! I meanthe couple is legally separated at this point, but the prejudice, well, you get the picture!"
"Yes sir, certainly!"
"So we provide kind of a screening service for some of our clients. A presentableyoung man for social acceptability for those times when a client needs one, and someonewho can look out for their interest. Check for cameras, bugs, lookouts, avoid compromisingsituations, like that! The pay is pretty good for someone like you, Westerby!"
I swallowed, nodding.
"But its very important we find the right people for this job. We do thorough backgroundchecks of course. And that comes back to you!"
"Ah, yes sir!"
"So you did time at Railings!" That was juvenile record and supposedly sealed butof course this is a law firm and I expected that even if Leon didn't clue me in a little.
"Yes sir!"
"And you made it through in one piece, obviously," he smiled.
I blushed, nodding, trying to smile. Railings was a mostly black reform school in Atlantaand I had stolen a car when I was 14. I had a feeling he knew a lot about Railings and whata slim smallish white boy would have to do to get through it.
"Don't be embarassed about it, Westerby. In fact Railings is why your'e here! Provesyou can adapt and survive. If we accept you, you'll be a kind of front man for a client.On occasions you'll be seen in public with a white woman who might have been in thepapers over some scandal. You might have to play the part of her date. You mightget into a limo with her and discover she arranged her black lover to be waiting in theback seat." I gasped but said nothing.
"Maybe," he paused, looking at me, "sign into a motel room with a gorgeous blondefox hanging all over you, and wait inside while she makes love to a black stud! Maybewait all night, and be seen checking out with her next morning! Of course," he smiled,"you won't be her date when the door closes. How do you feel about being a servantto a white woman and black man, maybe waiting on them?"
I swallowed, getting red. "Well, sir, if its part of the role!"
"Yes, thats a good attitude. Youv'e heard the expression 'Parlour White andBedroom Black'?" I nodded, it was an old fashioned saying from the 50's orsomething. Today someone would say of a white girl that she had 'gone black'or was Blackowned!
"Well, our firm specializes in white women who are definitely like that! And sometimes, not always, their husbands can't handle it. And sometimes, it turnsout that an ex client liked having a parlour whiteboy so much they end up marryingthem. Very convenient arrangement for all concerned actually."
"Really!" I was stunned.
"Not surprising but inconvenient for us when we lose a good employee. Anyway,youve probably heard all kinds of legal tricks out there. Using some misdirection tothe press so a client can get some privacy, disguises and so forth. Sometimes wematch up a screen date with a client so he might be able to pass for her in a limo,wearing a wig and so forth. Ever wear women's clothes, Westerby?"
Gasping, I shook my head. He looked critically at me. "I think you couldpass up close with some work and we have an expert working for us. Anyway, thejob from our side is pretty straight forward. But you, like I said, have to adapt.When your'e out in public, you work for the firm, that's where our interest is.But," he paused, looking hard at me, "you have to be very diplomatic with ourvery wealthy, beautiful and spiled rotten clients. When the door closes, well, you work forthe client, and her lover! Thats what they demand and we try to provide. But youknow what that's like, being from Railings. How you had to adapt when you wereback in the cell?" I groaned then, but nodded. This is why Leon gave him my name.
He smiled. "I never had a Railings grad yet who didn't have the right attitude.I wish there was a training school for the rest of the staff. Because of the sensitivekind of work we do, we have to make sure everyone who works here believes inParlor white and Bedroom Black, believe me!"
"(Gasp) E-everyone, sir?"
"As far as I know," he agreed, and I was guessing the meeting was over. "So, giveyour file here to Rhonda, that receptionist you met already. I'll bet you checked herout already, huh boy?"
I smiled, "she is pretty spectacular sir! But I suppose you have a rule about interofficedating!" He seemed very amused.
"Not at all, boy, take your best shot. She gets it all the time, but you'll be disappointed because she is definitely Black only!" I swallowed, thinking of that.
Watching her shapely bottom as she turned her face, hiding her smirk, Rhondawas deliberately teasing me as she put the file away. I had to hold my coat overmy erection as I left.
Two months later when I came into work with some expense reports to go over, I was thinking of making another pitch at Rhonda. I had been on several intense dates with my latest client, a luscious rich wife in the society pages, a TraciEllershaw and it had been a ballbusting tease. In fact I was still reeling a little fromthe last 'date'. But now she was going to be out of the country for a week andI was going to have a break, and wasn't sure how I felt about it.
Traci had put me in my place as hired help from our first meeting, and last nightwe had danced publicly at the Squire, hot danced, with lots of teasing and rubbing as herbig firm breasts rubbed all over me, deliberately getting me real hot, hard and dripping,and giggling as she led me to her waiting limo, where she squealed with delight as shejumped into Tyrone's lap. As soon as the windows rolled up and we were in private,Traci became the bitch again.
"Littleboy got so stiff with me tonight, honey!"
"Groan, I-I'm sorry ma'am, " tried to apologize.
"Haw, you feelin up mah woman, sissyboy?"
"Um, n-no sir, it's part of, well, the job!"
"He was very fresh, darling. I think he needs another lesson whenwe get to the motel!" I was gaping at her big breasts as Tyrone slipped hertop down with his huge muscular hands. We both had hardons now.
"Make him take his pants down, darling," Traci said, sticking her tongueat me and then into Tyrone's big lips, moaning as her small white hand squeezed his huge black boner through his pants.
"Ma'am, I have to check into the motel!"
"Yo best do it, boy! Jus to yo ankles, yo can slip dem on to check in."
"(Sigh) yes sir!" Traci giggled at my erect dripping white penis as Isat red faced, watching them make out during the 30 minute ride. I knew Iwas going to be towelboy again tonight after the door closed and wondered howbadly I was going to get it! At first just watching them make out, making lovewith her worshipping his huge black cock, then taking it everywhere, and thencleaning them up afterwards, but soon, Traci liked to play her little games, andTyrone, well, he did too. Anyway, let's move forward a month.
It was Friday afternoon and Rhonda was the only one in the office when I came in, and I kept standing up partly to watch her full cleavage, and also becauseI had supplied a lot of the entertainment again last night at the DaysEnd Motel,having lain across both pairs of knees for the strap and paddle, and that wasn't the worst, even though it was intensely gratifying. I hadn't been even allowed tocum yet, my balls still full and Mrs Ellershaw was now talking about a chastity belt.I had been dwelling on last night when the luscious Rhonda looked over with a pouting expression.
"No pitch today, Tommy?" Rhonda teased. "Don't tell me your'e giving up?"
I smiled cuz I had made a subtle pitch at her every time I came in, nothing heavy,mostly just to get some conversation going because I didn't expect her to ever go outwith me even if she wasn't black only!
"Would it do any good?"
"Quitter," she teased, sitting in her chair, crossing her shapely legs and givingme a look at her thighs, even to her panties. Was she actually encouraging me?"Actually," she continued with a smile, "its true when you started I wouldn't ever consider it,because some of our parlour boys do quit. But it looks like you are working out, Tom!"
"U-m, thank you!" This is kind of a slap also, telling me I'm such a wimp I canput up with the clients, but coming from her made it okay, even a little titillating.
"But," she added, "it's a slow afternoon, nobody is coming back from lunch for an hour if you don't mind waiting!"
"Oh, okay!" If she didn't mind me around maybe I could at least talk to her.
"Did you have fun last night, with Mrs Ellershaw and her black stud? What's his namein the folder, Tyrone? Mmm, tell me, Tommy, does he have a huge cock?"
I rolled my eyes and blushed a little, and that made her giggle.
"Are you embarassed," she asked, pleased by her expression. "Traci Ellershaw is a real challenge for the firm, she had the last boy fired. But I think its very sweet, a white boy who knows his place, especially around black men! That'swhy I like working here!"
"Ah, um, thank you!"
"I mean she gets away with so much, and she's rich too. I envy her so much.So you think Mrs Ellershaw is pretty?"
"Well, I, ah, guess, but, " I said truthfully, "she doesn't hold a candle to you, Rhonda!"
She smiled. "Oooh, now your'e starting again! Compliments are always nice, butif you really want to get a girl who's gone black you have to say the right things, don't you know that?"
I pulled a blank, and she laughed softly at my ignorance. "I wish I knew whatthat was!"
"Oh, men are so stupid, really! They always hit on me, but nobody ever knowswhat to say. You know Iv'e gone black, so you must like that!" I said nothing, andshe smiled. "And you know, a girl like me," she said smugly, arching out her bigbreasts a little, as I gaped, getting hard, "can get anyone she wants, so naturally, Ilike big black cock! I just adore black men, but I also think white sissyboys areso cute!"
I swallowed, not knowing what to say. She continued, as she took out hercompact and lipstick. "Just because I'm not a rich wife doesn't mean I don't think itwould be so nice to have a towelboy, my own parlour boy for dates. It's just that itsso important he knows his place!"
"Well, um, " I ventured, "I think for you, um, I'd well..."
"My ideal whiteboy would accept that Iv'e gone black of course. He'd bevery supportive. And if he was good and accepted that black males were his superiorI'd let him have some fun. Iv'e told my boyfriend Marcus about parlour and towelboysand he has said many times how much he'd love having our own. Of course he saidmy towelboy must accept total Black superiority!" I swallowed, sighing, myerection rigid.
"Well, um, I could, um...!"
She raised her little finger, "he must be our slave if we want it, accept discipline,help me serve the superior Black man in every way. In return I might allow him toserve me if he does well.(Pause while I covered my erection by turning slightly).Does Mrs Ellershaw let you have some fun, Tom?" I swallowed. "Come on,I know she makes you clean Tyrone's cumload from her!" I gasped at her frankness."Oh come on, Tommy, tell me the details. I bet you liked doing that, didn't you?"
"Gosh, Rhonda, your'e making me crazy here. What do you want me to say?"Was she just ballbusting me here or was there something, and while normallyI'd just have left with this abuse, she was making me stiff.
"But," she said in a teasing way, "what would you do if I said I enjoy thesame things Mrs. Ellershaw did. Would you do the same things for me, Tommy?"
My throat thick, I nodded hopefully even before I realized what she said.I'd heard she played some games with one of the other parlour whiteboys but I didn't really believe it. But she was just so confident of my reaction it was sexy and also humiliating.
"Come on Tommy, You know why I came in late today, Tom? I was with Marcusthis morning, and you know I just love coming to work with a big blackcum load in me, mmm!" She leaned back moving her thighs apart, as I gaped at her soakedwhite panties covering her puffy cuntlips.
"But, when things are slow at Hawthorne's," she put her hands in back of her headand stretched luxuriously, "sometimes I allow a parlour boy to help me clean up,but they always have to agree to everything I said about Black men being superiorand, one other little thing!"
"Y-yes? " I stammered, my throat tight.
"I tell every whiteboy the same thing. I must have a little token of respect,to show theyr'e sincere in knowing their place. I tell them they must get on theirknees and lick and kiss my shoes first!" She added pompously."I know it's kind of smug, but after all, going out with me is a priviledge fora white boy, so if he won't lick my shoes why should I even bother?"
"Y-yes," I croaked, "why should you?"
"I suppose you think I'm stuck up?"
"N-no, not at all. In fact, w-well, I-I'm thinking of doing it!"
"Really," she smiled, "then why don't you? Marcus loves whiteboy spitshines too!"
Several minutes after I tongue swabbed her shiny leather pumps, she pushed my headback to slip down her soaked panties as I knelt between her lush thighs, and I couldsee white drooling clumps of sperm already collecting by her blonde cunthairs. Sheleaned back in her chair, giggling softly as I covered her swollen puffy pussylips.I knew she was going to cum
"Mmmm, That's a good sissy. Imagine when you tell Marcus how priviledged you were!"
How the power exchange from white to Black occurs.
Anyone who has been part of or witnessed a Black owned white relationship notices that all the power is transferred to the Black owner. This occurs no matter if the white is female, male, couple or family to the Black owner male or female. But why and how does it occur and to what degree it occurs is not discussed or even recognized. Its time an analysis is done so that Black owners understand how best to extract all the power they can from their white property and use the power to further their desires.
The power exchange is triggered by events initiated by the black owner. The level of power exchange is determined by the methods used by the Black owner. So we will see that the white has no ability to control, give or hold back power it wholly extracted from the white by the Black owner.
There is a great deal of variety in the power inside a white but lets say for purposes of this discussion that a white male has typically ½ the power of a Black male. A white female has ¼ the power of a Black Male and Half the power of a White female. Again this power varies from one Black to another as it does from one white to another but Blacks almost always have significantly more power than whites. It should also be noted that even in situations where a white has the same internal power or even in rare cases a slightly greater internal power, the Black still has the ability to extract that whites power and thus increase their own internal power by that amount.
When a Black asks a white to do something and that white does it power has exchanged though in a very small amount. Lets call it 1 on a power scale of 1 to 100. But each time the white is asked to do something and does it the power transfer adds another 1. So ask a white ten times the white does it ten times a 10 in power is transferred. BUT, the power can leak out if this is not done constantly over a short period of time so its unrealistic to expect total power transfer from the white to the Black by asking a white to do something 100 times. It is however a great way to start the flow of power from a white to a Black. It sets the flow and makes greater power transfers much easier.
If a Black tells a white to do something and the white does it this equals a 3 on the scale. Now we are talking about very simple, plain things like open a door, pick up a book, etc.
When a Black instructs a white to do a task providing exact details and the white performs this task then a 5 in power change will occur. This would be something like sending them to the dry cleaner to pick up you suite and hang it from the right rear door, bring it to your office and hang it third hanger from the end in the closet. The detail is important because this affects a power exchange because the white has to pay attention to detail and do it the way you want it done.
Telling a Black to do something they do not want to do effects a 10 on the power scale. This would be something like asking the white what colors they disliked the most and lets say it was yellow. You would then tell the white to wear a yellow shirt tomorrow because you want to see how they look in yellow and they do it. This provides a 12 on the power scale.
Real power exchange is above 25 and this type of power exchange requires that the white perform in front of others. An example would be for the white to cook and serve a meal to you and your guests and act as your servant while doing so. When the white performs this task you will receive a 25% power increase in your power while the white experiences a 25% decrease in his or her power.
The greatest and complete exchange of power can only occur though penetrative sex. This can be oral, anal or vaginal but penetration of the white must occur and when it does up to 100% will occur. The reason it is rated up to 100 percent is a determination of the power is made by what else occurs. With a white female she must achieve climax and if so she provides a total and complete power exchange. With a male he must receive a seminal exchange to draw 100% of his power and add it to yours. Now keep in mind that when you receive a 100% power exchange from a white male your power is increased by a rating of 50 not 50 %. So if you are rated as a Black Male at 100 and you get 100% from a white male you now have a power rating of 150. If you extract the power from another white male your power is now 200 if you add a white female you are now at 225. Your power will continue to increase with each power ratting you take from a white. But you must maintain it to keep it or it will leak and decrease.
This why experienced Black owners demand other things from the whites they own. They may require a white female to keep her pubic area shaved and be tattooed with their name and never wear panties. With white males they typically demand they do not have sex with their own wife, be feminized and displayed to guests as a feminized sissy maid cuckold.
Sexual domination of both the female and the male is the only way to achieve and maintain a totally power exchange. Your power as a Black owner will increase and rise to a level where you experience more power than you ever have. This power transforms into confidence, ability, intelligence, leadership and admiration by others. Learn to extract as much power from as many whites as you can. Don’t forget that the whites you own have additional sources for power that can be tapped. They have sisters, daughters, mothers and others who you may easily tap for their power as well.
Brought to you by the society for power transfer from white to Black.
How to be a good white servant
As strange as it may sound, most whites have no idea on how to be come a good white servant. They fantasize or guess what a Black Superior must want and usually incorrectly. So let’s go through a short course on how to be a successful and happy white servant serving your Black Superiors.
As you can imagine every Black Superior has their own preferences and desires, demands and methods so it would impossible for us to train you to be the perfect servant for any one Superior but rather what we will do is to provide you with guidelines so that you may enter into a training relationship with a specific Black Master or Mistress.
The first part of this pertains to you, the white and what you need to look for. In order to be a proficient, skilled servant you need to be happy and compatible with your owner. So when looking for an owner look for a Black that you admire, respect and feel safe with. He after all will eventually own you and when that happens you are obligated to obey and please him. If you can not see yourself obeying, and pleasing this person before you get involved you need to step back. Not all Blacks make good Masters or Mistresses so choose wisely and be sure before you commit. In the right relationship you will be happy beyond your dreams and find great satisfaction in serving your new owner but in a bad situation you will be miserable and cause the relationship to fail.
Many whites speak of them selves as slaves but in reality whites are not slaves but rather servants. You are making a choice to serve and be owned you are not being forced. Being a servant comes with a responsibility which is to SERVE. You are not there to be served or catered too, your fantasies and desires are not what is important. You need to dispose of all of your selfish desires and needs and place your Black owner first on the list. The beauty of this is that once you learn how to serve you will find serving DOES fill all your needs and uplifts you. To get to this point you must devote yourself to your Black owner. Please, obey, serve, listen, learn and work at being the best possible servant you can become. Remember that for every well mannered articulate white servant owned by a Black 10 more whites will be turned into servants but for every deficient incompetent white servant in service to Blacks 5 whites will have been lost to service.
You are a representation of the white race as servants to Blacks. You screw it up and you ruin the chances for other whites to become true Black servants. Why would a Black wish to waste his or her valuable time with an incompetent worthless white? The answer is simple…THEY WON’T!
When you apply for a position as a white servant you must articulate what you have to offer. If you are a wonderful cook, say so, if you burn water then say so as well. Be 100% honest and accurate in your application. Make it easy to read, in order and detailed. The more information you provide a potential Black owner the better he is able to make a decision concerning you. You may not be what he is looking for but he will respect you if your information is honest so that he does not waste his time and he may have a friend who is looking for a white servant with your qualifications.
One of the things that nobody likes is a phony. So when you make out your application provide a phone number where you can be reached. I know your afraid but your new owner will require discretion as well so don’t be afraid. Being a Black Master is not being a mean person or one who is not considerate. In fact any Black Master of quality will greatly respect your privacy and be discrete as you are expected to be. Many white servants are never detected outside the home because they and their Masters practice discretion. It does not work to have a white servant working for a Black master in his business go around bowing or calling him Master or licking his shoes when he enters the room. The business would collapse. Discretion MUST be used on both sides and limits placed so that privacy or unwanted public disclosure does not occur. You need to assure you new owner that you will be discrete. You still show respect in public but instead of Master you can address him as Sir or Mr. This applies to any white addressing any Black in public, owned or not.
Think of becoming a servant to Blacks as any employment position. You need to sell your skills and talents. If you ever write you are worthless tear it up and find something else to do because your not fit to serve a Superior Black if you are truly worthless. A Black wants to improve his holding and he can’t do that with something that is worthless. So dig deep and tell what you can do.
Black owners usually also want to know why you want to serve if you’re a couple or a single and if you have any experience. It does not really matter usually if you have or don’t have experience but why you want to serve does matter so be honest, explain why you do, what made you realize you needed to serve Blacks or what encouraged you to find out about serving Blacks. This helps your new potential owner decide if you are real and if you are the kind of white they want to put their time into training. If you have fears or questions do not hesitate to ask. Blacks are just as interested if not more in making sure you will work out.
Don’t worry about the little things. If you have a fear of having to serve in front of a group don’t worry about it. You may wish to mention you have that fear but your new Black Master is going to mold you into the servant they want you to be wand what ever your fears are or were they will remove them with their training. This is part of what a Good owner does, is to teach you to overcome your fears or hang-ups and learn to enjoy and be proud of what you thought you could not do. I recall one white couple where the wife wanted to be Black owned so bad she could not hardly stand it but her husband had strong reservations. HE did not want to be used for sex by Blacks, he did not want to be feminized, he did not want to serve in front of anyone but his wives Master and on it went. Within a year he was serving parties in a French Maids uniform and being used as a sissy bitch by the Masters guests. But what’s more is he was loving it and very proud of his new found talents. This is a perfect example of a white not knowing what they want, what they like or what they are capable of and a Black owner expanding that whites horizons and make him into a better, happier person. So don’t concern yourself about what you do or don’t like, concern yourself about finding ways to please and impress your new owner with skills and talents and obedience.
Being Black owned is a privilege and a very respectable position. Only the best white servants will find Black owners so be the best you can be and make all of us proud with your service to the Black Superior.
Brought to you by:
Interracial Bill Of Rights (Complete)

Section A.

Interracial Bill Of Rights (As they apply to the SUPERIOR Black man.)

1. You are superior to white women and especially to white men. Knowing this should not be a license to disrespect the basic human rights of white people and you should not hold your superiority against them. They should be treated with basic human respect and dignity just as you expect to be treated, even though you are CLEARLY superior in most ways in general.

2. You have a GOD GIVEN ABSOLUTE RIGHT to fuck white people. White women were made primarily for the purpose of being the sexual plaything of the black man, and it is also your right to use white men sexually as you see fit. As human beings they have the right to say no and you should never force yourself sexually on anyone. Even though it is your right to have any kind of sex you desire with any white person so long as it is consensual you should nonetheless be grateful for their service to you and reward them with the sexual satisfaction that ONLY black men can provide them.

3. No white person has ANY right to request that you use a condom. As a black man you should ONLY use a condom if YOU choose to and ideally should never do so. If sexually transmitted disease is an issue a physician should be consulted instead of condom use. White people are your natural cum dumps and you should always be free to ejaculate freely inside any white person’s orifice.

4. You have the ABSOLUTE GOD GIVEN RIGHT to fuck ANY white man’s wife and to do so before him. Consent should be given by the woman, but if the husband takes issue with you having sex with his wife, then it is well within your rights to fuck her behind his back. Be cautious though that any man can become jealous and enraged and be dangerous so handle your clandestine affairs with married white women with extreme caution.

5. Your penis is the ultimate object of worship for the white woman. If you choose to, it should be equally worshipped by the white man. You should always give any attractive white woman the pleasure of your penis if it is possible and practical and if you desire her. Keep in mind, that ALL white women desire black penis even though some do not admit it even to themselves. You truly ARE GOD’S GIFT TO THE WHITE WOMAN! Use this power wisely.

6. Sex with white people is primarily for YOUR satisfaction. You should ALWAYS get your nut and their pleasure is completely irrelevant, BUT you ought to make every effort to please them if possible because they are deserving of a reward for pleasing you sexually.

7. It is your RIGHT to fuck white women up the ass at will, however you must have consent to do so, but her denial is no reason not to press the issue. Ideally she should respect your rightful ownership of all her orifices and submit them to you at your discretion. A white woman who refuses to take your penis up her ass is not the ideal woman, and while it is still desirable to fuck her, every effort should be made to convince her of the rightness of her submitting to anal sex with Black men. You must of course have the consent of any white man you choose to fuck, but it is your right to require him to perform any sexual act you desire as well.

8. Any and ALL white people should suck your dick at your request, although again consent is an issue. Be patient with them though and be prepared to instruct them on how to properly suck your dick to your satisfaction. Not all white people will be prepared to properly suck a Black man’s penis correctly, especially if it is excessively large. It is their duty to learn to deep throat your penis and they should be able to do it to some extent, but be tolerant and patient with them if they cannot. It is an ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT that they swallow your cum and or allow you to cum on them in any fashion YOU choose.

9. Remember, your sexual satisfaction is the priority. Treat whites with the respect you wish to be treated with whenever possible, but remember they exist to please you sexually. You pleasure and desires are always top priority. Superiority does not give you the right to disrespect the rights of other human beings. There is a place for us all.

These are some basic precepts for the black man. I write these with all due respect and admiration for blacks and hope you will enjoy them.

Section B.

Interracial Bill Of Rights (As they apply to the white woman)

1. Black men have the ABSOLUTE and inalienable right to have sex with you. You have the right as a human being to decline, but it is your natural duty to sexually satisfy the black man in any way possible. It is your duty to perfect the art of fellatio, and practice vaginal muscle control to please a black man's penis. It should be your PRIMARY purpose in life to sexually serve the superior Black man.

2. White men are always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS second to black men. If you happen to be in love with a white man it is still your duty to always put the sexual needs of black men first. If you marry a white man it is especially important that you make yourself sexually available to black men. You may have sex with white men, but should do so only after the black man has gone first. If it is possible, you should avoid sex with white men altogether, instead opting to give them hand jobs and at most an occasional blowjob. If a superior Black man should wish to have his dick sucked by your white husband or boyfriend or even to fuck your husband or boyfriend in the ass, you should support this and encourage the white man in question to submit completely to the desires of the Black man.

3. It is a Black man's god given right to fuck you bareback. Black men should NEVER wear a condom during sex with a white woman (or man if that be the case). When protection from STDs is an issue it is always preferable to consult a physician to using condoms. Black men should always ejaculate inside of you, and if they do not their semen is not to be wasted but should be consumed orally.

4. It is your god given DUTY to orally copulate ANY Black male who requests it at any time and any place if it is at all possible. It is also an ABSOLUTE MUST that you make every effort to swallow the ejaculate, unless he specifies that he would like to ejaculate on your body, in which case you should still lick up as much of his precious cum as you can. Oral sex is very low risk for STDs and should be practiced on black men as often as is possible.

5. If it is at all possible, no form of contraception should ever be used for sex with black men. It is a white woman’s natural duty to conceive and bear black children as often as is possible. Your children should be raised to understand the superiority of the black man.

6. When bearing and raising white children you should raise them to understand their place beneath the Black man and to understand their god given duty to sexually serve the black men. Both white daughters and sons must be properly instructed in the art of fellating Black men, when such a time is deemed to be appropriate. You daughters should be thoroughly discouraged from sexual activity with white men at all costs. White sons should be taught to accommodate a black mans penis anally if it is possible. Your children must ultimately make their own choices and should be allowed to, but the importance of sexual service to the black male can not be over emphasized.

7. You SHOULD learn to submit to anal sex with a large black penis. If done properly this is a VERY enjoyable activity for both the Black man and the white woman. Ideally a Black penis should be allowed entry to any orifice of your body at any time the Black man desires. Again I must stress that condom use is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE! It is a white woman's greatest gift to a black man to submit to an anal fucking and a great compliment to the white woman when a Black man ejaculates inside her anus.

8. As a human being you deserve respect. You should never suffer abuse at the hands of any man or woman, even a superior Black man. You, as a white woman, were born with the primary purpose in life to be the sexual plaything of the black man, and should submit to his sexual desires at all times, but this does not include any activity that is abusive or hurtful to you.

9. As a white woman, the ONLY path to TOTAL and COMPLETE sexual satisfaction is to serve the needs of the superior Black male. Black Females must be respected as well and are also above you in the grand scheme of things and this should never be forgotten.

10. When dressing or selecting clothing the Black man's arousal is of PARAMOUNT importance! Not all women have the figure for it, but if it is at all possible you MUST wear the sexiest clothing that is possible for the situation. You ideally should keep your legs and pussy completely and cleanly shaven and should always smell good for the benefit of the Black man. ALWAYS wear high heeled shoes and bared or stocking clad legs when you can, and skirts are always preferable. Braless and or nipples prominently displayed is advisable. Body language should ALWAYS indicate your sexual availability to Black men. Panties should be avoided whenever possible and it is advisable for you to flash your tits and pussy to black men whenever you can.

11. Pornography, if you should choose to view it should ONLY depict Black males and white females having sex. White males having sex with white females on film is disgusting and should be avoided at all costs.

12. The Black man's penis is a thing to be WORSHIPPED by the white woman (and white men if the black man should desire). Treat it with the utmost care and respect, and it will treat you very well.

These are the ways in which you can be the ideal white woman. Knowing you place is key, and keeping these basic rules memorized or available to you at all times is advisable.

Section C.

The Interracial Bill Of Rights. (As they apply to the white man)
This is the TRUTH about your place in this world as a white man. Regardless about all the BULLSHIT they teach you about all men being created equally, you must learn and obey these rules if you want to be an ideal white man who knows and respects his proper place in life.
1. Black men have an absolute and inalienable right to fuck white women. This means your wife, daughter, secret lust.....ANY and ALL white women. The white woman is a human being and has the right of choice but should be taught early that it is her god given duty to satisfy black men sexually above all other things. You should teach your wife, and or daughters and even sons that they are first and foremost the sexual playthings of the black man, and have a duty to perform any and all sexual acts a black man request of them whenever it is possible.
2. The black man has the absolute and inalienable right to fuck YOU the white man, any time and way that he chooses. Of course not all black men will desire this and you should never risk offending him by offering. You as a white man must perfect the art of sucking cock, deepthroating, and pleasuring a black man's penis with your ass. "No" is not a word you should EVER use regarding a black man's request for sex, and you must perform any act he requires of you regardless of how you feel about it personally.
3. A black mans seed is NEVER to be wasted. If a black man cums it should be inside of white people’s orifices. In a white vagina, anus or mouth, and the semen should remain there or be swallowed as is the case. If any spills it should be licked up and if the black man decides to cum on any part of a white person’s anatomy the semen should ultimately be eaten by the white person.
4. As a white man, when you marry a white woman it is your god given duty to work to make her available to black men for sex. Black men ALWAYS have priority sexually and are ALWAYS the alpha male. You should discourage your wife from sex with white men, including yourself. If you have sex at all with your wife it should be limited to hand jobs, unless SHE insists otherwise, and then sex should be ONLY with the full permission of her black lover(s), and ONLY after they have had her first. As you are still a man with male desires it is understandable that it may be difficult to comply with this rule if there is any way around it, but a diligent effort must be made. If it is possible the white man should ideally learn to derive his sexual satisfaction solely from watching black men indulge their wives, girlfriends or daughters, and or, by sucking black men’s dicks and being fucked in their asses by black men.
5. ALL human beings deserve respect and while white men must accept that they are inferior to black men they should not be expected to allow themselves to be actually abused by anyone.
6. Pornography depicting acts of sex and love between black men and white women and black men and white men are the proper fare for masturbation for the white man. Pornography depicting white men fucking white women is ugly, perverse, profane and should NEVER be possessed or viewed by white men or women. Such material should be destroyed.
7. The black penis is to be worshipped above all things. It is the most revered object of humankind and should be treated as such. It is the very image of perfection. Dildos and likenesses of penises should always be black, and represent the black male’s superior genitalia.
8. Most important to the white man is that you have NO sexual rights whatsoever except when granted by a black male and secondarily by a white female. You should always keep your filthy little white pee pee hidden from view unless requested to do otherwise by a black man or white woman. In an ideal world your only real purposes in life are to support the Black lovers and your white women and daughters, serve as a "bitchboy" to suck and be fucked by black men when it amuses them to do so, and produce white daughters for the black man's pleasure.
There are many more things that could be said on the subject, but these are some basic simple rules for the white man to live by. Keep a copy of these in your wallet or on your person at all times and obey them to the fullest of your ability.
Marriage gone Black.
My life in a small Nebraska town was dull. My father a Baptist minister controlled my life. No dating with out his approval we had to be perfect family of a minister. After high school he sent me to a local junior college to learn accounting. Then I was expected to go to work locally. When I graduated from college the neighbor boy had just graduated from college with a bachelor degree in accounting and had got a job in Los Angeles California. This was my chance to get out of this small town and away from my father. So I started flirting with Ben the guy next door. He responded and asked me to marry him. Of course I said, “Yes.” My father married us and we left for California. Life changed once we got to Los Angeles. No more long skirts and dresses now I could wear mini skirts and dresses, halter tops and shorts. Ben liked my new choice of clothes. Ben went to work at the big accounting firm and I got a job at a small distribution company. My job was to keep the books and do the billing. My boss was a tall good looking black man, the secretary was a Hispanic lady and the guys in the warehouse and the truck drivers were all black men and very muscular. I settled in and was well received as any cute five foot four inch blond would be. My married life was so-so, Ben was not the great lover and my sex life was dull and Ben had a small cock that left me wanting something more. He seemed to get excited watching me dress and undress but being nude didn’t seem to turn him on. One Saturday after noon Ben had gone golfing with a friend from work so I decided to wash his car for him. When I opened the trunk to vacuum it I found a suitcase which I opened to see what was inside. There was women’s underwear and nightie along with magazines about transvestites. I looked through the magazines at the pictures of men dressed in lingerie and having sex with other men. I read some of the stories about submissive she-males and how they were turned on by the feel of lingerie and being controlled by their wives. I was both shocked and fascinated so I looked through them all, several times, then I wrote down the names of these magazines. The ones that turned me on the most were the ones showing white wives with Black studs and making their white husbands wait on or serve them in some capacity. All of the information pointed to and explained how important it was for a woman wishing to control her husband to feminize him. If she did that the story said, she could have anything her heart desired. Now I understood why Ben liked it when I was in my lingerie but not naked. I felt betrayed but I had discovered a way to be in charge of this sissy I had married. I didn’t let on that I had discovered his secret; this gave me time to take charge of his kinky ways. Why should I not be the one with the benefits of a sissy husband? At work my desk faced the restroom in the office. Every once in a while one of the guys would run in a take a quick piss, one day the door didn’t close all the way and I could see Baron my boss taking a leek. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was; it seemed about three times the size of my sissy husband’s. When Baron turned to leave the restroom he realized that the door had not closed. He grinned and said, “Opps sorry I didn’t close the door all the way.” I replied, “I’m not.” I could feel my face turning red and it was not from embarrassment but from the heat of lust at the thought of what that big cock would feel like inside of me. Baron replied, “Care to step into my office and tell me what you meant by that remark?” I replied, “Oh yes I would very much like to.” Baron’s office had only one window and it looked down into the ware house and the secretary had gone to lunch and had locked the front door. So it was private as to what went on there. There we were in his office looking at each other. He asked, “What did you want to say?” I felt my heart beating faster and my breathing faster as I asked, “Do all black men have big cocks like yours?” “Some of us have even bigger cocks, why do you ask?” “Because my husband has such a little cock that I get no enjoyment from sex with him.” Baron smiled and asked. “So you would like to see what a real man’s cock would feel like. I took a deep breath and replied, “Oh yes I would very much like to feel what a big hard cock would feel like.” As I stepped forward and run my hand over the long hard lump in his pants. He leaned over and kissed me his tongue sliding into my mouth his hands sliding over my ass cheeks, and then sliding under my mini-skirt. I undid his belt, un-buttoned and run his zipper down then pushed his pants and shorts down. His hard cock sprang up and I took it in both hands. I felt my panties sliding down and I let them fall to my ankles, and then stepped out of them. My juices were flowing and his cock was getting slick with pre-cum. Baron laid me back on his desk, I spread my legs and he slid that big hard cock into my hot pussy. I moaned with delight as he filled my lustful desire. I felt filled like never before as he slowly moved his big hard cock in and out. Leaning over me he kissed me and said, “Your one hot tight bitch Alice let me see your tits.” I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my bra straps down so he could see my breasts. He smiled and leaned over and licked my nipples making them hard I never knew it could feel so good. I felt his finger stroke my clitoris sending excitement through me like I never felt before. I was breathing hard and moaning, “Oh Baron fuck me, fuck me hard.” He fucked me fast them slow making me want more of his hard cock. Sex with Ben had never been this great and would never be as far as I was concerned. Then he responded to my call for a hard fuck driving his hard cock into me. I felt my first orgasm shaking me with excitement.

Then he pulled out and shot his load of cum my breasts stomach and up to my face. I lay there on his desk letting my breathing return to normal as Baron smiled down at me. He reached up and pinched my nipples sending ripples of excitement through my body. I lay there smiling at him and enjoyed the feeling. “Kit will be coming back from lunch any time now; we will continue this at a later time.” He said this with a smile and I smiled back and asked for a Kleenex, he replied let it dry on your chest and just wipe your face off I want you to smell my cum for the rest of the day.” So that is what I did and the smell of his cum drove me wild with the need to have his big black hard cock filling me. Every time Holt, one of the crew came in from the ware house to drop off papers he would sniff the air and smiled at me. My body heat drying Barons cum was like a strong perfume. When Joe and Buck the truck drivers dropped off their paper work at the end of the day they too sniffed and smiled. Kit the secretary didn’t seem to notice. Then I remembered that she seemed to smell the same way after she came back from lunch. I found out later her and Holt were having sex during their lunch hour. As we were closing the office Ben called and said that he was working overtime and would be about three hours late getting home. Baron heard me telling Ben it would be ok that I would get a bit to eat on the way home. So Baron asked if I would like to join Joe, Buck and him for a drink in the brake room before leaving. I said, “Why of course I would.” The brake room was up stairs over the office. It had a bath room with a shower a kitchen area, a large sofa-bed, large sturdy table and chairs. Baron got some beers out of the refrigerator and passed them around to Joe, Buck and I. As we sat there Joe and Buck passed some money to Baron who was smiling at them. “Is that for the beer?” I asked. “No, that is for winning the bet on which one of us would get to screw you first.” Baron Replied. His answer made me feel excited and I could feel my pussy starting to get wet at the thought of his big hard cock, so I replied, “It’s nice to know that I’m that desirable to you guys.” Joe asked, “Was this the first time with a black man for you?” Blushing at his boldness I replied, “Yes it was and it was the first time that I enjoyed having sex.” Buck smiled at me and said, “What made it so enjoyable?” The beer must have loosened my tongue so I replied, “The size of Barons cock was the first thing and how he made it last was second but his all persona is so much manlier than my husbands. Its like being with a real man for the first time. My husband has a small cock and comes to quick.” After I said it I realized the look of lust in the eyes as they looked at me. It was then I noticed that there were long lumps in their pants. Then I asked, “Do all black men have big cocks?”Baron replied, “We will show you why women who try black never go back to small white cock.” They all stood up and dropped their pants. I sat there looking at three of the biggest, longest cocks I had ever seen. My panties was sopping wet and my breathing was getting heavier as the thought of getting fucked by all there of those long hard black cocks. I stood up and walked over and felt each of them as they undressed me. Buck laid me back on the table and slid his hard cock into my pussy filling it. Baron and Joe took turns kissing me and playing with my nipples until I had an orgasm. Then Joe slid big hard cock into me and fucked me hard until he pulled out and shot his load of cum over my tits and face. Buck slid back into me and fucked me hard until he was ready to come and he shot his load of cum on my tits and face also. Baron slid his cock in to my sopping pussy and proceeded to fuck my long and hard until he shot his load into my well fuck pussy. I lay there with a big smile on my cum covered face and said, “God that was fantastic I never knew sex could be so exciting. I know I will never go back to small white cock again.” They helped me up and took me into the shower where they washed and played with my body, feeling my tits, kissing me and telling me how great I was to fuck. We finally got dressed and I started home stopping for some fast food first. When I arrived home I was too tired to wait up for Ben so I went to bed knowing that there was great sex available and I knew I could get it.The next morning at breakfast Ben said that Halloween was coming up and the office was not having a party but may be we could find one to go to. It was then I thought about how I could make the best of this sissies desire to dress as a girl. When I got to work the guys were very nice to me and kept saying see you to night. I knew what they ment by seeing, it would be my naked body on the lunch room table and it made me smile at the thought of all those big black hard cocks fucking my pussy. Also there would be Baron’s hard cock filling me at lunch time. I asked, “Would there be a Halloween party at work?” Baron said, “If you want one, we will arrange it.” “I’m forming an interesting one that will take care of a situation that will make my life much more interesting.”“What situation will that be?”“Well my husband seems to have this kinky desire to dress in women’s underwear and reads magazines that show men dressed like a slut while their wife’s are having sex with other men, mostly Black men. He doesn’t know that I have found out his kinky desires.” “Oh I know about them sissy’s that like to be fucked like they were a slut. There are lots of them here in Los Angeles. What is this got to do with us?”“I want to Black-mail him into submission so I can enjoy sex the way I want to that is the reason.” “As in some pictures of him dressed as a she-male and getting fucked my real man?” “That should do it quite nicely, and then I can have more enjoyable sex with a real man. Plus make him serve me.” “Just how are you going to get him to submit to being used for a black mans sexual pleasure?” “I have already started him on his way to becoming as you call it a she-male. I got a second prescription for female hormones and have been telling him that it was a vitamin tablet.” “Oh that is sneaky.” “Next I’m going to get him to admit to his kinky cross-dressing and make him come to the Halloween party as a French maid. Where we can make him serve you as a bi-sexual slut he wants to be.” “What make you think he is bi-sexual?” “Those magazines he has shows men dressed as sluts sucking cocks and getting their ass fucked. So I’m very sure that is his kinky desires.” “It is going to be one interesting party.” “By the way Kit has gone to lunch so let’s go to your office for ours.” “I bet you want a big tube steak for lunch?” We went into his office and closed the door. I took my panties and mini-skirt off and Baron removed his pants shorts and shoes. I opened my blouse and let my tits show as I stopped wearing a bra and started wearing nylons in stead of pantyhose. I like the feeling of being seen by these Black men it was not the leering looser look I had gotten from white males and it was a very sexy feeling to be wanted by these handsome superior Black men. Baron took me into his arms and kissed me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth his hands playing with my nipples and pussy making me hot to fuck that long hard cock of his. Pushing me back on the couch he rubbed his cock over my lips and asked, “Want to suck my big black cock bitch?” “I’m not ready for that yet just slid that big cock in to me.” He knelt in front of me and filled my pussy with his big hard cock. Smiling down at me he said, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass bitch?” I replied, “Never even thought of it.” “Once you try it you will want more.” “I will think about it.” “Your sissy husband will be begging for it once we fuck him I just know it. White males are not really men and once they are treated like bitches they submit to their true place as a sissy bitch” Baron was pinching my nipples and clit driving me wild with lust I was lost in the feeling and excitement of his big hard cock fucking me. He put my legs up on his shoulders so he could deeper into my pussy which I enjoyed. Then he pulled out and placed his hard cock against my ass hole and shoved before I could react his hard cock was forcing its way into my ass. I screamed as my ass stretched to take his big black cock as he said, “Relax bitch and enjoy it your ass is now black mans property,” I moaned and the pain of his big cock turn into a new pleasure I had never felt before. I knew he was right I was addicted to big black cocks and would never go back to small white cocks. I moaned, “Oh fuck me, fuck me hard.” “Your learning bitch that black men rule when it comes to fucking white bitches like you and your husband will soon learn the same thing once we turn him into one of our white sissy bitchs” All I could say in reply was, “Oh God fuck me harder, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” His hard cock felt twice as large as it used my ass for it’s sexual pleasure, when he shot his load of cum I could feel it shooting several times. His thumb rubbing my clit sent me into one big orgasm. It took awhile for my breathing to return to normal. It took him awhile to pull out as I had hooked my legs behind his butt and wouldn’t let him slide that big black cock out until I was ready to let him. Baron smiled down at me and said, “Hay bitch you like being fucked by big black cock.” Then he leaned over and kissed me long and hard letting his tongue fill my mouth as I sucked on it. After work we gathered in the break room I was walking bow legged as my ass was very sore from being fucked by Baron. The guys started to pass Baron money. So I asked, “Ok guys what kind of bet was is it this time?” Buck replied, “It was to see who would be first to shove his hard cock in to your sexy ass hole.” I replied, “It sounds like I was hired to be the office slut for your big black cocks to enjoy.” By that time they had got out of their clothes and started to undress me for their gang bang pleasure. It got to be a routine at work that Baron would fuck me for lunch and the guys would gang bang me after work. At home I had started in on Ben; first I dressed in sexy lingerie and walked around the house that way. It got his attention so I told him that it was to improve our sex life as I had read that men enjoy sexy lingerie. He took the bate; so told him that it would turn me on to see him enjoying the feel of sexy lingerie also and that he should buy some to wear. The next day he showed me what he had purchased. It looked like what he had in the suitcase that was in car. So I played along and had him shave his body before trying on his lingerie. Once he was dressed in his lingerie I suggested some light make up and redid his hair into a page-boy style. I kept telling him how turned on I was by it and that I hoped he would understand and go along with my kinky desires as I found him irresistible dressed and made up like this. The result was fantastic he looked better as a woman that a man. This was working out better than I had planed. I had him lay on his back while I straddled him. I took control of his small cock which was hard and moved slow then fast as I rode him making sexual encounter last as long as possible. Ben thought it was the best sex he ever had. I knew what was better and had to bite my tongue from telling him what a waste he was for sex. The only thing that made it bearable was thinking about my Black lovers and taking him to the party dressed as a sissy French maid. As Halloween got closer I had him buy a French maids uniform. He got this short pink satin uniform. He tried it on for me and he did look quite sexy in it. My how my sissy boy was shaping up for his coming party as the sissy slut that I knew he was going to become. Baron had told me that black men enjoyed fucking white sissy guys, well I had one for them to enjoy and I was looking forward to watching it happen. I figured once I got Ben hooked and black mailed I could enjoy having more freedom to fuck real men and have my own maid. I talked to baron about it several times to keep reassuring myself and he explained that to a real man like him a white sissy husband was not a man anyway so why let him pretend. His only real value in life was serving black men as their sissy bitch. He assured me he wanted the same thing I did and was looking forward to making my sissy husband wait on us, clean his home and my well fucked pussy of his hot cum. When he said that I climaxed on the spot. The idea of my sissy husband standing by while Baron fucked me and then being told by Baron to suck and lick me clean was very, very hot. I started to call Ben, Brenda my maid and told him to serve me and he did as he was told. Brenda enjoyed doing the house work for me. This was working out better that I expected. Halloween arrived and I had gone straight home that evening to make sure Brenda was ready for the party. Ben was nervous at going out in public in a pink maid’s uniform so I suggested he could use my long rain coat as we were about the same size. I had planned for some resistance so I suggested a leather collar to cover his Adams apple. He stood with his back to me as I put it on, what he didn’t know it had a leather strap hanging down the back with two wrist cuffs attached. I told him to hold his arms behind him; before he realized it I had cuffed each wrist. Brenda was now my sissy slut slave. I put the rain coat over his shoulders and took him out to the car and belted him into the passenger seat. “Why the collar and wrist cuffs? He kept asking. “You’re my sexy slave maid now Brenda and will be from now on.” Was my reply. He gasped and asked what I meant. So I told him I wanted him to remain Brenda all the time and he would serve me as my maid from now on that he could forget about pretending to be a man anymore. He was scared and that made me feel powerful and hot.We arrived at the office and I let us in then took Brenda back to the break room. As we walked in I took the rain coat off and said, “Here is my husband who is now called Brenda and will be my sissy slut maid from now on.”The guys all started to drool over Brenda and started to make comments. They were lifting his skirt and petticoat and squeezing his padded breast. Brenda was nervous.Baron said, “Sissy pink for the she-male sluts coming out party.”Joe lifted Brenda’s skirt and said, “Virgin white panties and nylons for the sissy boys Buck said, “Dam good looking for a sissy slut guy she makes my cock hard just looking at this sissy slut.”Ben replied, “What is going on here Alice?”I replied, “Why Brenda I discovered your collection of she-male magazines showing sissy guys dressed in sexy lingerie while their wiveswere having sex with real men. So I decided that you should enjoy the real thing and learn what real cocks are like.”Ben asked, “Why this? I never had sex with a man before I just fantasized about it.”I replied, “Your Brenda now and you’re going to learn to enjoy what it is like to serve a real man size cock. You’re nothing but a small dick sissy that can not please me sexually and that likes to dress in women’s lingerie so you might as well be a sexy she-male slut to real men.”Brenda replied. “You don’t really mean this do you?”The guys were now undressed and was standing in front of us with their big hard black cocks dripping pre-cum. Brenda had no choice with his wrists bound behind Joe and Buck forced him to his knees. They started to rub their hard cocks over his face leaving strings of pre-cum. Brenda asked, “What’s come over you why are you doing this?” I took off my mini skirt, panties and blouse leaving on my garter belt and nylons. I replied, “I’ll show you what’s come over me, watch how a real man can fuck a woman and make her enjoy it.” I then pulled Baron to me and kissed him as he guided my back to the table and pushed me back on to it. He lifted both of my legs up and slid his big hard long black cock into my hot pussy. I then said, “Oh Baron fuck my hot pussy fill it with that big hard cock. Fuck me like a real man can.” I looked over at Brenda and smiled. The look on Brenda’s face was at first shock but turned to lust as he watched Barons big cock fuck my pussy and the feminine clothes worked their magic on the sissy maid.” Buck took Brenda’s head in his hands and rubbed his hard cock over her lips saying, “Suck it sissy boy suck it good. You know you been wanting to suck a real mans cock.” Brenda slowly opened his mouth and let Buck’s big hard black cock slide past her lips. Brenda’s submission had begun. I smiled and said, “Looks like you guys will have a hot sucking mouth to enjoy from now on.” Buck replied, “Suck it good sissy use your tongue on the under side. We will teach to be good cock sucker. You will learn that your mouth and ass is for your black master’s pleasure, you sissy cock sucker you.” The degrading talk was having the desired effect on Brenda. The she-male slut gave in and realized that he was becoming slut slave to a black master. Buck pulled out and shot a load of cum over Brenda’s face, he then shoved his cock back in to Brenda’s mouth saying, “Suck it clean slut boy like a good sissy cock sucker.” Brenda sucked swallowed the last of Buck’s cum and licked the last cum off Buck’s cock, but just like my first Black fucking they made Brenda leave the rest on her face and clothes so she could inhale the scent of her Black Masters. Joe helped Brenda up and leaned him face down on the table next to me. His face registered shock as his panties was pulled down and Joe pushed his long hard black cock against Brenda’s ass hole. Joe forced his hard cock into Brenda making him scream just like I had when Baron forced his hard cock in my ass hole. Brenda’s crying subsided as Joe slowly fucks him in the ass. Joe had taken pictures of Brenda’s first blow job and now Buck was filming the taking of Brenda’s virgin ass hole. Joe said “Dam what a tight hot ass you got sissy boy. You got what it takes to make your black masters pleasure a good fuck.” Brenda’s reply showed his complete submission to his new black masters, “Oh god it feels so good to be fucked. Fuck me harder please master fuck me hard.” It was going better that I thought it would the little dick was a queer cock sucker. I’m so glad I don’t have to have his small dick in me again. Baron had make our fucking last but he had pulled out and shoot the load of cum over my pussy and then shoved his cock back in to shoot the rest inside. 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Date: _________
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Classroom for Cuckolds! chapter 1: 'White Slaves in Black Africa' TJ Ryder ILLUSTRATED FETISH STORIES
International Airport: Obeah, Central Africa 2011
As immigrants to Obeah, the newly created republic in Central Africa,we all had the same mandatory selection criteria, but everyonestill gets the required introduction after the shuttle from the airport.
A lot of it is because it is a republic, meaning everyone, blacks andwhites will be allowed to vote once theyr'e citizens. As a history teacherback in the US I can tell you that was no easy feat. Founded by USblack militants, funded by liberal money in the form of increased taxesfor slavery reparations, the sticking point from the beginning was the form of government. However, it came down to money as always.Obeah wouldn't get money if it wasn't a real democracy, with electionjudges and Jimmy Carter and everything else. So, when that reality set in,the leaders decided to stack the deck legally, so the blacks were alwaysthe majority and also that the white immigrants would already like itthat way. And with advances in medicine and DNA and everything, genetics were being used elsewhere in the world, so it began to be usedin the population makeup at Obeah. For starters, the populationwould be controlled to always have at least a 3-2 ratio of blacksto whites, so even with the votes, they would be in control.
A lot of what was being done in Obeah was secret, and being a socialscientist it was a dream come true to get there. Of course getting therestarted 5 years ago. When I said we, I meant me, my wife, and her niece.So, to keep this journal accurate I should describe all of us.
I am 5'6" 145 lbs, thin, and 34 years old. My wife Pam is blonde, built,and an ex typist at the University where I taught. She already had a reputation when we started going out for sleeping around with the blackathletes. She's 29, 5'7, and 128 lbs, and a voluptuous babe. Her niecewho I was reluctant to bring along because she's only a teenager, Tiffanny,looks a lot like her, and I think in a lot of ways, acts like her.
Pam had already gone black when I met her, and under her tutelageI became her sub cuckold hubby. And under her influence, when hersister and her niece didn't get along, and the girl moved in with us a yearago, she had Tiffanny dating black boys in no time at all. So becausewe were all members of the Blackrule party we were invited to attendan introductory meeting last year for immigration, plus Pam had seen to it that I contributed heavily to the cause.
Also, as we left the shuttle as a group of a dozen men and women, mostly couples, and noticed our reflection in the mirrors, besides statues of heroic dominant nude black males, that it appeared we were all females. And I must admit, very attractive white females. Roughlyhalf were male tv's, like myself. I doubt very much if any were transgendered, because Obeah hadn't sanctioned that yet. In many waysObeah was a blend of very conservative southern and African valuesmixed with black militancy of the 90's. Everyone, black and white,was rigorously tested for diseases, and all the immigrants had to bescreened. The goal from the beginning after they settled reluctantly ona democracy was to have only two races and two sexes, and they wereto be white females and black males. And that's what caused Blackruleto collapse as a party back in the states once Obeah was founded, theirlosing the black female vote. It was fascinating to watch it evolve.But while it lost its base in the US, it was gaining power all over the world, especially in Africa. How did they do this? Well with DNAadvances they didn't need either black females or white males to provide the population. They had enough harvested eggs and spermfor thousands of years. So why were white males here dressed as women,mostly with cosmetic enhancements? I'm a 36c for example andcan wear a size 8. Two reasons. White men are needed to serve as the domestics and lackeys of a modern society and Obeah wanted to be technological,and besides, nobody would continue to invest if the economy started to slide like the rest of Africa. The other reason was simple. Sex. Despite the propaganda, lots of blacks have a strong desire to dominate white malesSome 85 % are solidly for the totaly subjugation and emascualtion of white males. And that brings us to the black males. They werescreened and idealized too. Most look like 19th century Zulus. Theyare tall, muscular, very negroe looking, and jet black. Even if they didn'tall take Maca root and Yojimbe natural sex drugs from birth, theircenturies of sexual eugenics would answer for their enlarged organs andappetites.
"Are you nervous, dear," Pam asked Tiffanny, who was clutching her carryon.
"Gee, are we going to be tested? What are they going to do with us?"
"Relax, Tiff," I said, feeling a little nervous myself as we waited for our speaker to come in. In truth it felt a lot like the USA, and didn'thave the soldiers running around with machine guns like most parts ofAfrica, but it was still, well, foreign. I mean we were in their power now.The US embassy was ten long miles away now with a big wall around it.And inside the gates were black marines. The US had a strong presenceand huge investment here, but still the only real sanctuary was insidethose embassy gates. I was interrupted when a white tv came out ina coat to greet us.
"Welcome, welcome; my colleague, Mr Josobongo and I are hereto welcome and assist in your settlement in Obeah." Mr Josobongowas a big black male with a bald head, common fashion among blackshere for some reason. Mr Josobongo who I knew was in reality TitusJackson, a campaign organizer for the Blackrule back in the midwest,was smiling broadly as he looked us over, picking out the tv's like mewith a little effort, I flattered myself. It's a conceit for me like all tv'sto feel we can pass as fem. And I certainly can unless standing right besides gorgeous white girls like Pam and Tiffanny.
We listened to some speeches that reassured Tiff, and were servedrefreshments. We were handed maps and directions to employmentcenters, where I was expected at housekeeping department at the branchof an American company. Finally, we were separated into family groups and met with Mr. Josobongo in a more private office.
"Greetings again to the Palmer family unit. And you, sir, Tim,remember me from Cleveland?"
I smiled, nodding. I certainly did. I remember the mouthful of hotsperm he sprayed my tonsils with as I knelt before him in his officein Shaker Heights. And he did too, as he arranged his growing pythondown one leg, which none of us missed noticing, Pam and Tiffanny's eyes widening and their pink tongues moistening their full lips.
"Okay," he grunted, smiling wider now in the memory. "So sinceyou people have, um, the, ah right attitude, I'd like to talk about themore confidential aspects of Obeah." I smiled at that, because Iknew he was going to tell us about the infamous 'clit chip'.
He opened a small stainless steel box, and showed us whatlooked like a miniature clitoris. The media had talked about thisa year ago, but this was the first time I had seen it. There were clinicsin Mexico and Europe where it could be attached.
"Yes," he smiled, seeing our faces, "I know youv'e heard of thesein the press. It does cost about 5 thousand or more to put in. It works and actually is a real clitoris, DNA built to match your ownbody so it won't ever be rejected. Most women have it on theirtongues, some inside their anus, and it's got a molecular transmitterto send pleasure messages. A female could put it on her finger orbreast and achieve orgasm the same way she could with her real orI should say, original, clitoris. Obeah recommends this brand only,but they can't be put anyplace but tongue and anus, they must bediscreet also. They work great on a tongue, I can vouch for that,"he grinned, the girls giggling, "feels like a tongue stud. MyselfI prefer it on the end of the tongue, but it's up to the shows up as a little bump on the tongue. Nobody has anyproblems speaking with it, any more than a tongue stud."
The women smiled at that, and I knew that although Tiffanny wasa little nervous about it, Pam had been dying to get one.
"A couple caveats," he continued, "they are very sensitive, and your orgams will take longer duration but you probably read all that. In any case the Immigrants Program, which Iwork for, will pay for the whole thing, with a couple of minorstipulations." He smiled, and I was very curious now.
"Here in Obeah, our scientists have taken this basic clitoral chip,and programmed it. In the interests of health and harmony, ourchips don't function unless its receptor senses the presence of liveNegroe sperm. Any precum, preorgasmic fluids as long as theyare from a member of the negroe race will allow it to function.Any other stimuli will render it inert. We highly recommend it,and it will probably become mandatory after the next election."
The women were smiling, and looked at each other, and then begangiggling.
Josobongo smiled at their reaction, and while I blushed a littleat their eagerness, he continued.
"If you have it done, your'e allowed to wear the Obeah citizen'smedal outwardly, which by the way is very useful in getting housingand good jobs and such" He paused then, and kind of shuffled somepapers around.
"Now, since you are receptive, I'm going to move directly to themore, say, politically sensitive aspect of this. And I must tell you thatthis next part is confidential until the next election and the stories gopublic, when we get funding and all. Violation of this will lead to deportation or jail time." He sounded serious and we all were now.
"Okay? Well, not too many people in the outside world know thatthere are a couple other still rather trivial aspects of the clit chips.First is during the operation they also attach the receptor to the female'soriginal clitoris on her pudenda. So it won't send pleasure vibes unlessnegroe fluids are present, okay? Does anyone have a problem with that?"
I blushed again when neither of my female companions had no problem with it. Pam even giggled as she said no. From that momenton I realized I could not make her cum even if I ate her, but actually sinceI was only allowed to eat her after her pussy was full of negroe manspunkanyway, I felt a little better, knowing I could still make her cum. ThenTitus dropped the other shoe.
"And we recommend the operation for white males as well. It's notmandatory, yet, but it's a good idea to adjust to Obeah." I was floored,and sat with my mouth open as the girls laughed with glee.
"Um, ah, " I said, trying to gather my thoughts, "um, but, that's a female organ."
"Not if its DNA built for you!" He smiled, "works the same,transmits to your gonads based on the presence of negroe fluids. I'mnot a scientist, just a salesman here, so bear with me. Wev'e hadhundreds of citizens doing this for months now, and absolutely nobody,and I'll show you the files, have requested a change." I was beginningto see what's happening now.
"But, um, do by chance black males have, " I didn't want to say controllers, "devices, like this?"
"Nope, that was all voted down. In fact it's a white priviledge, your'ethe only folks who can use this technology in Obeah."
I didn't have to ask whether my orgasm could take place without the presence of negro fluids, because I knew it wouldn't. I could get stimulated, mentally or physically, but the message to get off wasprevented from getting there. What this meant was the completesexual dependence of whites on blacks. Not even masturbation wouldget you off unless one of your orifices had negroe sperm in it. Obeahwas achieving the sexual enslavement of whites after all, and I couldn'tstop the growing boner down my leg any more than Pam and Tiffannycould stop their pussies flowing at the thought. Titus smiled as heappraised our reaction. I was imagining what high school would havebeen like growing up in Obeah. Mostly big black bucks, beautifulwhite girls, and a few smallish white males, knowing our only sex releasewas from black males penetrating our bodies or from tongue cleaningwhite females who just had sex with negroes.. My wife sighed, realizingwhat it mean't, and then Tiffanny sighed, giggling. I blatantly adjustedmy erection, and the girls absently cupped their breasts, fondling theirhard nipples. I'm sure we all were impatient to receive the implants.
Josobongo High School, New Republic of Obeah, Africa, 2011
Continued as 'Classroom for Cuckolds'

White Submission in OBEAH! TJ Ryder
Heather had just begun her first day of orientation at the capital cityof Obeah, Mimbazi, which was two weeks before the start of the semester.The lush 38 year old white woman in the obligatory tight and low cut dressthat Obean men prefer stepped gingerly across the downtown street in her heels.
"Tsk tsk," she thought, grimacing because the traffic in this African countrywas so chaotic she wondered once again if this was the right thing to do.Ever since she had gotten this overseas job she wondered if her husband Walterwas right in his reservations. But now it was too late. Downsized back in the states, foreclosed in a bad housing market with bad credit, this was thebest job available to her and her family. She should have realized by thespecialized and frankly intrusive testing she and her whole family was giventhe nature of the subtle Black superiority power structure, but the fact is,she sighed, that was kind of erotic to her, and she suspected to her teenageddaughter Hillary and even perhaps, to Walter, and that she knew was partly herown fault.
A few years back at Walter's insisting to take more chances sexually, shejoined him at a couple of swing parties, and that had led to her first black man,not the last. As she saw the giant grinning black men leering at her and absently grabbing their bulging crotches, she felt her own pussy getting wet.But she stopped seeing Tyrone a year ago because she felt guilty and alsoworried about her lovely blonde daughter growing old enough to know what wasgoing on, her being out late, her father not ever discussing it, her own mother coming in obviously after making love to a man other than her father!
And now, what she thought was a salvation job offer was beginning to giveher second thoughts! She knew her whole family was selected for possible immigration to the country whose population was 9/10ths jet black and hada strong erotic fascination with light skinned whites, she wondered if they should have stayed and struggled longer in America! Looking at hertiny watch, she was supposed to be at the high school in 5 minutes, and delayed by traffic was now stopped by a street full of drivers ignoringthe stop signs!
Swearing that she would NOT be late for her first day at her new job,she decided to cross at the middle of the street when she saw a break intraffic. Immediately she heard a police whistle, and turned and saw anangry black face in the light blue uniform at the corner. She waved andsmiled, continuing across. Then she heard a second blast and heard a shout.She gave an apologetic wave, looked at her watch, and as she stepped on the curbbegan to walk rapidly away!
Only a few minutes away, she could see the big inner city high school'spillared columns as she heard running hobnailed boot footprints behind her.
Not believing it, wishing it wasn't about her, she increased her pace, ignoringanother angry shout! Just as she entered the quadrangle of the school she sawblack students look at her, no, behind her, and get out of the way, and thenshe felt her elbow grabbed hard enough to hurt and spun around, looking intothe chest and then up at a very angry sweating black face!
""Whhatchoo doo, white missy? You not hear me?"
Gasping, trying to release her elbow which raised and throwing heroff balance, "Oh, um, I'm sorry, I didn't understand you?"
He scowled, "you hear me awright! And you just walk away! Show disrespect!"
"Oh, I - I didn't mean to, officer, really! Can I just get a ticket or pay a fine for jaywalking? I mean I have a very important appointment at the school here!"
"You think what?" His mean smile made her shiver. "Yo goin nowhere now,missy!"
'W-wait," she protested as he turned her around, making her hurt, "Ooooww!your'e hurting me!"
"Haw, you Americans think you still in America, put dose hands back now!"
"B-but," as she felt her wrists enclosed by steel handcuffs, and nowshe was helpless, her big breasts forced outward by her shoulders beingpulled back.
"Now you come with me, missy, see the sergeant!"
Two hours later across town in their small apartment her husband Walterfrowned at the front window, as his luscious teenage blonde daughter madeher way from the store with a grocery bag, and several big black bucks madeobscene pitches, making him so angry, but the odd thing was, Hillary didn'tseem to mind at all. He grimaced as he wondered if she was like her motherregarding black males. And he hated making Hillary go to the grocery storeherself because he was afraid to. Afraid of being shouldered aside on thesidewalk with offhand remarks because he was smallish and small boned comparedto the ebony giants strutting around the city.
"Daddy, answer the door please!" Why didn't she just use her key, she only had one bag? AS he got up to answer it,he expected to see Hillary but instead saw a frowning big black face in a police uniform! Hillary was standing in the hallway, her bag on thefloor, her own big breasts arching out as her wrists were locked behindher back.
"Come with us, sir!"
"W-what, excuse m-me, b-but...!" he stammered.
"Your wife committed a bad offense today, sir! Disrespect topolice officer!"
"W-well, I'm sure we can, can explain...!" he paused as he sawthe second pair of handcuffs held out to him. Then he saw a big grinningpoliceman with the dreaded black elephant whip they used instead of police batons in Africa. It had a 6 foot reach and he watched and heardpeople writhe when hit with it!
Still he didn't want to show fear but also didn't want to be cuffed!
"Daddy, do what they want!"
"Put these cuffs on, sir!" the policeman repeated.
"B-but, I-I d-don't understand!" He tried to smile to pacify thembut then saw the giant black in back of his daughter roughly cup her bigbreasts, making her writhe!
"W-what are you d-doing?"
The policeman in charge nodded to two officers. "Give him five!"
One of them picked up his whip and pointed to a chair!
'No back talk, sir. Take your pants down now!" To his daughterhe smiled, "your daddy don't learn too good!"
'Haw," the giant cop cupping her breasts pressed his enormous hardonbetween her cheeks, "I rather be whippin this one's pretty blonde behind, datfo sho! It feel good!"
"You just wait for dat, hurry up, sir, or it will double!"
Blushing, trying not to cry, Walter dropped his pants, and at thenod of the policeman, his underwear, in front of 3 men and his daughter.
"He scream right away!"
"Naw, he last till 4!"
"Sissy Americans like him don't never last till 4!"
Resting his hands on the chair seat, his naked white buttocksarched up as one cop put a hand across them, fondling him as he arrangedhis growing boner with the other hand, he shivered. Then the other coptied his hands to the chair leg so he was helpless now! Told to spreadhis legs, he felt the big black hand cup his balls, and then squeeze hiscock, and the dominant rough brutality of it, the humiliation of the scenemade him start to get hard, and make the black cop squeeze his inflatingcock and laugh.
"Dat's enough! Do him and we got to get back!"
Frowning, the cop grunted, and stood back. Hillary watched in fascination,her father, who she always suspected of being weak, was still her father, andnow he was kneeling naked over a chair as one black man fondled her helplessly,while another was going to whip him like a child!
WHACK! ASIIEIEIEI! The cop looked at the other one and grinned,
"Ah told you so!"
wHACK! AEIIIIIE! By the fourth stroke he was sobbing between screams, burning red welts across his white butt, and still he was half hard, and the last one made him start to beg! Hillary was gasping as thecop in back pushed his inflated bulge up her butt crack, and squeezed eachnipple hard enough to make her writhe at the spectacle.
"That's enough, let him pull his pants up and let's go!"
"Sheee-it," the cop said, arranging his bulge and putting the whipdown, "we should make sure they got the right attitude, chief!"
"Later, they got a hearing in half an hour, all three of them!"
(2830) PRIM AND PROPERHere is a story I wrote a long time ago about how a very prim and proper married white female learned that things were not as she had thought. I hope you all enjoy it.Prim And ProperI have been married for seven years to a very successful sales representative. We live quite nicely in an exclusive part of town and money has never been a problem. What is a problem is the lack of attention I am getting from my husband, Jim. When we first got married we had sex three times a day every day. It was great, but it soon turned to once a day, then once a week and now it’s once a month. I want children but for some reason we have not been able to have any and now that sex is so infrequent, I doubt that I even stand a chance of getting pregnant. When we first got married I worked full time and kept busy but have now fallen into the stay-at-home-and-go-to-the-country-club-or-shopping kind of wife. I was bored and that is that.One day I had lunch with my friend, Sherry. She is a little wild and, although she would never tell just anybody, she often tells me of her escapades. Sherry was telling me how she disguised herself with sun glasses and a wig and went to a bar and got picked up. She had done this sort of thing before and so it was no big deal until she told me she was picked up by a black guy. You should have seen her face light up as she started talking about him. She went on and on about how great he was and how big he was, if you know what I mean. Sherry said it was so exciting that she almost turned back, but got her nerve up and went in the door to the all black bar. She said it did make her feel more comfortable when she got in there and saw three other white women inside being friendly with the guys.I asked her if they were hookers and she just laughed at me and said, “No way; these were married women and they were all still wearing their rings: I checked, ’cause I had mine off, but when I saw that they were all married and obviously not to the hunks they were cuddling, I decided to put mine back on. I found out that black guys actually prefer to pick up married white women over singles.”“Why’s that?” I asked.Sherry said, “Well I guess it’s ’cause they are only interested in sex and not a relationship. Black men really like sex better than white men and, let me tell you, they are much better at it, too.”Sherry went on to tell me how strange and scary it had been, but at the same time how it had been the most fantastic sex she had ever had. I told her she had just been lucky.Sherry smiled back and shook her head and said, “Lucky, huh? I have tried it with eight different black guys now and I must be the luckiest girl in the world, ’cause all eight fucked my brains out and all eight were better than any white guys I have ever had.”“Eight guys?” I asked her. “Are you nuts? What are you going to do when Ted finds out? You know he will: he always finds out sooner or later that you are running around and you have just been lucky that each time he found out it was already over and you were able to convince him that it was just a fling. What do you suppose he will say if he finds out you are sleeping with black guys?”Sherry said, “Do you know what? I really don’t care. If I had to make a choice between Ted and giving up black boyfriends, I hope I don’t hurt Ted to bad when I run over him on the way to my favourite black bar!”Over the next few weeks I thought about my nutty wild girlfriend, Sherry, and shook my head each time I did. I just could not imagine a white woman who had it as good as she did even thinking about lowering herself to be seen with black guys let alone go to bed with them. As the weeks went on, I noticed black men more and more often. It seemed that every TV show had a black man in it. I noticed that my husband was watching black men play sports and that they greatly outnumbered the white men. I asked him about it and he said that everybody knew black men were more physical than white men. He said that white men had the brains and black men had the brawn. Then I asked him if he ever heard the story about black men being, well, better endowed than white men. Oh yes, he said that was true, but that was because black men had been selected for breeding in the slave days and so it just carried on that they were better equipped to breed than white people. “But,” he said, “everybody knows it’s not the size that counts; it’s how you use it.”It made sense, what he was saying, but still the subject was on my mind. I started doing some research and found out that black males did indeed possess the ability to produce offspring better than whites. Black males had sperm counts that averaged twice that of white males. I also found out that black females had twice as many children, on average, as white females. I also found out that black females rarely had a problem conceiving; that it was a much lower rate than whites.Then I began to notice in magazines ads that showed a black male with whites. The black male always had a bigger bulge than the whites did. Sherry did say that size did count for a lot and not to believe the old tale about it’s how you use it. She said she had believed it for a long time herself but that, when she tried black, she found out it was baloney. Still I could never go to bed with a black man - I mean it just would not be right. I could not be the tramp that Sherry was and sex was just not that important.Then one day I had to go way over to the other side of town. I passed an adult book store and as I went by my curiosity got the better of me. I turned around and went back. I put on my sunglasses and my scarf over my head and went in. The place was empty of people except for the clerk, who was, to my surprise, a woman. She was friendly and greeted me as I came in. I began to relax a bit and started to look around. I looked over to see if she was watching me and noticed she had gone about her business. I was surprised at how neat and clean and well organized the place was. There were all kinds of items in the store from clothing to books, toys and videos. They even had a video room where a person could watch movies in private.I looked around for a while and came across some magazines that featured men. They were not shy at all and right on the cover was this handsome black man with the biggest cock I had ever seen. I mean it was unreal. It was at least three times bigger than my husband’s and the veins stuck out like ridges on it. From the looks of it, I would say it was made of iron, it looked so stiff and hard. As I picked up the magazine my heart began to race and I thought I might faint. I thought about putting it back but decided to keep it. Then I moved over to the toy section and I almost laughed. There were over two dozen dildos of different shapes and sizes. They also did different things. Some were plain while others vibrated or moved: they even had a few that could have the balls filled and squeezed at the proper moment. I found one that vibrated that was on the small side as far as what they carried but was a little bigger than my husband. It was flesh coloured and I took it to the counter. Again my heart began to race and I almost did not go through with it. The clerk came up and rang the stuff up just like it was no big deal and I paid her the money. She smiled at me and said thanks and hopped I would be back soon. I told her these were for a friend. And she smiled back and told me that my friend would really enjoy them and that maybe some time I should try some of the things out. She said she did and found that it helped relieve a lot of tension when her husband ignored her. I thanked her and left, still scared, but calmed down a bit now. As I went out the door and around the corner to the car park there were two black men coming right at me. I just knew they were going to rob me ’cause that’s what you hear all the time so I got real scared as they got close. They split and walked on each side of me and I knew I was going to be killed, but as they passed they just said hello and kept going. I got to my car and got in. I could not wait any longer and had to look at the magazine. It was in a sealed bag so I opened it and looked inside. My goodness were there some huge black cocks. The one on the cover was not the biggest one in the magazine. I was captivated. I leafed through the pages and stared at the pictures. I was fascinated and said to myself that Sherry sure was right about one thing: black cocks were bigger and sure did look stronger, too.There were also some letters in the magazine and several were from white women. I read them and each was similar in that each of the women had tried black cocks and found them better than white ones. All of the women felt they had been neglected by their husbands and they all said that size really did make a difference. I was fascinated but still, how could they, I mean go to bed with black guys? I mean these are the kind of people that should be locked up in a cage or kept on a leash: all they did was rob and kill and sell drugs. I just would never think of doing such a thing for real but fantasizing about it was fun.Just then I looked up and the two black men I had passed were coming towards me. I tried to start my car and the battery just went click, click, click. Oh my God, I surely would be killed or raped now. My heart was pounding so fast I nearly fainted again. Then one of them - the really black one - bent down by my window and tapped on it and asked if I was having trouble. I was so frightened I started to cry and nodded my head yes. He asked if I had a dead battery. I could not talk now and just nodded my head yes. He told me not to worry, that they had jump leads and if I would just pop the bonnet they could get me started. I knew it was just a trick but I had no choice. I thought if I cooperated they might just only rob and rape me, but I would still be alive, so I popped the hood.The other black guy moved his car a bit and soon they were hooking up the cables. After a few minutes they told me to try it. I did and the car started. They closed the bonnet and the really black guy came over to my window and said, “You’ll be okay now, ma’am. Just don’t turn the car off until you get home and have your husband check out your battery.”I could not believe it. They were going to let me live. I drove home and by the time I got home I realized I had been afraid for no reason. I actually started to feel ashamed of the thoughts I had about blacks. I got in the house and the excitement from the day had me wound up. I went into the bedroom and got undressed. I washed the dildo and lubricated it well. I turned it on and started to work it against my clit. Soon it was going in me and it felt pretty good. I pushed it in as far as it would go and then squeezed my legs together and felt it vibrate. I got the magazine and began to look at the pictures and read the stories. Soon I was rolling over and closing my eyes. My fingers began to rub and squeeze my nipples; something I had never done before. As I lay there I soon realized that my thoughts had turned to the two black men in the car park. I found myself terribly aroused and ready to cum. I reached down and grabbed the vibrating dildo and began to frig myself with it. In seconds I was having an earth shattering orgasm; one better than ever before. I also realized I was talking as I was doing this. What I was saying shocked me.I was saying, “Fuck me, you black bastard, fuck me, fuck me hard, you black bastard, fuck me.”My God, what had come over me? I was shocked and ashamed that I had done and said what I had. I quickly cleaned off the dildo and hid it and the magazine. Then I prepared dinner.I ignored the incident for the next two days, but by the third day I found my sexual appetite beginning to grow again. I retrieved my book and toy from hiding and had a repeat of the session a few days before. It was very satisfying and when I was done I convinced myself that it was harmless and just a way to relive my sexual tensions.Over the next week I began to increase the frequency of my play times. I had also read the entire magazine several times now and was getting a little bored with it. I decided to make another trip to the adult book store on the other side of town. I drove over and went in. This time there were several men in the store. This scared me, but the clerk remembered me and I felt okay. She asked if my friend had enjoyed the gifts and I told her she did very much. She said she was glad and told me to ask for help if I needed it. I looked around for a while and picked out several more magazines. This time there was one that had black men and white women in it. Just that one picture made me so hot I thought I would climax right then and there. I was walking around in a daze and was staring at the dildos. Karen, the clerk, came over and picked up a big black one that was motorized and had balls that could be filled. The price was $89.00. She told me that this was the best one for relieving tension. She said she had one just like it and it was great. She said it really made her husband jealous.I asked her, “You mean your husband knows you use one of these?”“Sure,” she said, “every time he ignores me I use it and, let me tell you honey, it stays hard until I’m done, not until he’s done. Don’t let any man tell you size does not count, ’cause I’m here to tell you it does. Look, I’ll make you a special deal on this one: I’ll take $20.00 off.”I took her up on the deal but since money was no problem for me I slapped an extra $20.00 down and told her it was a tip for good advice. On my way back to the car guess who I ran into? The two black guys who helped me the week before. They recognized me and asked how I was doing. I chatted with them for a few minutes and thanked them saying I wish I could repay them somehow. They said there was no need but if I wanted to I could buy them a cup of coffee some day. They said they stopped by here every Friday at 3:00 on their way home for work. I thanked them again and went on.I raced home and tried out my new toy. God, it was huge. It took a little work but I really was quite surprised at how easily it went in. The motor caused it to move in and out as well as vibrate. I had filled the balls with warm water. As I looked in the magazine with the black men and white women I was captivated. The contrast of the dark skin against the lily white females was amazing. One picture showed a huge black cock lying on a girl’s white breasts and I mean it was huge. She had a big smile on her face and I knew what she was smiling about. 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As it was I barely had time to gather the stuff and get into the master bathroom before Jim came in. He wanted to know why I wasn’t ready and I was so engrossed in what I had been doing that I had no idea at first about what he was talking. He then reminded me we were having diner with the Smiths and Nelsons at Branigan’s, one of the most exclusive restaurants in town.I quickly got dressed in my new $900.00 dress while Jim put on his hand made suit that cost him over $2,200.00. Maria, my maid, helped me with my jewels and we were soon on the way to Branigan’s. The valet parked the car and we went in. The Nelsons and Smiths were already seated and having drinks. We did this sort of thing once a month. It was more of a show off dinner but we usually had a good time. The dinner usually cost about $90.00 per person but the new clothing and jewellery we all bought cost well over $1500.00 per person. Shortly after we arrived, an interracial couple was seated a few tables away. Ed Nelson made the remark that this place was now going to the dogs and several of the others chimed in and said their two cents worth. I was staring at the couple, noticing how happy the white woman seemed and how much a perfect gentleman the black man was. He had held his wife’s chair for her and was paying attention. Suddenly I realized that everyone at my table was trying to include me. I just brushed it off.I kept stealing looks as we waited for dinner. Then I noticed the woman get up sort of funny and head for the restrooms. It was then that I could see she was pregnant. I excused myself and went to the ladies’ room. The other two women at the table asked me if I wanted their company and I told them no, I would only be a minute. When I went in she was fixing her make-up and I asked, “When’s your baby due?”She said, “In two weeks,” and was very excited about it.I asked, “Is this your first?” and she said it was. Then she asked me if I had any kids. I told her no but that I wished I did.She said, “If you were married to my husband you would have kids. He wants 10 and as frisky as he is I don’t think I will get a chance to stop before then.”I asked her if ten was not a bit much. She told me that it was the right thing to do for her husband. She said that she had dated a lot of men before dating him and after the first night she knew he was the one she wanted. “A lot of people think I’m terrible because I married a black man, but let me tell you, I dated a lot of white guys before I met my husband and not one of them could hold a candle to him in bed and I’m not ashamed to admit it. He can’t keep his hands off me: I get lots of attention.”I wished her luck with her baby and went back to the table. Everybody noticed I was distracted at the table and I just said I had a headache.On the way home I asked Jim about us having kids. He told me to forget about it. I told him I wanted to us to go to bed together and make love when we got home and he told me, “After the football game.” He fell asleep as soon as he got into bed. I was mad. Here I was with what looked like everything from the outside. We lived in a $300,000 home, had two new Lincolns to drive, I had a maid and wore thousand dollar dresses. But what I did not have mattered most and that was a love life. I began going to the adult book store three times a week. I saw the two black guys again on Friday as I came out. I started to leave and decided, “To hell with it.” I waited for them to come up and told them it was time I bought them coffee. I followed them to a little coffee shop near by and introduced myself. They told me their names were Don and George. I found out they both worked in the factory where my husband was a sales rep. Their shift ended at half past two each day and they drove only a few blocks away from where I lived. They were both friendly and nice men. Finally Don said, “Rebecca, when you are ready, you just let us know, just take your time.”I pretended I didn’t know what he was talking about. He came back with, “Listen, Rebecca, you’re a pretty, rich, white woman on the wrong side of town making regular trips to the adult book store. We know you have been buying magazines with black guys and white women in them and we know you have been buying black sex toys. We also figured out you were scared to death of us when you first saw us and probably thought we would rob and rape you. But you kept coming back like something inside of you said that even that would be better than how it was now. Am I right?”He knew more about my feelings and problems than I did. I felt found out but relieved at the same time. I started to cry and told them that, “My husband ignores me and doesn’t care about me.”They tried to comfort me and finally we went outside. I got in the back of their car and Don sat beside me. George drove the car away. Don held me and rubbed my back. I found my self becoming sexually aroused and in a short time Don said, “Look out the window, Rebecca.”I did and noticed we were in the black section of town.Don said, “Just think about how many black cocks there are right here that you could go out and enjoy and nobody but you would ever know.” It was scary as hell but very exciting as well. Don picked up my hand and placed it on his crotch. I instantly felt his hard cock through the fabric. I grabbed it a few times because I just could not believe it was so big and so hard. He smiled at me and told me to take it out. I gave him an unsure look and he said, “We can stop any time you want, but I know what you want and what you need.”I unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. I reached in and felt a hot silky black-skinned cock throbbing in my hand. I got it all out and my mouth dropped open. It was so huge and so black. Don’s cock was much blacker than he was but the head of it was somewhat lighter.My mouth was still open and Don said, “Baby, that black dick is long but it can’t reach all the way up to your mouth. You got your mouth open like you think it can! Why don’t you suck it for me?”I was shocked; I told him I had never done anything like that. He said that it was time that that changed. He told me to kiss his cock and to do it now. He didn’t say it meanly but he did say it with authority. I slowly lowered my lips to his cock and kissed it. His cock gave off a musky aroma that was not unpleasant, but it was captivating. He put his hand on my head and told me to give his cock wet kisses; lots of them. I did as he said and noticed my heart beginning to race. I was also aware that his other hand had moved down my back to my bum and he was squeezing it as I kissed his beautiful hard black cock. After a few moments of kissing his cock he told me to lick it. 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You must remember, Rebecca, that only good little white sluts are rewarded with black cock.” (He would talk like this whenever we had sex from then on}.I did not realize it at the time, but he was training me to obey him and as a reward he would allow me the pleasure of a black cock. I noticed he was rubbing me faster and harder and that his hand was firmer on my head. Then he told me he was going to fill my mouth with his black seed and that I was not to waste a drop of it; that I must swallow all of it. I didn’t care what he said any more. I was having a mind blowing experience. Soon I felt his hot cum hit the back of my mouth. I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could. It tasted good and not at all like I thought it would. I sucked until he stopped me. I told him it was good, but I wished he had not cum. 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Sos Is looking fors some help.”I could not believe what I had just heard him say, but then there was nothing I could do about it. I was so hot and lying there stark naked with that big black cock working me to a frenzy.Don said, “You said you would prove it: now’s your chance, white girl.”They all took turns. I never did get a count but Don told me I had six black men take a turn. Some of them had several turns. They opened the door by my head and there were always two at a time on me; one with his long black dick in my mouth and the other with his big black cock in my dripping pussy. All I know is that I did not mind any of it. I had more sex, better sex and was more satisfied than anytime in my life. Several times two would stand over my face and I would lick their cocks and stroke them one in each hand until they shot hot black cum on my face, tits, and in my hair and open mouth. My eyes were filled with their sticky black jism and I loved it. 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I then knelt in front of each one and licked their balls and cock clean, finishing with a suck to drain them as a thank-you.Don tossed me a towel when I had finished the last one and I wiped some of the cum from my face. We got back in the car and I leaned over and started to suck his fantastic black cock. I told him I was grateful for all he had done for me. He was like a hero sharing me with his black friends so I could get what I needed so badly. He told me he was not done yet. I told him that I did not think I could really take any more sex today. Don laughed and said, “No baby, not today; you have had enough for one day, but from now on there will be some changes. First of all, you’re going to take some of the money your husband makes and buy some new clothes. I want you in skirts; no more pants. I want those skirts no more than half way to your knees. No more panty hose. It’s nylons from now on. And heels, I want you in 4 inch spike heels.”I agreed to what ever he said, I was just so happy.When we got back to my car I was still not dressed and had to put my clothes back on. Cum was still seeping out of my cunt and arse. I didn’t care and just got dressed. I got home just before my husband and took a bath. I went to bed early and dreamed sweet dreams.The next morning Maria told me there was a call for me and that it sounded like a black man. I took the call and it was Leo, one of the gang bangers from the day before. He told, not asked, me, that he would be there in half an hour and to be ready for him to fuck me. I asked him how I would explain his presence. He said, “Tell them you’re interviewing for a handy man.”So I did and Leo showed up. We went into the study and Leo was soon poking me with his nine inch black rod. He pumped me for quite a while and I came several times then he shot his hot fertile load in me. 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We sat at a table and soon a large black man came over to the table and said, “Dat’s a nice white bitch yous gots there.”Don smiled back and said, “Better than any you ever had.”“Hows you knows dat?” came the reply.Don smiled back and said, “I know, I know.” Then he told me to stand up. I did, feeling nervous. Next he told me to raise my skirt so the man could see the merchandise. I did until my panties showed. Don told me to take them off. I questioned him and he said, “Listen, bitch, I told you to show the man the merchandise and you better get those panties off or you’ll be wearing them in your mouth the rest of the night.”I started to shake. I reached under and took my panties off and lifted my dress again. Most of the others in the bar were now watching. Don told me to show the other side. I turned and lifted, revealing my lily white bum to this stranger and most of the others in the bar. Then Don told me to show my tits to him. I opened my dress and took off my bra. Both my nipples were rock hard from the embarrassment and excitement of the situation.The stranger asked how much and Don told him the first time was a beer for him and after that it was $5.00. I was totally shocked and my mouth flew open. Don saw it and laughed. He said, “I was not sure you would pay more than $5.00 for him to fuck you as you might run out of money before the night is over.” I was shocked again. I mean, I am a well to do, attractive white woman and I was not about to pay any black man to fuck me. I told Don so. He grabbed me by the hair pulled me over his lap and spanked my bare bottom right there while everybody watched and laughed. After he had spanked me for a while he told the stranger to stick his black dick in my mouth. The stranger did just that and I soon forgot about the pain on my arse and got into what I was being trained to do. 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All his friends and relatives know I am pregnant but they have no idea that it was one of a hundred or more black cocks that impregnated me. I am saving that for when they visit at the hospital or when I first come home. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they see that Jim’s pretty white wife has given birth to a black child. I just know I am going to have a blast explaining about it and I hope to convert some of my pretty prim and proper white friends. What’s next for us? More black babies for sure. Sherry and I want to have as many black babies as we can. We feel it’s only right to show our love for black cocks. Teaching our husbands how to be black cock craving white sluts so they can suck and fuck right along with us! Jim won’t admit it yet but I see the way he now sucks the hard black cocks that are waiting to fuck my white pussy. He does it with care; not like he did at first, just to get through it. And I also have noticed that he is now beginning to hump the superior black dicks that are filling his arse and unloading their black seed in it. I am increasing his black cocks from one a week to four a week this week and it will go to 7 a week next week then 14 a week the week after. Then I am going to shut him off until he breaks down and begs for them. I will make him suffer for a few days then Don can take him to the warehouse where the guys can gang bang him. That will do the trick, I am sure. I am also increasing his feminine role as this goes on. I plan to have him very well feminized by then so that the black studs will want to fuck him and make him suck their cocks. I think it will be great when he is approached by a black hunk and curtsies to him as he addresses the black man as master and then sinks to his knees in preparation for worshiping the supreme black cock. I love seeing my husband humiliated and dehumanized by these wonderful black lovers of mine. It’s just so sexy and makes the black man doing it a real sex object to me. I love to be fucked and especially impregnated by black cocks but the biggest turn on for me is being fucked by Don with his fantastic rock hard black cock and feeling his black balls banging against me while looking over at my sissy wimp husband dressed as a female with his red lipstick covered lips wrapped around a thick hard black cock and a second black cock pumping his arse full of fertile black seed: it’s just the best. Whichever woman that said diamonds are a girl’s best friend must have said it before she tried black cock!Jim is forced to watch as my lovers work me over at home. Most of the time when we are out at a black bar he is forced to sit at the table with Don and listen to the humiliating remarks said about his manhood or lack thereof. Jim no longer sits at the head of the table. That place is saved for Don. Jim is at the table however, as a servant. He must stand and wait on Don throughout the meal. If Don drops or throws some food on he floor Jim is expected to get down on his hands and knees and lick it up. Don loves to see Jim humbled in such a manner as he knows it makes me extra hot. Don keeps adding to Jim’s subjugation and humiliation. Recently he gave Jim a photo of Don and me naked and engaged tightly together to carry in his wallet. Then he gave him a new emergency card already filled out. In an emergency the caller is to call Don and under relation it says “Master and wife’s black lover.” I have added my two cents worth as well by making Jim wear feminine clothing and make-up when at home. I think it will make him more attractive to the blacks who visit and hopefully they will begin to treat him as a girl. I make him wear a black butt plug in his bottom all the time now to get well stretched for his new role as a black cock craving white slut.
What is expected?
Blacks have the right and expectation to be assured that white females will present themselves in a respectable manner and then meet certain criteria. Each Black owner will then train each white female servant to meet their particular requirements. So what we will discuss here is general presentation of the white female to a Black owner for further enhancement.
The white female must first realize that her Black owner, male or female is going to expect she dress nicely. In a manner that accents her features. She may not dress sloppily or without regard to style. This means no sweats, no pants (unless very short and very tight hot pants). It also means that what she wears underneath must be pretty and sexy as well. Panty hose is a huge NO, No. and in fact the white female should not wear panties at all. Her bra should be a uplift style and open if possible or no bra at all. Tops should be low cut and thin and skirts must be short and flattering.
The white female must understand that her husband or white boyfriend did NOT want her to look good. He was always in fear of others taking her away or her finding out how good real men (Black Men) are. So his idea of how she was to dress was to make her look dumpy or frumpy or just plain. He wanted her to dress for him not her and of course this did not help her to look her best.
The Black Master does not have this concnerns. He is not afraid of other males, especially white males. He wants her to look her best so she can feel her beauty and see how others react to her beauty. The white female is like art and should be displayed and viewed and enjoyed, not hidden as if she were an embarrassment. The Black owner is proud of what he owns and wants his property to be displayed for others to enjoy as well. This must always be kept in mind when the white female is presenting herself to her new Black owner.
The black owner is a busy and important person and does not have time to fiddle or wait. That is why she should never wear panties or bra. If he wants to feel her or look at her or display her to his friends there should be no delay or anything to hamper this action.
The female must always be clean and presentable. It’s best for her to shave her pubics or at least trim them very tight. Her head hair must be clean and brushed and her make up in such a manner as to accent her looks not diminish them.
Attitude is also important. She must be attentive making sure she pays all her attention to her owner, that she does for him. She must be completely loyal and obedient and never doodle when given a command or expected to do something. She must remember she is HIS property and her goals must match HIS. When he expects something from her she must deliver without hesitation or complaint. She must understand that her Black Master knows what is best for her and by her doing what she is told or what is expected of her she will become a much happier and more content person. She will be well satisfied and taken care of.

Her attitude must also be proper. It must be respectful and submissive. She must be the perfect wife to her new Black owner, love, honor and obey. Her attitude must be one of pleasing. If she works hard at pleasing her Black Master he will reward her kindly and she will be happy. She must never contradict or argue with him, she must remember he is her superior in every way and she can only learn and follow not lead. She must respect his guests and friends and other wife’s both Black and white. She must also work to control any white males that are servants as well. Her status is above the lowly white male but below the superior Black male at all times.
Above all she must take her training very seriously. It is NOT up to her how she will look, act or respond that is up to the Superior Black who owns her. She must work diligently at pleasing her black owner by improving herself to her owner’s expectations.
The perspective white female servant can achieve great things in her service to Black owners. All she has to do is be loyal, dedicated and obedient and she has it made. The Black owner seeking a perspective white female servant needs these characteristics in order to spend their valuable time in training and indoctrinating the white female into a perfect white servant to Blacks.
Presented by Blacks for improved white servants
White females with husbands or boyfriends must understand that her new Black owner expects her to be loyal to him and not them. They are to be completely shut off sexually and her sexual loyalty devoted entirely to her Black owner and his or her whims. Black owners often share their white servants with others and if told to give her self to another Black she must do so without hesitation and treat him or her like the King or Queen they are but this never applies to another white, no matter even if that white is her husband. All her sexual rights belong to the Black owner and none to any white and especially to any white husband. She may find this somewhat difficult in the beginning because of habit but once she feels the power of her Black owner and experiences the satisfaction and joy that only a Black owner can provide she will overcome these feelings easily but until then she must obey her owner to the letter or suffer the consequences.
What is expected?
Blacks have the right and expectation to be assured that white males will present themselves in a respectable manner and then meet certain criteria. Each Black owner will then train each white male servant to meet their particular requirements. So what we will discuss is the general presentation of the white male to a Black owner for this enhancement.

The Black Master must have concnerns about how his white male servant will act and respond. By dressing him in the above manner he has no more concnerns. The white male is like art and should be displayed and viewed and enjoyed, not hidden as if he were an embarrassment but he should be displayed in a manner that lets all know who owns him and that he is owned and not a free thinking person. The Black owner is proud of what he owns and wants his property to be displayed for others to enjoy as well. This must always be kept in mind when the white male is presenting himself to his new Black owner.
The black owner is a busy and important person and does not have time to fiddle or wait. When the male servant is given an order the order must be acted upon immediately without hesitation or resistance. It is not up to the white male to judge or question, he must understand that his Black owner is at least ten times as smart as he and that his only purpose in life is to serve his Black superiors. He must also serve with joy, a complaining or soulful expression will not due for a white male servant and if this should occur the Black owner has only one recourse, swift and strict discipline.
The male must always be clean and presentable. It’s best for him to shave his pubics’ or at least trim them very tight. His head hair should be allowed to grow into a feminine style and it must be clean and brushed and his make up in such a manner as to accent his looks not diminish them.
Attitude is also important. He must be attentive making sure he pays all his attention to his owner, that he does for him. He must be completely loyal and obedient and never doodle when given a command or expected to do something. He must remember he is HIS property and his goals must match HIS. When he expects something from his servant the servant must deliver without hesitation or complaint. He must understand that his Black Master knows what is best for his and by his doing what he is told or what is expected of his he will become a much happier and more content person. He will be well satisfied and taken care of.
White males with wives or girlfriends must understand that his new Black owner expects him to be loyal to him and not them. They are to be completely shut off sexually and his sexual loyalty devoted entirely to his Black owner and his or his whims. Black owners often share their white servants with others and if told to give him self to another Black he must do so without hesitation and treat him or her like the King or Queen they are but this never applies to another white, no matter even if that white is his wife. All his sexual rights belong to the Black owner and none to any white and especially to any white female. He may find this somewhat difficult in the beginning because of habit but once he feels the power of his Black owner and experiences the satisfaction and joy that only a Black owner can provide he will overcome these feelings easily but until then he must obey his owner to the letter or suffer the consequences.
His attitude must also be proper. It must be respectful and submissive. He must be the perfect wife to his new Black owner, love, honor and obey. His attitude must be one of pleasing. If he works hard at pleasing his Black Master he will reward his kindly and he will be happy. He must never contradict or argue with him, he must remember he is his superior in every way and he can only learn and follow not lead. He must respect his guests and friends and wives’ both Black and white. His status is below the white female, Black female and below the superior Black male at all times.
Above all he must take his training very seriously. It is NOT up to his how he will look, act or respond that is up to the Superior Black who owns his. He must work diligently at pleasing his black owner by improving himself to his owner’s expectations.
The perspective white male servant can achieve great things in his service to Black owners. All he has to do is be loyal, dedicated and obedient and he has it made. The Black owner seeking a perspective white male servant needs these characteristics in order to spend their valuable time in training and indoctrinating the white male into a perfect white servant to Blacks.
Presented by Blacks for improved white servants
The white male must first realize that his Black owner, male or female is going to expect he dress appropriately. In a manner that diminishes his manhood and accents his submission. He is not dressing to impress other males or females but rather to display his recognition that he is a servant and inferior to his owners. This typically means unisex or feminine clothing to one degree or another. It also typically means tucking or chastity of his male genitals. Many Black owners prefer to see the male turned into a feminine maid. This accomplishes several tasks at once. First it places a mind set on the white male so that he understands he is the maid and has no male or manly purpose. Second it tells others that this white male servant accepts his status and place in the home and third it tells all the white females that he is not really a man and should not be considered one or treated as one. This all accomplishes the specific goal of indoctrinating the whites as to their place in their Black owner’s home. A white male dressed in a maid’s uniform, heels and makeup has no questions about who is boss or what his status is neither does his wife.
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His cock went right in without any problem or resistance. To tell you the truth, after having eight and ten inches inside of you, four and half just didn't quite make it. When my husband started fucking me, I couldn't help myself and I asked him, "are you in?" "Yes" my husband replied and then he came. "What was that, ten or twelve strokes honey?" I could tell my husband was hurt by my comments, but I was hurt that he was so small, now that I tasted the forbidden fruit.My husband sat back please with his accomplishment and Jim laid me on the couch. He then stood up and removed his clothing while staring at my pussy. "You're going to love this" he told me. Jim then got on the couch between my legs. I reached down and took his cock in my hand to guide him. I was so wet that Jim was able to get inside of me easily. Once he was all the way inside of me, I just held my breath. I was so huge and Jim touched me in places my husband never could. Then Jim proceeded to pound his massive cock into me and within the next thirty minutes, Jim was able to give me more orgasms than my husband had for the entire previous month. And, on top of that, my pussy was so sore. As they say, for the first time in my life, I was screwed, tattooed and put away wet. The next morning I woke up with my husband lightly kissing my neck. I was laying on my side with my back to him and I could feel his erection pressing against my ass. After last night of complete and total satisfaction, I didn't know if I was really up for sex, but I loved my husband. When I laid on my back, my husband started to shower me with kisses telling me how much he loved me, how great last night was and how horny he was from remembering the experience. I rolled over on too my back and my husband went for my breast like a starving man. After a few nibbles at my breast, he was on top of me and forced himself into my dry pussy. It didn't take him long to cum and for the first time in our relationship, I was disappointed. I was disappointed in his size and in his lack of attention for my needs. I spent the rest of the day in an emotional turmoil. At times I was wet from thinking about Jim and his huge cock and then I became angry from this mornings events. That night, I decided, if things were going to change, it would be up to me to make the changes. I realized I had to change our sex life from mediocre sex to great sex. I also realized I had a challenge in front of me because of the size of my husband's cock. Deep down I knew what I like and I was going to convey my wishes to my husband When my husband came to bed that night, I told him that I wanted three orgasms before he came. Then I proceeded to direct my husband on how to kiss my neck, kiss the inside of the thighs, how to fondle my breast and how to go down on me while wiggling his fingers inside of me. I was on top of my husband grinding my pussy into his cock, working on my second orgasm when he came. I was so disappointed in him but not finished. I got on my back, spread my legs and told my husband he owed me one more orgasm and I expected him to go down on me and give the last orgasm with his tongue. If you could have seen the look of shock on his face. My husband told me that it is gross to go down on my pussy while it was filled with his cum. I shook my head in disgust, rolled over and went to sleep. I didn't talk to me husband for three days. I ignored his advances, his conversation and his touch. I was so mad at him that I sleep on the couch for those three days, just to let him know how mad I was at him. During dinner Wednesday night, my husband pleaded with me to tell him what he could do to make it up to me. Finally I spoke. I told my husband that if he wanted to make it up to me that this Saturday night I wanted Jim to come over and bring a friend. The two of them would have sex with me while he watched and learned how men made love to a woman. My husband was hurt and refused. No problem I told him, no more pussy for him and he had to sleep on the couch from now on. Conversation between my husband and I was minimal for the rest of the week and I wouldn't let him touch me. On Friday night, I left my bedroom door opened slightly and masturbated making sure my husband could hear my moans of orgasms coming from the bedroom. Saturday morning I sleep in late. When I woke up, the house was cleaned, coffee on and my husband was smiling at me. "Jim and a friend will be over around 8pm tonight, is that ok dear?" my husband asked me? "Perfect" I replied. My husband and I enjoyed the rest of the day working on honey-do's around the house and there was a lot of conversation between us, just like best friends. Plus there was a lot of touching and kissing going on between us, but nothing sexual. I wanted to save that for later. Around 7pm, I went into the bathroom to get ready for my guest who were coming over. I wanted to make sure that I looked and smelled my best. A long bath, lots of shaving, make-up just right. I was so horny that if they guys didn't show up soon, I would be fucking the doorknob! Then I had an idea. Why get dressed, why not just meet them in the bedroom. I called my husband to the bathroom and informed him when I guest arrived, to give me five minutes and then escort them into the bedroom for me. I wanted to make sure everything was just right. From the lighting to how I would greet them. When the doorbell rang, I ran to the bedroom, pulled back all the covers, turn down the light and got under the top sheet. In about five minutes, in walked Jim, with my husband and a black man. At first I was shocked never considering have sex with someone outside of my race, but I was so horny and didn't want to debate the issue. Jim introduced his friend as Scott. "Don't leave a girl hanging boys" I said and both of them were quickly out of their cloths and lying besides me. Scott pulled me into his arms and gave me a deep kiss while Jim was kissing and feeling the rest of me from behind me. I let my hand run down Scott chest to his stomach to his cock. As I felt his cock, I soon realized it was bigger than Jim's cock. I kept one hand on Scott's cock and reach behind me until I found Jim's cock. As my hands roamed up both cocks, I then knew Scott's cock was bigger than Jim's was. I would have to guess that Scott's cock was at least ten inches if Jim's cock was eight. I had to have Scott's cock in my mouth just to see how much of it I could swallow. I was only able to get half of Scott's cock into my mouth. While I was sucking Scott's cock, Jim penetrated me from behind. I was in heaven. Somewhere while all of this was going on, I did manage to look over to the corner of the bedroom and noticed my husband was nude in a chair slowly stoking his puny pencil dick. I was wondering since Jim's cock stuffed me, what would Scott's cock do to me? I rolled Scott onto his back, left Jim's cock hanging and got on top of Scott and slowly lowered my pussy over Scott's cock until I had him completely inside of me. I just rested there for a minute enjoying the moment. When Jim stuck his cock to my mouth, I was brought back to reality and at one time, sucking Jim while fucking Scott. I had an orgasm that just about blew the top of my head off! After the first orgasm, all I could do was lay on my back with my legs spread and let each man enjoy my body, or was I enjoying their bodies? After both men had fucked me silly and came themselves, they left for the night. After my husband returned from seeing the men to the door, I was still in the middle of the bed with my legs spread. I just couldn't move from being so exhausted from all the orgasms. Cum ran out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass. "Honey, have you cum yet?" I asked my husband. He crawled into bed and laid down next to me and told me he hasn't. "Would you like to fuck your sore wife?" I asked. My husband just smiles broadly and started to get between my legs when I stopped him. "First, I want an orgasm with your tongue." "I can't do that, there is cum down there." he replied. "So?" I asked. "I can't, please don't make me." he cried. "Well, good night then." Then I gave him a quick kiss and rolled over to go to sleep. I knew it wouldn't take long as I was totally exhausted. My husband started pleading with me to let me fuck him, but his whining just went ignored. Finally, my husband agreed to give me one more oral orgasm and I rolled onto my back and spread my legs for him. While I was sucking on his cock, my husband pulled my dress up over my ass and was playing with my clit. It didn't take me long to cum. After I recovered from my first orgasm, the men stood me up, pull my dress off of me and laid me in the middle of the couch. Jim went down on me and started eating my pussy and my husband shoved his cock into my mouth. Wow, what an experience. Giving and getting head at the same time! When I approached my second orgasm, my husband came in my mouth. One thing about it, I was able to take my husbands entire cock into my mouth.
Q: What does a Keebler elf and a white person have in common?A: They both make crackers! Q: Whats long and thick on a white boy?A: Nothing
Q: What's black and blue and floats?A: A white boy who told too many black jokes
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Q: Why do white women have vaginas?A: So black men will talk to them.
Q: What do white boys use for birth control?A: Their personalities.
Q: Why don't women blink during sex with white boys?A: They don't have time.
Q: What's a white boy's idea of foreplay?A: A half hour of begging.
Q: How many white boys does it take to screw in a light?A: None white boys can't screw right.
Q: What 5 sizes does a penis come in?A: Small, medium, large, Oh my God , & does it come in white?
What's white and ten inches long?Absolutely nothing!
What's the difference between a white man and a snake?One is a evil, cold-blooded, slimy creature, and the other is asnake.
What do white girls and the Bermuda triangle have in common?They both swallow a lot of semen.
white slave family
The family consisted of me,( the grandfather), my wife, (also my owner), my daughter, her two children a boy 14 and a girl 15, and two sisters in law. My wife and i lived together in one home. My daughter and her children lived in 1/2 a duplex, the other half occupied by the sisters in law. Since a large insurance settlement, no one worked outside the home and the children went to a private school. the ages of the adults were, my daughter-38; my sister in law Meg, 55, my other sister in law pam, 66; my wife (pams twin) 66 and me, 71. we were all healthy and had been pretty vanilla most of our lives. With the advent of the insurance settlement came the predators. And two predators in particular became the total owners of this family.
Master Leroy and Mistress Arethra were two extremely powerful BLACK PERSONS. The dominated our family with sheer power of will and awe. My daughter was the first to succumb, being seduced by Master Leroy within hours of their first meeting. He was a BIG man. 6'6 and 220 rock hard pounds. His cock was 9" flacid and 12" hard. His staying power was prodigous. My daughter Sarah, had been divorced and celibate for 10 years. When Master Leroy bedded Her She became his property!! He not only took Her body, he took her soul. And through Her, he and Mistress came into our lives. We still owned a rental property a block from our living quarters and we gave that to Them.full title. We then, one by one became enslaved to this powerful Black couple. it would be too long a story to detail each successive conquest, but it is fair to say that this white, christian family became slaves within a week of meeting Master and Mistress. One week.
Now, i as the patriarch of the family had long ago been enslaved to my wife. She owned me just like she owned all our property. And She revelled in humiliating me and torturing me. When the settlement came in She bought the big house on the water and spent over a hundred thousand dollars building the ultimate dungeon. She became friends with a dozen Dommes in the area and they all had a wonderfull time at her house. So it was quite surprising to me to see this Dominatrix Owner of me, succumb to the Black Couple. While the women in my family continued to own me, they in turn were owned by Master leroy and Mistress Arethra!
My sister in law would drive my grandkids to school every day. a long drive. as soon as She left, my daughter would go to Masters house. There She would strip naked, put on a steel collar that said "slave sarah". add ankle and wrist cuffs connected with heavy link chain, and finally insert in her rectum the remote controlled electric butt plug. Then She would begin her daily chores. washing dishes, vacuming, doing laundry and all the housework. Mistress Arethra would be sleeping. When she woke she would usually press the remote and a shock would heat up sarahs rectum. sarah would then become Arethra's personal maid, bathing her, painting her toenails, brushing her hair, massaging her big big buttocks, for Arethra was a BBW. Sometimes Arethra would have sarah lick her pussy, sometimes rim her asshole, and sometimes she would whip sarah's ass until she couldn't sit down. not that she was allowed to sit. She was a workhorse. At 3 every day she would return to her house to prepare dinner for the kids.
When Master Leroy returned from his job in the city, he would often call on june, (my wife) and tell her to come give him a hummer. This pleased june because she too was mesmorized by the size of Master cock. Master enjoyed cumming on junes face and making her wear it to bed. sometimes it was pam, or meg.
each month Mistress Arethra hosted a luncheon of the Black Womens Caucus. A Dominatrix club devoted to enslaving white men and women. on those occasions, the whole family, sans the kids, would attend as servants. each naked. each collared, each chained, each butt plugged. we would serve the sandwiches, and pie and drinks and whatever. we would keep everyones coffe cup filled. we would glide in and out in total silence, for we were forbidden to ever speak while in the presence of our Black Superiors. Usually, after lunch and the political meeting, we would furnish the entertainment. A favorite of the Caucus Ladies, was to have my daughter beat me up. Her fists, flying at my face and gut and Her knees slaming my balls up into my body. Only when i was unconcious would the pummeling stop. Then my daughter would sit on my face and shit in my mouth. The Black Ladies thought that hilarious. And to tell the truth, so did my daughter! She had been one of my owners for 5 years and had so totally broken me that a mere look from Her and i would tremble and rush to obey. Less fun for sarah was when the ladies had Her make tender and passionate love to her Mother! licking mothers pussy, kissing her and sucking on her breasts while her mother responded like a virgin on her wedding night. And so went our daily lives.
On my grandsons 14th birthday, he was brought to the Masters house. His Mother told him that our family were slaves and that at 14 he too was their slave. To prove it, She ripped off his clothes and forced him to the floor where She sat on his face and masturbated him. Then She rolled his sobbing body over and with a strap on dildo, raped his ass. She told him that for the next month that wouldl happen every day, but not always with her. She said his sister would be fucking him too and Master Leroy would be fucking his mouth and Mistress Arethra would be draining his cock until is spewed blood.
The ad caused Becky Smith’s juices to stir; she read it three times and then read it three more times. Could it be true? Did it really say, “Prominent Professional Black Couple seeks white servants to fill domestic position in their home” Call 555 1212. She nearly tripped as she ran up the stairs to her husbands training center and blurted out what the ad said. His response was only an excited moan.
Just as Becky was about to get angry at her husband she realized the only response he could give as a moan as long as that large Black penis gag was locked in his mouth. Becky had continued her husband training even though her Black lover had been sent oversees to serve his country. Darrel had taught Becky about wimp white husbands and how to train them, but better yet he had taught her about hard Black cock and how it satisfied white females like nothing else on earth.
She looked at her husband with a look telling him that she wanted him to respond to her. But trussed up as he was in a very tight corset, penis gag, large vibrating Black butt plug, hands tied behind his back and ankles bound together with feet pressed into his training heels, heels that bent and shaped his arch so he had to wear high heels or he could not walk, it was unlikely that he could do anything but think about his position in life.

Then Beck’s eyes glanced over at the collection of photos placed for her husband to stare at for the hour long training session he endured twice a day. She loved the photos of her with Darrell. Kissing him, sucking his large manly cock, taking him in her tight ass and sucking him off. She also like the ones of her sissified husband doing the same things and longed for a Black lover once again to serve.
She ripped the penis gag from her husband’s mouth and told him the story and then told him she was going to call. She then flipped the vibrating butt plug to high and ran back out of the room leaving her husband in the beginnings of a feminized climax that was slowly sweeping his body. As she dialed the phone she could hear him moaning like a woman getting well fucked. Darrell had showed her this trick and explained to her that it proved that white males were no different than white females and were way far from ever being real men.
“Hello, Drs. Anderson’s residence Mrs. Anderson speaking”
“Ah Hello, I am calling about the ad in the newspaper fro white servants.”
“Oh, good my dear. Yes those positions are still open, are you and your husband white?”
“Yes, yes we are both white and we would love to serve a Black couple. We have some experience in serving Blacks, well a Black male, and well we really enjoyed it and found it very fulfilling.”
“Well that’s nice my dear. I find that most single Black men require, shall I say, different services than what we would require. Some will be the same I am sure but we expect a quite formal service. You will be serving at our dinners for example and we would expect total professionalism. Proper uniforms and such”
“Oh, what type of uniforms do you require, Madam?”
“Well for dinners we require a very proper full and short French maid’s uniform…on both of you. Heels would be 5 inch and you would be required to walk like you were born in them. That may not be a problem for you my dear but what of your husband?”

“Yes dear, I am sure he did. You sound like you may be what we are looking for; we will need to interview you in person you understand. How bad do you want this position?”
“Oh we would do anything you asked to have the opportunity to serve you Ma’am”.
“Ok then, I will take your word for that and give you a chance to proof you are worth our time in looking you over. Tomorrow is Sunday, where do you live?”
“We live at 2414 Apartment 7B on 48th street, Ma’am”
“Write this down then, let’s see, I want you to walk to 59th and superior and take the buss to 222nd and Oak. From there you will walk to elm, take a left and go 9 blocks. On the left you will find our home at 7123 Elm. I want you here at 10:00 AM sharp which means you will have the Sunday Morning crowds to deal with. I want you both to arrive in your prettiest French maid’s uniforms and 5 inch heels. If you are asked about your attire or destination you are to inform the person asking that you are going to apply for a position as servants to a prominent Black couple’s home. Do not give out the address. I will have a plant or two along the way so do not disappoint me. Your interview starts now and you will be watched. I expect you to be proud of whom you will be working for and that means being seen in public. If you can not comply wit these instructions you need not apply, is that clear?”
“Yes Ma’am, Thank You Ma’am, we will be on time and properly dressed.”
“Good, Good by my dear”.
Becky quickly ran upstairs to find her sissified husband in a terrible state. She had left the vibrator on high and he was exhausted and limp. As she released him she explained the entire situation to him. He could only nod his head. She left him crumpled on the floor as she went to begin to prepare for the next morning.
Sunday AM Becky arose with a sparkle in her eye. She jumped out of bed and nearly landed on her husband lying in his dog bed. He had been regulated to the dog bed on the floor beside Becky’s bed when Darrell had moved in and cut him off from sex with Becky. She snickered as she looked at her sissified husband’s startled look. There he lay in a nightgown and training corset, a large Black penis gag in his mouth and a color locked on his neck. His arch trainers locked on his feet to shape his feet properly for the 5 inch heels that Darrell insisted he learn to wear. She thought how pitiful white males really were. What use were they other than as maids’ ands sex toys. Darrell had been perfectly correct when he taught her what white males we most useful for. She indicated for pansy boy to get on his hands and knees and she unlocked the large Black butt plug he wore during the night so he could use the bathroom. Later she would remove his penis gag and marvel at the way his mouth had formed to the perfect shape for cock sucking, Black cock sucking that is.
Becky quickly readied herself and scolded pansy to move faster and that if he screwed anything up he would be living in the park in what he was going to be wearing to the interview. He reacted as she had hoped and expected, with fear and respect.
Pansy was relieved to be able to go out without the penis gag and butt plug that we was forced to wear most of the time. As he walked down the hall to the elevator Becky instructed him to sway his hips more, that he was a sissy now and was supposed to be trying to attract real men.
In the elevator they saw their neighbor Mrs. McDonald who asked them about what they were doing. Becky quickly recalled what Mrs. Anderson had told her and she explained that they were applying for a job as white servants to a prominent Black couple. Mrs. McDonald raised her eyebrows and turned away.
They reached the street and began walking toward the bus stop. Several people stared and a few giggled at them. Pansy was quite embarrassed as he had never been in public like this in full daylight. He grabbed Becky’s hand and she told him it was alright that the others were just jealous.

When they got on the bus several of the people really gave them the eye and few turned their heads. Becky told pansy to stand and fluff his petticoats so they did not get mangled from sitting on them. The woman across the isle asked Becky what the occasion was and so Becky once again explained their situation. She smiled and said, “is he your husband?’ Becky replied that it was. The lady smiled and said, “Good for you, I had a Black lover when I was younger and after that I never let my husband touch me again, it was such a waste and so frustrating to let him try and please me.”
The rest of the ride was quiet and when they got off the bus they found they had entered a predominantly Black neighborhood though one that was very up scale. As they proceeded to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson they got many inquisitive stares and several people questioned if they were In the right neighbor hood. Becky assured each one that she was in the right place and what her business was. All of these people were Blacks and they seemed to approve of her and pansies situation. A few even asked Becky if pansy was a girl or a boy and she told them he was a sissy, a white male so he was better off in a dress than pretending he was a man. All of the Blacks agreed that was a perfectly understandable situation. Becky was gaining confidence with each conversation but pansy was a real wreck. He was totally overwrought with fear and hoped nobody would figure out he was a sissified male. He though he could pass for a girl but found that others could still tell she was a he.
Finally the two white maids arrived at 7123 Elm. It was a magnificent home and both white servants were in awe as they looked at each other in amazement. This excited Becky even more and seemed to calm pansy’s fears a bit. Nervously Becky knocked at the door and soon it opened to a beautiful and majestic looking Black Lady of about 40 years old. She was dressed in expensive clothes and had a very regal look about her. So much so that both white maids instantly lowered their eyes and gave deep respectful curtseys.
“I assume you are Becky and Pansy, your right on time, do come in”
Becky and pansy scurried into the fabulous home and followed Mrs. Anderson down the hall into the parlor where they first laid eyes on Mr. Anderson. Pansy began to tremble as soon as he saw Mr. Anderson. He was a man of men at 6 foot 4 and 280 pounds. Very handsome and muscular. Becky nearly swooned when she saw him and here eyes instantly locked on to his crotch where she could see he was well qualified as a white female tamer.
“You may kneel in the middle of the floor for this interview”
The two whites recognizing they were in the presence of true majesty instantly went to their knees and bowed their heads in submission to the two superior Blacks. The Andersons glanced at each other and gave knowing smiles and nods. They were quite experienced with inferior whites and enjoyed training them into more productive citizens. The last white couple they had employed as servants had recently been sold to a Black couple in South Africa where they would not enjoy quite the same freedoms that they had in the US, but no matter, they were inferior whites and their only useful purpose was to serve and please Blacks like them. So they reasoned why not train them into useful beings, provide other Blacks with good white servants and make a profit on it as well.
Mr. Anderson walked over to his sitting chair and sat down. He looked at the two of them for a few seconds and then he told Pansy to stand and twirl. Pansy did as told and then Mr. Anderson instructed pansy to twirl several more times. He then asked “Pansy, do you know what this is for?” as he took out his massive 9 inch thick Black cock. Pansy said, “Yes master I do.”
Mr. Anderson then told Pansy to prove it. Pansy walked to Mr. Anderson and knelt before him and begin to run his long red nails gently up and down the Black cock. Soon he was laying gentle kisses on the shaft and around the head. After carefully caressing the marvelous cock he opened his mouth to suck it in. Mr. Anderson was surprised at the ease at which Pansy could suck his large cock in and asked Becky to tell him about it. Becky explained about Darrell and how he had put Pansy on a training regime and what it consisted off. Mr. Anderson was quite impressed and told her, “Becky, it is common for you lowly whites to desire to suck Black cock. It fills a deep need harbored in you and is self satisfying to any white who performs this task but seldom do I see a white so well trained to take such a large cock, I commend you.” Becky turned red with fluster at such praise coming form so superior a man as Mr. Anderson. By now Pansy was really working Mr. Andersons cock into a lather and soon caused Mr. Anderson to grab Pansies head and hold it as he mouth fucked the white wimp. Soon Mr. Anderson was spewing his hot cum into Pansies mouth and pansy did his sissy best to suck it all down. Mrs. Anderson was quite impressed at how fast Pansy was able to bring Mr. Anderson to a climax and how much effort the little white servant put into slurping all of his cum down.
This pleased them both. It had been their experience that many whites would say they were trained or experienced because it had become such a status symbol among whites to be Black owned and Black trained, but many only wished they were and were actually not. But when a white male arrived after walking in a short French Maids uniform and pleasured a Black Mans cock like this one had done it was quite obvious that he was well trained and very experienced.
After Pansy cleaned up Mr. Anderson’s cock and licked his balls and thanked him for the privilege Mrs. Anderson took her turn. She directed Pansy to follow her which he did. She went to the bathroom where a special toilet waited. She asked Becky if pansy was toilet trained to which Becky replied that he was. Mrs. Anderson remarked that she would find out how true that was. This toilet was prepared so that a white sissy male could place his head under the seat from the rear. Here he would lie and accept the bottom of the superior Black woman that sat down to pee. Pansy opened his mouth wide so that his lips would cover her vagina lips and provide a good leak proof seal. Mrs. Anderson was pleased with the precision Pansy completed his task with. She also liked the feel of his soft lips against her bottom. Suddenly she let out a gush of hot pee and Pansy struggled to swallow all of it without any spillage but he managed to do so. When she had completed her purpose Pansy began to gently lick her bottom to remove any traces of pee and to pleasure this superior Black woman in hopes she enjoyed using him as her personal toilet.

Mrs. Anderson caught her self letting out a small sigh which told all she was enjoying pansies expertise. This made the little white wimp more confident and anxious to show how well trained he was so he began to penetrate and lap at her with his hot wet tongue. Soon Mrs. Anderson was enjoying the white wimp’s talents very much and not long after that she was climaxing from the tongue massage. Her husband smiled at her knowing she had found a new white servant to give he pleasure in ways he chooses not to.
Next it was Becky’s turn to prove her value. Mr. Anderson took Becky by her hair and tossed her over a sofa ripping her panties down as he did. He took her hair once again and shoved his cook deep into her throat and ordered her to suck him off. Becky was thrilled by his handling of her and started to climax on her own as soon as his large cock penetrated her mouth. After Becky sucked him off he went behind her and fucked her good. He wore no condom as there was no reason too, she was his white property and if he wanted to impregnate her he would and he intended too. He asked her if she was fertile now and she told him she was. He looked over at Pansy and said, “Good my little white slut, maybe I will impregnate you today in front of your pansy husband. Do you want me to do that or should I stop fucking you now?” At that Mr. Anderson slowed down his fucking and Becky quickly begged him as well as began to hump him as she asked him to fuck her harder and harder and to impregnate her.
The Andersons were quite satisfied that this white couple would serve their purposes of a well trained and obedient white couple very well.
Mrs. Anderson then took charge once again and told the two white inferiors to kneel before her. She told them that they now belonged to the Andersons and had no say so in anything they did or thought. That she and Mr. Anderson would tell them what they liked and did not like what they wanted and did not want and that they would think that. She made sure that they faced they fact they were only whites and not truly capable of real thinking or making their own decisions to which they quickly acknowledged that they were sure she was correct.

Becky was told that she would be working with Mr. Anderson during the say as a customer service representative which meant that she would be servicing any of his Black clients in what ever way she was told. Pansy was told that he would be the house maid and cook and would serve Mrs. Anderson as her personal maid tending to her body, makeup, nails, hair, clothes and of course providing her with toilet service. Mrs. Anderson explained that she was very environmentally conscious and it was a waste of paper and water when whites were available.
Mrs. Anderson went on to explain that their diets were to consist of cum, pee and dog food. That they were never to use a table as humans did, but were to eat from their respective dog food bowls on the floor. If they were not at home when it came time to eat and no dog food bowl was present then they would eat from the floor. They must never use their hands to eat with as humans do as that would be a sign of disrespect to those superior to them.

Pansy would be taken to the piercing parlor and have his penis pierced and fastened with the head pulled back between his legs just in front of his pussy ass so he would not think of himself as a male or try to stand when he peed. Mrs. Anderson went on to explain that infractions would be met with a day in the closet in restraints followed by a severe whipping and No Black cock for a week. At this remark Becky’s face showed extreme fear as she could not think of going without t the pleasures of Black cock for a week.

Mrs. Anderson then asked the two humble white servants if they found these terms acceptable and they both assured her they did. They were then sent back home to bring all of their servant clothes and training items with instructions to travel back and forth as they had for the interview.

The next day they were put to work as two white servants should be, serving their Black masters needs. Mrs. Anderson had a dinner planned for 12 people that evening but she was confident in how these two whites would perform from what she had already seen. She knew that years ago when whites were uppity and sarcastic and did not know there place this would have been a disaster but now that whites had been educated enough to understand how fortunate they were to serve superior Blacks, it was not near the problem.
Since it was a big dinner and time was short both Becky and pansy were kept home to help with the dinner. The guests were all prominent and important Black professionals, some from out of town and perception and performance was paramount.
Mrs. Anderson fitted them both with very tight corsets to nip their wastes even more and ultra short extra full French Maids uniforms so that even the slightest bend reveled the servants panties. Mrs. Anderson liked exposing white servants in this manner; she felt it showed her power and the obedience of the servants as well as respect to all of the Black superiors present.
As the guests arrived Pansy greeted them.

Mrs. Anderson always loved to show her Black friends the effect and control she had over a white male. It was such a status symbol to have a white male encased in feminine finery serving his Mistress and master while the men used his pretty white wife for their pleasure. There could be no question of the white’s submission or lack of backbone when this occurred. After all what real man would allow such a thing to happen to him or his wife which was Mrs. Andersons point, white males were not real men or even men at all and were quickly transformed into the cock sucking panty waists that they were. She knew how this impressed her guests so she pushed it by having Pansy greet and serve the guests as they arrived.

Dinner was served perfectly and during dinner much conversation took place about training and owning whites. No matter was paid to the two white servants present because all knew they already understood their status in life and were obviously happy with it. Several of the guest’s said they had been interested in owning white servants but had not taken the steps necessary because they were afraid it may be more work than they wanted. Mr. Anderson then called Pansy to him and asked him if he liked the idea of Mr. Anderson getting his pretty white wife pregnant. He confirmed he did. Mr. Anderson then asked for a volunteer and John Brown spoke up. He laid pansy over the corner of the table and had John stand in front of pansy. He then raised pansies skirt and lowered his panties. While he inserted his large Black cock into Pansies pussy ass he told Pansy to suck Mr., Browns cock off. Pansy did as told.

While this was going on Mrs. Anderson explained the whys and how’s and what well trained white servants could provide. After they were done Mrs. Anderson took Pansy to the bathroom and fitted him into the toilet so the ladies could relive themselves. All the guests left with white ownership in mind. Mrs. Anderson knew that offers to purchase the two white servants would be coming in soon…did she want to sell them or should she keep these two and train some more for sale?

“Actually you might not believe this but my husband is in his trained right now and part of that trainer is a foot shaper that stretches his arch so he is not comfortable unless he is wearing a five inch heel. He also has seven maids’ uniforms though they are not all French Maids uniforms you understand, some of the mare plain for dirty work. I personally only have one and it was not worn much so it’s in pretty good shape, my Master did not let me keep it on very long, he liked…”


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